What I Did this Weekend

1. Organized/cleaned out my coat closet.

2. Organized scarfs, gloves and hats.

3. Cleaned infant car seat (wiped down with hot rag and put the infant pads in the wash on delicate cycle- really easy and now the seat looks brand new! Funny.. wouldn’t this had been easier if I cleaned this right after we were done using it with Lucas instead of letting it sit in the garage? Ha. Lazy. Lazy Americans!)

4. (Asked hubby to) Brought storage boxes out and found my favorite newborn outfits. Plus a couple diapers. Boo Yah!

5. (Asked hubby to) Put together the bouncy seat

6. Cleaned the house. (Again. On repeat. Never ending. Lord help me.)

7. Watched some football. Lucas tried out the Bumbo from when he was a baby, and I can’t believe he actually fit in it!

8. Did a load of laundry. Eight actually- 1) cloth diapers 2) grown up/toddler clothes 3) baby clothes 4) boppy 5) bouncy seat cover 7) car seat infant pads 9) Bed sheets

9. Went to Costco

10. Went for a walk. Didn’t see a moose, darnnit.

11. Played Scrabble (the board game) with my husband

12.  Got out the stuff to make brownies, but then didn’t because I couldn’t find a pan

13. Got the oil changed in my car

It’s Sunday afternoon, precisely 1:13pm as I write this. My kids is sleeping and on my to do list within the next hour is as follows:

1. Vacuum the car

2. Clean the kitchen (AGAIN.)

3. Clean my bedroom

4. Write some bills to put in the mail tomorrow

5. Vacuum the upstairs- actually I will do that when husband is home from work and child is up.

6. Put new songs on my ipod for the gym tonight

7. Pick up the family room

8. Eat ice cream

AND if all goes according to plan tonight, I will be going to the bookstore alone and then getting a massage.

T minus 4 hours.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “What I Did this Weekend

  1. sounds like a busy yet productive weekend! Girl I hope you get that alone time tonight and enjoy the massage, yeah!!

  2. Did you know that in some internet circles (specifically the Etiquette Hell forum boards), “playing scrabble” is actually polite code for sex?

  3. WOW! you have been productive!! Me, I am nursing sick children. We have a virus in the house that is FIVE days of diarreha and vomiting. Multiply that by four children and we are on day 10 in a row of someone running to the bathroom all day! My list includes, washing laundry, pouring Sprite, and rocking babies. I don't feel super productive but I do feel as if I did make the right choice in being “with” them while they are sick. Hoping next week is better!

  4. You are so funny. I totally love your blog, you seem like you're getting a lot done. That's great, reallye xcite dfor you!!

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