What’s Your Family Food Budget?

Do you hate money right now? Raise your hand if you do. Mine is held high. Pick me! Pick me!

My husband and I are working on overhauling our budget and we’re at lost at how much we could/should spend on groceries each month or week. Right now we spend a lot because we just buy whatever we want whenever we want, but I want to change this.

We do all our grocery shopping at Costco or Fred Meyer, and although we live in Alaska the prices are the same at both places in most other states. Shopping at Costco is a little different because we get more than just food there (house stuff, clothes sometimes, pictures, etc) but we have been originally spending $100 every two weeks at Costco for food/other, so we will most likely keep it at that and then have a “food only” budget for Fred Meyer. We do get a lot of food at Costco- frozen meats, produce, crackers/granola bars/soups/etc. Fred Meyer is for smaller, fresher things I suppose.

So, I need to figure out what our food budget is going to be! However, I have no idea what we need to be aiming for. I think it might be helpful to hear from other families on what your food budget is, just to give us a starting point. From there we can try it out and increase or decrease as needed. 

I would LOVE to hear from you if you want to share!

How much does your family spend a week or month (depending on how you budget) for groceries? 

{Thank you in advance!}

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32 thoughts on “What’s Your Family Food Budget?

  1. We spend $100 once every other month at Costco to stock up on things like frozen fruits & veggies & meat & cheese. Then I spend about $50 a week on fresh items: eggs, milk, fresh fruits & veggies, bread, etc. We have the 2 of us, then a 2 year old & a 3 year old.

  2. We have 3 adults, 2 toddlers and 1 newborn and we spend $450 a month total on food (eating out included). 4 months of the year we've been putting an extra $50 towards 'stock up' items as our income is slightly higher in these months.

  3. We spend $600-700 a month for 10+ people. I spend about $125-150/month at Whole Foods for quality grass fed/antibiotic free meat, and about $125 average per week at farmer's market, grocery store, and Sam's Club.

    We have a husband with an active job, a pregnant mom, and 8 kids age 1-12.

  4. We are a family of 3 and in Australia.
    We spend around $200 per week on food including going out.
    We don't really scrimp on anything but do try to get some good deals on things like toilet paper etc.

  5. We spend around $50/week on groceries for the two of us and 16m old DD who hardly eats and I don't use coupons. Menu planning and making shopping lists helps a lot in avoiding things you don't really need. 🙂 I also hardly use any meat besides chicken and ground beef (occasionally pork) which saves a lot.

  6. Ugh. We have food allergies, big time. We also make it a priority to buy organic/local when possible. Our budget is $600 a month for the three of us. Ouch.

  7. We aim for $300 for groceries and necessities (soap, tampons, toilet paper, fix it up items for the house). Just the 3 of us. However, I am currently trying to stock up a pantry. If I can get it stocked, then I buy less after that. I probably go through a case of soda a week (and that's around $7) and my husband has beer about once a month ($10) – we include everything in there. Sometimes clothing or something is still included in that spot–so if I find a pajama set for next year for $2–it still pretty much ends up in the grocery spot, we don't have a separate budget for clothes, tools my husband needs, craft stuff for me, or whatever. Sometimes we go over. My daughter is almost 2 (2 weeks!) and eats a LOT! We do use coupons where we can get them, buy stuff on sale, and shop at Aldi which is like a warehouse type thing, but not in bulk. Milk is almost $1 cheaper there, cheese for 8 ounces might be 20-50 cents cheaper, etc. We go twice a month there and spend about $100 each time (again stocking the pantry), then some other stuff we buy at Wal-Mart (coffee, tea and other things we can't get at Aldi) –rarely do we shop at the mom and pop places, mostly if they have specials on something we like. My husband takes lunch to work, so you're talking 21 meals a week for 3 plus snacks. I try and make all homemade stuff, but we do grab frozen pizzas and breaded chiken strips a couple of times a month as 'lazy' day things. Occasionally we have take out. Like someone else, we do stock up on heavier pay months if we can. And by my kid eating a lot, I mean for breakfast she can eat an apple AND a banana and still want more. Then she turns around and eats lunch around 10 am. She's like a bottomless pit.

  8. We budget $100 a week for 2 adults and a 20 month old. We buy grass fed beef and chicken on whole foods as it is on sale, and free range eggs and grass fed milk from whole foods. I make our own bread, applesauce and yogurt. Everything else we get from the local grocery store. Some weeks it is less than $100 and some weeks it is more, but it always equals out to $400 a month.

  9. We spend about $500-$550 a month for food and toiletries, pet food etc. We have a family of 6 (2 adults, and 9, 8, 4, 20 month olds) and we eat about 90% organic, with the rest being whole food, natural foods. We cook from scratch. No boxes, packages etc. Except for a few Cascadian Farm type things or Kashi…if there is a good deal. Coupons are my best friend!
    Oh, and my husband is a teacher too, and I stay home. 🙂

  10. Edit: We used to be really good about spending around $400/month but then we got lots of pets, the prices went up on food, and we have no Farmer's Market around here. Oh, and we started eating a lot of raw which means tons of Organic fresh veggies, nuts etc. which are very expensive.

