Happy Weekend Ya’ll.

I guess I’m officially waddling (like a cute little duck!) because my husband told me I was this morning.

I thought 10-10-10 would have been a cool day to have a baby. But I didn’t have a baby. Actually, I’m glad I didn’t… but I still thought about it. Maybe 10-20-10. I think I like that. Do you hear that baby??

*Update:  I didn’t realize today (Sunday) was 10-10-10. I thought it was yesterday! See how much I know about what day it is?! 🙂 I guess today is still an option then.. lots of hours left in the day seeing as it’s only 1:30pm! Hey Baby….. 😉

Lucas has been teething and has had a little cold the past week or so. He hasn’t been sleeping great at all because his cough’s wake him up. The last two nights I have put him down he has woke up every 10 minutes! So finally I brought him in bed with us.. and what do you know, he sleeps like a log! He woke up this morning (after sleeping 14 hours) laughing, and his hair sticking straight up, so I hope he’s feeling better and will go back to his normal sleeping habits before this baby comes!

Blueberry pancakes for breakfast (my husband cooks them- don’t ask me for the recipe) and his ball of course. That ball goes everywhere with him, I’m serious. He even wants to sleep with it sometimes. Right now he’s taking a shower with his dad and he has in in there, too.  It’s so funny!

We watched football and our Beavers won. That’s all I want to say about that.

After a big discussion on my Facebook page (thanks everyone!) about which Arms Reach Co Sleeper to get, we ended up buying the MINI version instead of the original. For several reasons.. but the original is pretty darn huge and because we will never want or need to use it for a pack n’ play or play yard, we thought something that was just a little bassinet would be perfect.  Problem is, the thing is so darn short and our bed is so freaking darn high! BUT, we have some sweet friends that are letting us borrow the risers so I hope it works out.

Isn’t this shirt adorable? Eeeekk! I got it at Gymboree for $11.99.

{And right now he is sitting on the toilet and he has that ball in his hand.}

Side note: Do you ever get, maybe, 20 minutes alone in your house doing something while your husband is watching the kids? Like, maybe you are writing a blog post while they get dressed for the day or take a shower or maybe you put laundry away while they’re playing downstairs? If so, do you ever realize that you are really not alone at all because you hear Babe, can you get us this?! Where is Lucas’ hat? MAMA MAMA!! Babe, can you bring me his toy? MAAAAAMMMMAAA!!! Does that ever happen to you?

Totally just wondering.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Weekend

  1. OMG…all the time. Same goes for showers which are never satisfying since hubby's all “Where are the wipes? Chunky wants to say hi. Hon, what's for lunch?” So annoying. It's like the world stops when we do something for ourselves!
    PS. OMG…those pictures are hilareeeeous! Love them!!

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