How I Find Time to Exercise

I think one of the most common questions and conversations moms have with one another is How do you find time to exercise with kids? WHEN do you exercise? Aren’t you too tired? Finding time to exercise is hard but it’s so important! Personally, I (for the most part) like exercising and I find I’m a happier person when I make time for it. Not that I always want to make time for it, but when I do, it’s usually a good thing.

(It’s number six on my list of things we can do to function as a better mom and person!)

Some people work out in the mornings before their kids wake up. I think they are amazing. At 5am they start their day and before the kids wake up they are dressed and ready to go.

But for me?  Mornings are not my thing. No thank you.

I love sleep way too much to wake up at 5 or 6 am and exercise. Sorry exercise, you lose.

I like to go on walks or runs with Lucas in the stroller, and when he was younger I could actually work out with him.  Running with him in the stroller is a great exercise and it provides fresh air for both of us. However, he doesn’t love the stroller and pretty soon there is going to be snow on the ground.

I like to work out in the evenings after dinner, after my husband is home, and after my son is in bed. I have the most energy at night, so this works for me. I also shower at night, so it just makes sense. I usually go around 7 or 8pm which also happens to be when all my favorite television shows are on… so I can do cardio while watching Glee or Parenthood or the other 15 shows I’m trying to keep up with this Fall.

I have always worked out at night. There was a period in my life when I tried to do the morning thing, and while I did enjoy the energy boost it gave me and I eventually got used to the early hours, I much prefer the evenings.

When do you work out?

{If you’re interested in joining the Body After Baby Challenge, please let me know you want to join and what you would like to see from it. I’m working on starting the challenge again and I’d love to get your input!}

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Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

16 thoughts on “How I Find Time to Exercise

  1. I'm one of the crazy ones, I work at at 430 am every morning! 🙂 I have been doing it for years so I'm used to it and on days I don't I am grumpy all day!

  2. I'm the exact same way! I have more energy in the evenings, I'm NOT a morning person! I try and work out in the evenings and my husband will take the kids out for a walk to give me quiet time in the house to do a DVD. I really enjoy it, but snow will be here soon, then I don't know what I'll do. Right now I've been squeezing in multiple 10 minute segments from the 10 minute solutions series. Love it!

  3. I'm still trying to find time! I have 2 kids (a 2 year old and a 4 month old) and my husband and I work full time. My day starts at 5:30am when I have to start getting ready and then I don't get home until almost 7pm everyday.

    Thankfully, my babies are with my mom all day and my husband and I go to her house for dinner every night (she loves to cook for us!) so that's why we get home so late. By that time, it's bath and cuddle time with this kids until they go to sleep around 8:30pm. Mama's too tired to work out after 8:30 (and I'm too sleepy after cuddling with my 2 year old until he falls asleep!)

    I need more hours in the day, is what I decided 😉

  4. I really need to make more time for exercise. As a family we have been going to the pool in the evenings. I have been doing laps. But I need more than that. I have thought about getting up early, but like you, hate that idea. So maybe I will just have to set aside time – maybe during my Princess' nap time.

  5. I can't do mornings (low blood sugar issues) and I can't do evenings (it wires me up too much). I have learned that an hour or two after lunch, with my 2 year old settled down with books is my time. Gives me a great mid-day boost of adrenalin. 🙂

  6. I LOVE working out in the mornings, but unfortunately I had to pause on that for a while since my 3 1/2 month year old is not yet set on a sleeping schedule, some mornings he'll sleep till 6:45 others he wakes up at 5:30 (which is when I would usually be at the gym)… so I either go at night, YUCK, or run with Des in the stroller but he only lasts 2 miles so I don't get my full run in 😦 This week my husbands parents are watching him during two days this week during the day so I can go to the gym so that is nice.
    I would love to try BAB, sounds FUN!

  7. I remember when Lucas was a baby and nursing I would try to wake up in the mornngs and go.. but then I never knew when he was going to wake up and never knew when he was going to eat! So then I would leave and worry he would wake up and hubby wouldn't have milk for him! So.. that didn't work out too well 🙂

    Jaimie, that's so awesome you get to go 2 days during the week! yay!

  8. I now work out in the morning while my kids are watching a show. They are allowed to pick one show every morning, so they look forward to this time, and watch quietly. I'm in the next room, so I can hear them!
    Prior to this, I worked out while Dylan was in school and Lexie napped.
    If I want to go for a run outside, I either put Lexie in the jogging stroller and go while Dylan is at school, or wait until my husband is at home.

  9. I try to work out with my kids. We walk (we live down a HUGE hill and walking anywhere requires walking UP that hill), do a video, dance, or “run” laps around our main level on rainy days. I don't get in a actual work out each day but with four children home all day and basement level laundry I still am moving all day long.

    Would love to do BAB again. After all the swelling and such with this fifth baby I am going to need it!! I will have to do it a little different than last time though, because of nursing a newborn.

  10. YES Please to body challenge

    I work out in the middle of the day. I take my kids to the day care at the gym and do an hour of cardio. The kids love the day care and i get a break during day!

  11. Haha! When do I work out? NEVER! And it is killing me. My 8 mo. old still isn't consistently sleeping through the night so I just don't have the energy to get up in the morning early enough to exercise! If I exercise at night, I don't sleep well…I get restless.

    I am back to my pre-baby weight, but not my pre-baby (or babies…I have three kids – 4, 2, 8mo.) body! I want to tone up, so I am totally wanting to do the body after baby challenge. The last time you did it, I was pregnant and now I could really use the accountability.

    I used to be a runner (back when my time was my own) so my hubby and I were going to try to do the couch to 5K program, but that won't include any toning, just cardio.

    I live in Guatemala and it just isn't safe to go walking around, so anything I do has to be done inside, or in my little yard.

  12. grrrrrrrrrrr I have to say I would join if you did the Body after Baby challenge again. I've needed to get my booty into gear and that would be just the kick in the pants I need. Oh and by the way I LOVE the show “Parenthood”!

  13. I learned that if I stretch while listening to just one song, I feel energized and it's easy–almost tempting–to keep stretching.

    I keep an exercise ball wandering around my bedroom, and whenever I'm in there with a moment to spare, I sit on it and balance which is an EXCELLENT exercise for the “core” muscles of the abdomen and lower back. I'm amazed at how my post-pregnancy tummy has knitted back together since I started doing this!

    But my best tip for finding time to exercise is to walk instead of driving whenever possible! Until my son was almost 2, I carried him in a sling when walking; it's a lot easier to maneuver than a stroller, burns more calories, is better for your back (especially if you're tall and have to bend forward when pushing a stroller), and helps you connect with your baby because you can see each other's faces and hear each other talk.

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