  11. Way too much!! Is that an answer? lol
    I budget about $70 a week for food items, but sometimes spend up to $100. For paper goods, health and beauty, and cleaning supplies I spend about $50 – $100 every other week. It adds up way to quick!! We are a family of 5 people and 2 fur babies. 🙂

  12. Wow! I would love to see where people live…We are in CA with a family of four. We have been spending on average $1400/month on food (not including any extras, cleaning products, pet food etc, is an extra $300+ a month!!
    We just started trying to get that food budget down to $200/week.

  13. I'm in Arizona. I am a vegetarian, so I don't eat meat, and that means 3 or 4 days a week my family doent either. We buy mostly organic & I use a food co op for a lot of produce. I think its just a matter of making a list & a menu & sticking to it!

  14. We are doing the same thing here at the Beaver household! We recently started tracking our spending habits and we spend ALOT of money on groceries. SO as much as I hate to do it, I started meal planning on a calander and posting it on the fridge. I didn't want to because I'm queen of changing my mind. So I do this with some flexibility. I make a list of meals for the week…and I pick one off the list each night. That way if I don't feel like spagetti…I choose tacos…you get the point I'm sure. THis has really helped in making grocery lists and eliminating trips to the store each week. Swapping recipes with friends has helped too. Once I get the hang of doing this, I think I will have a better handle on what our food budget should/will be…loved others posts!!
    Oh, and have you tried Walmart for groceries? I try to buy my produce at Freddies or Safeway but Walmart's prices are great!

  15. Eeek! I think California is more expensive?!

    If you eat meat or don't, that definitely makes a difference I think. Its $5/pound here for ground beef!! These numbers are all over the place.. some way high, some way low… 🙂

    I think if we spend $100 every other week at Costco and get a lot of stuff there we should be able to do LESS than $30-$50 week at Fred Meyer?? I need to experiment..

    I need to start meal planning too.. I know that would help A TON!!

  16. We used to spend about $150 a month on food with just the three of us, now that I am pregnant and hubby has gone back to work that has gone up to $200 but we budget as much as $250 a month

  17. Family of four (but one is an infant, so he doesn't factor into the groceries), and we budget $350 a month. I use a few coupons, and utilize the buy one get one free deals at our grocery store every week, along with some coupons. I buy a lot of my toiletries and diapers at Amazon.com through the Subscribe and Save program, everything is at least 15% off their list prices, it gets delivered to my door for free, and there is no membership fee. My husband is quitting his job when my maternity leave ends (next week!) so we are still working on fine-tuning it. I agree with others, its all about planning. I buy meat only when its on sale, and I plan my weekly menu around that.

  18. I'm in Houston, TX. I don't use coupons very much lately, because I don't buy very many processed/boxed foods (I cook for a crowd, so I just season tacos myself instead of buying a bunch of little packets, for example.) I think the key to staying in budget is a meal plan – a list of breakfasts, a list of lunches, and then planning dinners. Saves a ton of $

  19. We have a family of two adults, a seven year old, two dogs and a cat. Shop at Sam's Club and Publix every two weeks and spend roughly $200-250 between both; which includes dinner every night, both snack/lunch to send for my daughter at school and of course breakfast/lunch for me. Also always have my meals planned because if it's not bought than we don't have enough to go back. 🙂

  20. Total on GROCERIES ONLY is $250 a MONTH for 3 people. I get most toiletries free, the only thing we buy at sam's is toilet paper, paper towel, dish detergent, trash bags etc. But I get all shampoos and stuff for free. So maybe $350 a month on everything including toiletries and all.

  21. I am in Missouri and I have a strict $300 a month budget for food, paper products, cleaning supplies, ect. Sometimes I use part of my budget for clothing/school purchases so I don't use the whole amount on food. We are a family of (soon to be) 7, 2 adults and children ages 8, 6, 4, 2, and newborn. I only shop at Aldi and Sam's with some “mom and pop” type stores when they have sales that we can use. I cook from scratch and we are very careful about what we snack on and the types of food we eat.

  22. We're overhauling our budget as well. We're at about $60/week for groceries – including eating out and including toiletries and household items. I coupon like a crazy person, though. Some weeks it's more, some weeks it's less, but that's what we're averaging. You HAVE to meal plan to stay within a small budget like that though. I'd recommend looking at moneysavingmom.com – she has a GREAT series called “31 days to a better grocery budget” – very good information.

  23. Family of five here (Michigan), and my grocery budget is $60 a week-this also includes non-food items like toiletries/paper goods etc. I LOVE menu planning (my menu plan for all of October is up on my blog right now), and right now I'm on a journey to learn how to eat healthier, and cook and bake from scratch 🙂
    sara http://myfrugalfunlife.blogspot.com/

  24. We're a family of 2 adults and one newborn. We spend $200 a month on groceries & health & home supplies.. but we each get $200 separate a month to spend on what we want.. Mine goes towards eating out, and my husband's goes towards video games. lol

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