Time to Come Inside

Our little bitty deck attached to the back of our house is probably one of the best things about this house. It’s so great and easy for Lucas to play out there. So great in fact,  that he wants to be out there all the time!  The summer months were fine….

He would spend all morning out there. Our house was clean, but the deck was full of his toys and works.

He made desserts and water filled pasta cakes. He stacked mountains of plastic utensils and cooking gadgets.

He worked on the car lot. He played with the dog and threw balls into the yard.

And ate crackers. Obviously. Because you know a day doesn’t go by that he doesn’t eat crackers.

Now that Fall is ending and Winter is creeping up on us, being outside is fine, sure. In fact, it’s totally awesome that you want to be outside and I encourage it! But kid, can we not do it at 9 in the morning? It’s freezing!!

In opposite of the title of this post, I think being outside is very important. In any weather, with proper clothes, you can make do. I personally aim for at least 90 minutes a day in the summer. That’s pretty easy to do if you figure you go to the park in the morning and maybe for a walk in the afternoon. Plus, in the summer you normally want to be outside so it’s not too hard to make it happen. In the winter months, I still think it’s important and even if it’s for a short 20 minutes, a little fresh air is better than nothing.

I think the more time kids are outside, the better. There is so much creativity, nature and adventure to be discovered.

How much time do your kids spend outside? What do you think is the ideal amount of time that our kids should be playing outside/going on walks/riding their bikes/playing in the dirt? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “Time to Come Inside

  1. It depends on the day. During the summer sometimes we were out for several hours. We spend more time outside on the weekends when there are 2 of us to help wrangle. I went shopping this morning, so we were in and out for 2 hours, then came home and lunched and napped. I've been babysitting dinner since then, so we didn't go out except for the shopping today. We'll make up for it another time. I think as long as there are not super-below zero days, that it's fine. A little frozen snot is cool with me. My girl is set for a cold winter, but I don't have near enough stuff for me to be out with her. Something we will have to remedy!

  2. My daughter isn't too much of an outdoorsy girl. Like seriously she hates it and gets bored. In the summer I tried to do just 10 minutes a day. We walk and get the mail EVERYDAY April-October and some warmer days in November-March as well. That is about 10 minutes, but then we would do some chalk or sandbox. Other then that, not much. It's hard to get her to want to play outside. We usually got 20 minutes at a time about 3 days a week. Which is better than nothing I guess. She hates snow, so November-March we stay inside

  3. I never even thought about it for those kids who don't like being outside! You just have to do what you can do then, I guess. You can't force anyone to be outside! 🙂

    Jess.. you are so funny. Here in Alaska they don't cancel recess unless it is BELOW zero! The kids still go outside in the cold. Me? We go out if it's above 20. 🙂

  4. I love it when my kids play outside. We (here in Guatemala) have beautiful weather year around so we never have an excuse not to be outside. I just get busy with homeschool/my stuff that we don't go out as much as we should. Plus, going outside means getting shoes on, jackets on, and then cleaning up before we come back in, and with a 2yr old, a 4yr old, and an 8 mo. old, it takes us almost as much time in prep as we get to spend outside! I'm too lazy!!! Augh! Ok…gotta go…we're going to go outside and play. 🙂

  5. I was cold just looking at the last picture. BRRRR!

    We got outside almost every day. The only exceptions are during storms and when it gets in the single digits (which is rare). When it's under 20 degrees, we only go outside for a few minutes. In the other seasons, we often spend hours outside.

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