Outside Every Day, an Hour a Day

{A semi (?) wordless Wednesday. Picture overload of our fun day in the snow!}

I have a goal for myself and my children that we will spend at least one hour outside every day, even in the winter.  I will go out until it reaches 15 degrees or so, that’s when it starts to feel really cold!

It’s not always easy on my part. It requires energy and motivation to get everyone dressed and out the door.  But it always makes us feel better and burns off some energy. (Lucas is the one with the energy- not me!)

Sometimes it’s a walk with a stroller, sometimes it’s playing at the park or in the front yard, it can even be as simple as sitting outside if no one wants to play. The thing is- we’re outside.

Lucas loves the snow. He just loves being outside in general. I know he always has serious expressions, but really, he is happy being outside! He is just concentrating and discovering new things. 🙂

And yes, you can take a two week old baby outside in the cold. Here’s how you do it. Joshua is dressed in his normal outfit plus a fleece suit, and a hat of course. He then goes inside the Moby wrap and then under my jacket. He is the warmest out of all of us! He falls asleep instantly and is a happy little clam.

Do you see him? All warm and snuggly. I love baby carriers.

Getting outside works for all of us. I need the outdoors. My kids need the outdoors.

An hour a day every day!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

11 thoughts on “Outside Every Day, an Hour a Day

  1. We can't do it. Avery hates the outdoors. She is much happier inside. We try and go to the park twice a week at least, she's ok there for about 45 minutes. And we do take a 15 minutes walk to get the mail 6 days a week. Other than that, no outdoors for her. She's almost 4, but has always hated it.

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