I really should have a "no crackers in the car" rule

Pro: It keeps him happy in the car
Con: He gets bored and decides to dump the whole bag out, thus leaving a huge mess. 
(This is only half of it. You should see on either side of the seat. Crackers crumbs everywhere!) 

Wouldn’t it be funny (and gross?!) if we shared pictures of the backseat of our car with kids? Would you win?

Do you have a “no eating in the car” rule? We don’t. Clearly.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

17 thoughts on “I really should have a "no crackers in the car" rule

  1. I have a similar looking backseat at the moment… The ONE time I let my son “hold the bag,” he directly dumps it out!! So, now there is a huge pile of bite-sized vanilla wafers haunting me. Normally I give both of my kids a little plastic cup or baggie with an individual serving, that way if they do decide to dump it, less for me to clean up (but usually if I give them a serving, they eat em up. they wouldn't dare waste their own stash, it is different with the whole bag though).
    There is no way I could have a no eating in the car rule. It is the ONLY thing that will keep them quiet for a little while. I WAS one of those people who said, “I will never” do this or that….until I was actually a Mommie, then all that was out the window, ROFL!

  2. I think I'd win, not for the sheer amount of mess, but for the fact that twice now I've had “mystery stench” issues, which occur when Jordan spills his cup of water (water only in the car) and it seeps into his car seat, mixing with the melee of crumbs down there. There are little spots in the bottom of the car seat plastic base where the water-crumb mix pools, and then throw in a few 90-plus degree days and it ferments into the stench of death! I was gagging every time I drove somewhere and poor Jordan was sitting in the pool of stink. We had to tear the car seat apart, wash it, sun it, etc. It was soooooo gross. Like rotting milk mixed with dead animal!

  3. lol, I swear every time there is a spill, or obscene mess, or I am cleaning out the car, that I am never going to let them eat in the car again; but for me it just seems to inevitable!

  4. We eat in the car, but we also have a clean up your own mess policy. That goes for everyone– even the 2-year-old.

  5. I do not allow eating in the car. Water only! I think it's dangerous (at least for my toddler) especially since she's still RFing and I can't see her. Not to mention I think it would be so disgusting when I have other people in my car to have a mess like that.

  6. Would he use one of those snack cups? I have a Munchie Mug and we love it! Tho my daughter DOES occasionally hold the flaps open to dump the crackers out, so it doesn't do a lot if your child is feeling obnoxious and messy, lol. But for the most part it helps a lot.

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