Raspberry Leaf Tea

At my doctor appointment yesterday, my midwife (yes, midwife. At a birth center. More on that later) gave me a brochure on Raspberry Leaf tea. I immediately disregarded it and told her I didn’t like tea.

Because I don’t. It’s mainly the smell that get’s me. Coffee too. Ick.

But when I got home, I started to do some research about it and I was surprised at what I found. Apparently,  raspberry leaf tea can be really good for you and can help tone and strengthen the uterus muscles in preparation for birth. Who doesn’t need a little strengthening?!

I’ll take some, please and thank you.

In fact, the first piece of information I read on it was from Wikipedia which states, 
Traditional lore recommends the use of raspberry leaf tea to pregnant women, especially as an aid in delivery.[1] The leaves contain high concentrations of severalvitamins and minerals because of the plant’s secondary compounds….Many midwives[who?] report that red raspberry leaf aids in focusing the pre-labor contractions that help a woman’s uterus to prepare for delivery. The high vitamin and mineral content help replace those lost via blood loss during delivery. Also, the alkaloids will continue toning the uterus as it returns to its usual size. In some women, the high mineral content may even help their milk to come in.”

Isn’t that interesting!

From what I gathered, it’s best to take raspberry leaf tea in the 3rd trimester of pregnant (perfect timing for me!) and drink 2-3 cups a day. Very few places mentioned it can induce labor, which does have me worried because, as much as I’m uncomfortable, I need about two more weeks before I can truly say I’m ready for baby. So inducing labor is not something I want. But generally the most credible resources I found say it does not induce labor, but just helps prepare and strengthen your body for labor and helps you heal better afterwards.

I am considering trying some tea. I’m thinking it might be good for my immune system too and help me get my health back 100%. I’ve had a little cold for the last two weeks that I haven’t been able to get rid of! I think I might like the tea cold better than hot, as I’m not really a fan of hot drinks.  I don’t even know how to make tea- I’ve got some learning to do. If it really is all it claims to be, I know I could probably plug my nose and make myself drink it twice a day.

Seriously. I want a strong uterus.


What do you know about raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy? Did you ever drink it? 

:: Here are some helpful articles I found on raspberry leaf tea in pregnancy if you’re interested.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

21 thoughts on “Raspberry Leaf Tea

  1. i drink red raspberry leaf tea iced, and it is soooo yummy! i mix it with some red caffeine-free tea a friend sent me, and i just brew 4 bags of the raspberry leaf, plus a few teaspoons of the other in a bag, and brew it very strong. then throughout the day i just make a glass of iced! and i'm not pregnant, i just like the taste! out of curiosity, what did you discover about drinking it in early pregnancy?

    –camille 🙂

  2. PS i found mine at safeway in the tea section….it's the Traditional Medicinals Organic Raspberry Leaf Tea…..and it says “supports the female system” on the front….


  3. It really is delicious. Didn't do a thing to help me with labor but it was great at helping my pp bleeding lighten up. I drank 3-4 cups a day after I hit 32 weeks and even with castor oil my labor stalled after 36 hours and I was only 3cm. Thankfully, my story is NOT typical! But RRL tea really did help me post partum. I am drinking it again this time around.

  4. I drank this through each of my pregnancies. It doesn't induce labor or cause miscarriage or anything like that (I double checked with my midwife before trying it). I don't know how much it helped since I drank it all the way through and have no idea what it would have been like if I hadn't. However, it can't do any harm so, in my opinion, the potential benefits are worth drinking some extra tea each day (and it's tasty).

  5. anonymous,
    from what I remember from reading sites found on google, a lot of places said to avoid it during the first trimester because of possible risk of miscarriage? I personally don't think that's true, but I don't know a whole lot about it.

  6. I am currently drinking raspberry leaf tea and am 39 weeks pregnant. It does need to be raspberry LEAF tea and can be found in most regular grocery stores in my area (either in the tea/coffee section or the natural aisle). It doesn't taste bad at all and the one I have is 100% pure organic raspberry leaves. You need to let it steep for 10-15mins minimum and squeeze out the tea bag before drinking.
    I know a few people that swear this has been helpful.

  7. Samantha, tea is pretty easy to make!

    Even if you want to drink it cold, you'll need to boil water and then steep your tea bag in a mug with the hot water. Tea takes, generally, 5-10 minutes to steep. After that, you take the tea bag out and discard.

    For cold tea, you can let the mug sit out for awhile, or you can go ahead and make iced tea! Just pour your steeped tea over ice and let it cool down enough for you. When my husband makes iced tea, he uses 4 herbal tea bags to one tea kettle of boiling water, and he adds sugar to taste. Delish!

  8. Well, I drank a cup a day in my 3rd trimester and I sure had some effective contractions. Felt the very first one at 3 am, by 4 am they were kickin! By 8 I was pushing, and by 9:45 the boy was here;-)

  9. I started drinking RRLT around 35 weeks. I would make a pitcher with some honey in it, then chill it in the fridge to drink it throughout the day. DD's positioning was horrible but my contractions rocked. They started out at 5 minutes apart and lasting 1 minute long! My fundus was 3 finger widths below my belly buttom about 13 hours after birth when my midwife came back to check on me!
    it's a really mild tea, so add some citrus if you're drinking it hot. I thought it was FANTASTIC when I squeezed a couple orange slices in it along with some honey.

  10. I've been drinking this the entire time, actually, because it's supposed to help with recovery for past c-section mamas too:) i don't particularly like the taste – and I LIKE tea, so I mix it with tons of honey.

  11. Hey! Not sure if you've found it yet – but I picked some up at the Fred Meyer this morning. It was in the organic section, where the rest of the tea is on the 2nd shelf up from the bottom. Brand is “Traditional Medicinal” 🙂 Not sure if I'll like how it tastes but I figure it can't hurt to try, I'm brewing my first cup right now!

  12. I iced my raspberry tea and mixed with about 50/50 juice/tea (I used cranberry) and it was delicious!

    Also- I wouldn't worry about it sending you into labor. I went 15 days past due and drank it religiously! As a doula I find that for the most part, babies come when they want to come unless you really do things you shouldn't (such as castor oil)!

  13. I drank it alot when I was pregnant and I had a natural birth. No drugs No intervention. I added a touch of sugar to make it sweet and drank it hot sometimes and cold the next!

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