Insomnia Ramblings

I’m watching Quints by Surprise right now on TLC and it’s after midnight. I can’t sleep because my legs and feet hurt. They are throbbing. I came downstairs to rub them and stretch and it helped a little. 
I need to have a project that I can work on when I can’t sleep. I have no projects. 
Today I went to the gym twice. Once this morning and then this evening to swim laps. I mainly went this morning so Lucas could play in the “day care” without me. I only walked for 20 minutes, but I’m trying to give him more opportunities to play with other kids and adults, and without me. He cried for about 3 seconds when I left and then stopped and they said he had fun. We might go again tomorrow… or not. 
On Wednesday mornings we go to moms group at my church which is great because I get to hang out with a bunch of moms while Lucas plays with the kids in another room. He still cries when I leave, but only for a few seconds. I’m hoping he learns to like it better and is okay with me leaving. 
I love that Fall is here for several reasons, but one is that I love all the new TV shows that are starting. Although, tonight I was thinking it’s getting a little excessive. I need to write a list or something if I’m going to keep up with it. Modern Family, Parenthood, Grays Anatomy, Biggest Loser, Survivor… I know I am missing a few. On the plus side it gives me something to watch while I do cardio at the gym. I love working out while watching The Biggest Loser.. that music gets me! 
I cannot imagine having 19 kids. You know, to each their own, but really. 19. I would honestly lose track of my children. 

I really need to give or get Lucas a hair cut. It’s getting so long and I see the start of a mullet. 
We had a little earthquake today. Well, a 4.9 I guess. Whatever that means. I was taking a nap when it happened and it woke me up. My whole bed was shaking. It’s fine. We’re fine. 
I’m really happy that next weekend is my last weekend of work for a while. I feel like we have no family time because my husband is at work during the day and gets home around 5 or 6, than we eat and Lucas goes to bed. On the weekends I work all day, so there isn’t much time for the 3 of us. I’m glad that we will have a couple weekends together, just the three of us. 
Have you ever watched House Hunters? Sometimes the people on there are so snotty. They are looking at 1.7 million dollar homes and gosh, this kitchen is just so ugly. And I’m like, aww you poor thing! Life is tough. 
Oh, you know what I want to talk about. Have you ever heard of that show on MTV called Jersey Shore? I’ve never watched it, but there is this guy on their who goes by something so incredibly lame, THE SITUATION. He is one of the people on Dancing with the Stars this season, which just really goes to show that Dancing with the Stars was, apparently, desperate for people. Like, really. That is the best they could come up with. Anyways, I’m sure he’s a nice guy. That’s not my point. My point is, he always shows off his abs and he think’s he is somethin’. And I don’t think he is somethin’. His abs are not nice and, oh, he was saying how he was making 5 million this year and I wanted to throw up in my mouth. What is this world coming to? The Situation is going to become the next Oprah. Help us all. 
Speaking of Oprah… oh, never mind. I don’t want to go there tonight. 
It’s almost 1 am. I need to try this sleep thing again. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Insomnia Ramblings

  1. I dont have insomnia…Im working til 4am. But, on the tv shows, I dont know how Im going to watch all my shows. I agree though, watching the shows while working out is the best.

    I couldnt have 19 kids either…I could do 6 or 7 tops lol Good thing the husband only wants 2 or 3 😉

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