Moments I Live For

I had one of those today.

As moms we have those moments when we’re frustrated, tired, overwhelmed. The lack of sleep and minimal time to yourself gets to under your skin and you can’t catch a break.  There are those times when you want to pull your hair out or throw every toy in the trash because you’re sick of looking at them. Then reality hits. Life hits and there are those moments.  Times come when the world stops and for that moment, everything is perfect and you just thank god that He has made you the mother of these kids.

I got one of those world stopping everything is perfect moments today.

I was rocking Joshua to sleep early this afternoon on the rocking chair in the boy’s room. He had been awake for almost two hours and I wanted to try and put him to sleep before he got over tired. It might have been a little too late for that, as he was already starting to get grumpy, but at least I had good intentions.   He was crying on me while I was rocking him, wrapped in his warm blanket.

Lucas climbs up on the chair with me, and although we both hardly fit and it’s a little uncomfortable, it is somehow the most comfortable of uncomfortable I’ve ever felt. He gives Joshua his pacifier as it falls out of his mouth and he rubs the top of his head for comfort.

He has been so sweet and gentle with Joshua today. It just makes me melt into a million pieces.

Lucas gets off the chair and goes to get his lovie and pacifier out of the crib. The whole “you’re a big boy who doesn’t need the pacifier and Joshua is the baby who does need the pacifier” isn’t working yet. Seeing Joshua with it makes Lucas want it more. So I hold a big whatever on that note.

He brings himself back up on the chair with his pacifier and lovie in hand. Again, he smooches next to me on the chair and we are smashed together. I can hardly believe what’s happening, as day time snuggles aren’t a normal occurrence for this busy boy, but Lucas lays on me as we rock back and forth, trying to put Joshua to sleep.

All I can hear in the room is the humming of the fan and the sucking noises from both their mouths. Joshua’s eyes are slowly closing and Lucas is just laying on me, so quite and peaceful. And me? Well I am just in Heaven right about now. I have both my kids with wrapped on me with their heads on my chest. I have a quite room and sweet sweet boys letting me rock them.

This is one of those moments. A moment I will never forget. It makes my life so sweet. I will forever hold that moment and that picture in my mind. There is nothing better than holding both your children.

Gosh, I sure do love rocking my babies to sleep. I hope they let me do it forever.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Moments I Live For

  1. My boys are about as far apart as yours are in age and it was so sweet watching them become brothers and definitely sweet when the older one looks out for the younger one:) Those are the moments I live for too:)

  2. That is the sweetest ever!! Those moments are the ones that do totally make everything worth it! Now, just remember to come back here and read this when you have one of those really tough mommy days!!

  3. My absolute, number one, most peaceful and content moment in my entire life was one night, around 2am, or 3am, or maybe 4am, up for the umpteenth time, rocking my tiny baby Pixie to sleep.

  4. Beautiful!

    Its seriously moments like this that make all of the hardships that come with motherhood melt away. The pure beauty of having kids is overwhelming.

    I have a few posts like this and I read them when I am having a hard day and it makes it all better!

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