One Week, Twenty Months

Today Joshua is One Week Old!! He is doing great. So far, he’s been sleeping pretty good at night. I’ve been getting 3 hour stretches the last few nights which is awesome! He is awake a lot of the day which I think has a lot to do with the fact that there is a loud toddler running around in the house! 🙂

I have heard him cry maybe two times. Once being when Lucas pulled his hair.  He is … as we like to call it, chillax. (Meaning: he’s chill.) He seems content with the swing- thank goodness- so I can take care of Lucas and such. He also (of course) loves the Moby wrap.

I’m totally loving his dark hair. And, his umbilical cord stub thing-y came off, so tonight he gets his first real bath with mama! I can’t wait. He is such a sweet little boy and we really love him!!

My sweet (older brother of Joshua who has been known to pull his little brothers hair and hit him… yikes..) Lucas is 20 months today! I can’t believe he is almost two! TWO! Lucas is adjusting to Joshua well. I know we can’t expect too much of him at this age, but I  think he understands and is doing really great.

Sorry, this is seriously the best picture I could get of him this morning. He was being a little pill. I’m trying to include him in as many things as possible when it comes to helping with Joshua. When I change his diaper Lucas helps me get the diaper, wipes, throws the diaper away, etc. He helps with putting the blanket on him and getting his clothes. I think this really helps.

The main thing we’re working on is the hitting. Any suggestions?? I have tried time outs and Lucas laughs. I have tried telling him sternly NO and he laughs. I have tried (and what I usually do) telling him in a nice normal voice that we don’t hit and that hitting hurts. I have tried fake crying. And he fake crys back. (Not kidding) I don’t know what else to do but wait this stage out.

And there they are… my two football to be boys! I’m hoping to finish my birth story really soon and share that with you. Ya’ll have a great Wednesday!

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

20 thoughts on “One Week, Twenty Months

  1. Oh, that little one is so sweet and cuddly!
    And his big brother looks like a good helper.

    For the hitting, I would grab Austin's hands in my hand, squeeze firmly, and move his hands back into his body(kinda moving them into his torso, as an action to tell him that his hands were to be kept to himself) and tell him “No hit!” or “Hands to yourself.” That's what seemed to get the most reaction out of him, and he quit hitting shortly after that.

  2. Putting a favorite stuffed animal in time out worked for my daughter who LIKED time out. If she hits, Baby goes in timeout, which makes her so sad! Helps her to understand though.

  3. Sorry I missed your birth announcement as well. Congratulations! He is adorable.

    My 23 month-old has responded best for quite some time to “be soft” and show him how to touch someone's head or hand softly. It works more than 1/2 the time, which seems good at his age!

  4. Oh, he's so cute!!

    If all else fails, just ignore the bad behavior? I remember reading somewhere (I think it was Love and Logic?) that when a child hits another child, you should give your immediate attention to the child that's the victim, not the one who initiated the offense. It sends the message that if you hit your brother (or me!) I'm not going to take time to talk to you or acknowledge you – your victim is going to get all the attention. Of course, this only works if you are equally aware of when he's done something good and positive and then shower him with praise and attention.

    Also, I know it's a cliche, but it's really, truly just a phase. It'll pass. 🙂

  5. yeah, what molly said sounds pretty good on the hitting. be all concerned about the baby.

    your boys are so beautiful. i can see similarities but i think joshua looks more like your hubby while lucas favors you. i don't think it's just the hair colors talking, but maybe it is. who knows?

    can't wait to read the birth story!

    enjoy it all! i know i loved it when i started being able to say “the boys.” I have boys! WE have boys! Sons rock! woo-hoo!

  6. i was a teacher and used love & logic ALL THE TIME. now that i'm a SAHM with a toddler, i use it, too. the suggestion about giving attention to the “victim” is a good one. this is a “natural consequence” to lucas that he loses your attention when he engages in this undesirable behavior. what also worked for my son (although he was much younger than lucas when he went through this stage) was to take his hand in mine and say “nice mommy, gentle mommy, gentle hands,” while very gently stroking my face with his hand. he came out of that stage fairly quickly. maybe that would work with lucas, after giving attention to joshua, to have him gently stroke joshua?

    your boys are beautiful, by the way. just perfect!! 🙂

  7. Oh, our toddlers always love the baby too hard too. What we do is grab their hand and show them how to stroke the baby gently – like petting a cat. “Gentle”, stroke stroke “Soft for baby” stroke stroke. I don't think children that young have entirely figured out that other people have feeling seperate from themselves – he doesn't understand he's hurting baby because he doesn't quite grasp that baby has feelings just like him, yet.

  8. Sorry I published before I was done. Instead of punishing him for touching the baby wrong (which he may not understand) it might be more effective to show him how to touch the baby correctly. Teaching moment, and all.

  9. Thanks Mihehimam! I have tired that… a TON! I have said no and then showed him the right way to do it. We also practice nice touching when he is holding him. I also do lots of positive reinforcement for good behavior.

  10. We have put so much emphasis on learning the word “gentle.” When our 2-year-old pets a cat, we say, “Gentle,” in a quiet, calm voice. When he picks a flower, we say, “Gentle.” He thinks it is a game… so when he is around his baby sister and we say, “Gentle,” he knows what is expected. It is just a phase, but personally, I wouldn't just let it go because hitting is not acceptable.

  11. Adorable! Love that dark hair too!
    It took me 7weeks to get my birth story posted… LOL! I'm always amazed at the mamas who get them done so fast. So hard when you have a little one (and more little ones running around too)! Can't wait to hear it! =)

  12. Yes…buy love and logic. IT is harder to apply (for me) for younger kids, but it gives some really good wisdom. I am a fan of spankings, and love and logic isn't, but it is still really good.

    As for hitting, my son was 2 when my little girl was born. He hit, kicked, pushed, pulled, everything. We tried everything to get him to stop. Nothing seemed to work consistently. Finally we just stuck with time out (I think any kind of consequence would be fine, just to show him that there is one) and he eventually out grew it. It was a phase. Not one that we could ignore, but not one that we could necessarily stop all together. I just had to be super careful for about a month to never, never leave the baby alone w/ the boy.

    Good luck!

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