My husband and I have every reason to believe that this next baby is a boy. Not that we’ve had any feelings or instincts, but because it seems everyone (even strangers?!) think we’re having a boy. So, I guess if they think we’re having a boy, than we do too.  I mean, sure. 
We also don’t want to get our hopes up thinking or hoping we’re having a girl, so we are assuming it’s a boy. Honestly, if this baby is a girl, I’m going to be very (very!!) surprised. If it’s a boy, I’m just going to laugh and smile… because this is how I thought it never would be. 1. Having a boy. 2. Having 2 boys. 🙂
I can’t wait to find out!! 
We don’t have any girl clothes, obviously, and I’m not buying any right now…. obviously. But, just in case, I don’t want my sweet girl going home in non girl clothes, so I had to have something for her to wear the first day! 

So, I picked up these cute little onesies today. 
They practically jumped into my cart at Target. I have been resisting the urge to buy anything girly, but gosh, girl clothes are cuuuuute!! 

If she’s a she, I’m going on a major shopping spree after she get’s here! Major! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

13 thoughts on “Pink

  1. Funny! A colleague at work, who we all thought would be having a girl, found out that she is having a boy. Maybe you are having her girl …. lol

  2. aww, I know the feeling. Everyone assumed we were having a boy, I was carrying WAY out like a basketball, I MUST be having a boy, eh hem, except my husband, who predicted, girl. We didn't find out, so we had/have 6 months worth of neutral clothes! That's okay with us, though!

  3. My 1st was a Boy, and my 2nd was a Boy ,so when we got Pg with my 3rd ..I went to the Ultrasound I thought this one was a Boy( Like thats what we make)…2ultrasounds confirmed that she is a Girl…I am 25 weeks so we will make sure when she comes out:)Cute Outfits:)

  4. OMG I've been wanting to buy these already and I'm only 14 weeks! lol they are SUPER cute… how's the babe doing position wise ?

    *hug* not much longer til you meet your little one!

  5. I found out what both my kids were at the ultrasound appointments. They weren't shy about showing off their girly bits. Thankfully target is a distance away from me, or I would be inclined to go buy these for the 2nd born.

  6. got those as a gift at my shower – aren't they awesome! for the record, we and everyone else figured we'd be having another boy, and lo and behold, there was neela marie 🙂 just sayin'….
    – j

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