Reason #1 Why it’s Hard to Keep My House Clean

Well, really the answer to that question is because I have a newborn and a toddler and I can’t do anything (like cleaning) during the day because I can’t put Joshua down anywhere because Lucas might (has/does) hurt him but I have started wearing Joshua in the Moby wrap during the day which is helping a lot and at night while Lucas is sleeping I’m usually nursing/holding a fussy newborn and even so it’s hard to keep up with the laundry because I change the newborns clothes four times a day and the laundry has doubled I think even with a small babe and we also do cloth diaper so that adds to it and our kitchen is small so even though it might not be that dirty it looks really messy and once you clean one thing another thing gets messy and a dirty house really stresses me out in case you couldn’t tell, but anyways….

I.Have.A.Toddler. And a husband, but it’s mostly the toddler. Let me show you.

I decided it was time to do a little rearranging and organizing to our pantry. I’m tired of Lucas pulling everything out and making a mess every day, not to mention biting into packets of food and opening containers. I moved everything off the bottom two shelves. It helps that we never have too much food in our pantry. Ha! Now everything is out of reach and should help solve a few problems!

While I was doing this, I turn around to see Lucas working on another project of his…

It’s like he’s saying fine mom! You won’t let me get into the pantry now but look! I can still reach all the tupperware. I was very impressed with his stacking of bowls in a row.

And five minutes later, he decides he wants to do a little rearranging of the living room and move the carpet!

He is so funny. I never know what kind of things he’s going to get into next!

And then

Why not take the shopping cart upstairs?! Sure thing.

This is just a glimpse of it. If you have a toddler, I’m sure you know what I’m talking about!

Reason # 457 why I hate cooking: Because if you cook you make a mess! And I don’t like a messy kitchen!


Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

21 thoughts on “Reason #1 Why it’s Hard to Keep My House Clean

  1. I remember those days. My first four were three and under. It seemed I never could catch up. Just hang in there. One day this day will only be a precious memory.

  2. Do you have a playpen or pack-n-play? My mom had three kids all a year apart, so she would sometimes put the newborn in a baby seat inside of the playpen so the baby could be put down and the toddler wouldn't harass/hit/love-too-hard the baby.

  3. Brassy,
    Nope. I have a swing downstairs that I can't leave Joshua in if Lucas is around because I can't trust Lucas not to go over there when I'm not looking and hurt him. I have a bassinet upstairs next to my bed and a bouncy seat.. but same thing with the bouncy seat. So the moby it is… for now at least! ๐Ÿ™‚

  4. You are not alone sister!!! I should blog and take pics of my days…you would feel so much better ๐Ÿ™‚ I hate a messy kitchen too. That's the first place I clean in the morning and the last place I clean at night!!!

  5. Girlfriend, Cabinet locks are a girls best friend… we also have the fridge locks! My boys have opened a new box of cornflakes and poured them all over their room & then the NEXT day did it with brownie mix. I thought I was going to die! The door handle child proofer are also a life save to keep pesky little tots out of bedrooms. I know it is their house too, but when they are too little to understand you must do what you must for mama's sanity! Thankfully J wasn't mean to B when they were babies (only 14 months apart) but I would look into childproofing the house ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. Tracy, YES! Take a picture, it would make me feel better! ๐Ÿ™‚ ANd I'm the same way with our kitchen!

    Whitney, I seriously need to look into fridge locks! Today Lucas got the eggs and thankfully I got to him before they got on the floor!

  7. I HATE cooking! And not because I don't like to cook but for the same reason you don't like it. I clean the kitchen in the morning and then I clean up after every meal and snack that I give Avery and then I have to dirty it up to make dinner? Fuck this! We're ordering pizza.

  8. I totally agree on the cooking. I hate it. I hate the mess, I hate the work, and what I make never tastes that great anyway. It's just not worth it! (however all the eating out we've done lately is reeking havoc on our health and pocketbook. sigh. you just can't win.)

  9. You probably need to take him out more often. Running, biking and playing in Parks makes kids tired, so once they go back home they feel sleepy. Thus you can find time for any other activity.

  10. I don't know what your bouncy seat is like, but when we were taking care of our 3 month old niece for a week and our 18 month old at the time didn't understand that laying on her hurt her because he was three times her size, we put her in the bouncy seat and then put it on the middle of the dinner table, or a safe place on the kitchen counter where he couldn't reach.

  11. Your pantry makes me laugh because just yesterday and today my 2 yr old got into the pantry while I was in the shower and made a total mess!! Yesterday is was the container of dry oatmeal and today it was dried beans. Including having his cheeks stuffed with the beans! I will be rearranging things tonight now!

  12. I wish I HAD a pantry for rearranging. My number one reason for having a dirty house is the HOUSE! Shitty layout. I hate cooking too, because nothing I cook will beat my husbands cooking! So why bother?

  13. For me, It's the fiance! I should take a picture of my house while he's at work and about 5 minutes after he walks in from work.
    Stuff thrown on counter (phone, wallet, keys, papers, books etc), shoes in middle of room, belt right before the bedroom door, clothes thrown on floor. While I'm making dinner so the kitchen is a mess too…
    Avery hardly makes a mess, just in her playroom, which I tidy up every 2-3 days, BECAUSE I CAN!!!!

  14. Child locks will help you… I know they make special ones for the pull out doors like your pantry. Why tempt him with things? Without totally rearranging your whole life the locks can help you keep your sanity until he understands what is ok to play with and what is off limits. Set those boundaries now to save you more headaches later on.

  15. Mine is 20months… we have child locks… we go outside…. we have movies to watch… we have baby gates… we have pack n plays… you name it, we got it. None of that works when you have a toddler. my house is a complete wreak 24/7. i try cleaning. i just find myself walking in circles. oh and we dont have nap times. he dont nap anymore and he goes to bed late so when he does go to sleep i am to tired to clean so i normally fall asleep rocking him in the recliner!

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