Toy Story 3: My Thoughts (Share Yours, too!)

Saturday night, after we put our toddler son to bed, my husband and I grabbed some popcorn and curled up on the couch to watch a romantic comedy perfect for date night…. or, something like that. We thought it was pretty funny that we were watching a children’s Disney movie while our 20 month old was upstairs sleeping!

I love Toy Story. Love Love Love. It’s probably my favorite Disney movie. There is really nothing that compares to the original Toy Story. It was A-Ma-Zing. I hope Lucas loves it as much as I do because I can’t wait to see it again!

I liked Toy Story 3, too. Honestly, I don’t think you can really go wrong with it. I don’t know, however, if it’s okay for really young toddlers. My husband thinks it is… but I thought that doll was super creepy! And I’m 25! The monkey was also a little wacko too.

I also thought it was definitely more “grown up” than the original Toy Story. The story line, the characters such as Ken and Barbie ( so funny) and the mean bear.

I would love for there to be a Toy Story 4, but the way it ended made it seem like it was the last of the series.

I want to hear from you! What did you think of the movie? Love it as much as the first? What about your kids? How old are they and did they like it or get scared with any parts?

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10 thoughts on “Toy Story 3: My Thoughts (Share Yours, too!)

  1. I took my 2 and 3 year old to see it and they enjoyed it, but my 3 year old son did get scared during the scene at the dump when they're going down into the fire. He was so worried! But he was relieved at the rescue and loved the movie overall. They've seen the first and second ones and like them both, but the first is still their favorite.

  2. I definitely loved it. We watch Disney Movies all the time without our son!

    We took our 2.5 year old to the theater to see it and he definitely did not like the monkey.

    I sobbed, did you?

    I read they probably won't make a TS4 but will have them in shorts in front of other Pixar movies.

  3. Oh my gosh I just watched this last Saturday night. I liked it but I thought parts of it would be really horrifying for small children. Like, that clown was super creepy, and that baby doll with the one good eye was eerie, and the evil bear was spooky. So I'm not sure I'd let anyone under the age of 7 watch it.

  4. My 2.5-year-old liked it (we watched it at home) a lot but she didn't like the monkey either, and I was a little worried about her never looking at her dolly the same way again, lol. But she still changes her bald dolly's diapers so I guess she's not traumatized.

    I thought it was more adult in the storyline, too. It was almost like they knew it would be the adults being sentimental about it being the last movie. lol

  5. It does have more of a grown-up storyline. I think it is because they made the movie for us : ) : )
    I personally found the monkey a bit scary. Big Baby is a bit creepy also.
    It was a great ending to the series! I cried for petes sake!!
    Hubs said he felt that they could continue the series with the Bonnie character. My personal opinion is 'stop while you're ahead'. I don't see another movie living up to the first three.

  6. We all loved it. I thought my 3 yr. old would not be a fan pf the bear, but he did not mind at all. As Lindsey posted- I agree that it seemed geared toward the adults a lot. I liked it enough, but nothing compares to the very first TOy Story!

  7. Grandma and Papa took our 2 year old to see it at the drive in and they said she loved it. She isn't scared of like anything though. She is best friends with Kang the monster that lives in her closet…..yea she is a little off.

  8. My 7 year old liked it, but I was really glad my 3, 3, & 1.5 year olds weren't with us… I thought they'd never want to play with their baby dolls again if they had seen it!

  9. I really liked it, but we only let our 4-, 6-. and 8-year-olds watch it. The 2-year-old stayed home. I'm sure he will watch it sometime, but he is not really into TV anyway so I'll wait until he is older before I'll even try. I wasn't too fond of Toy Story 2. Nothing offensive, but I didn't care for the story. I went into this Toy Story with the same expectations and loved it almost as much as the first!

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