Ask the Moms: What Christmas Traditions Does Your Family Have?

I’m so excited to start Christmas traditions with our family! I just love Christmas and I think having children makes it so much more exciting and wonderful! Lucas is still young, so we really haven’t started any fun traditions yet. But I want to!

We decided that we are going to get our kids three gifts each, every year. I hope we can keep it like that until they are teenagers! We’ll see… but I think this is great because everyone knows what to expect and we won’t go crazy buying things. I actually got this idea from Simple Mom- she said they do three gifts for each kid- one book, one handmade item and one toy. I think we’ll keep it general for now as far as the gifts go and maybe make it more specific as they get older. (And I really don’t make much and I buy books all the time…)

I want to decorate for Christmas and get our tree the weekend after Thanksgiving. Unfortunately that didn’t happen this year but I hope this weekend we will be able to decorate.

 I want to get matching Christmas pajamas for my boys! Oh the cuteness!!

aI would love to hear what special things you and your family do every year. I need some ideas!

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12 thoughts on “Ask the Moms: What Christmas Traditions Does Your Family Have?

  1. My Dad always kept the family traditions alive.. he died 4 years ago, and Christmas morning is always the time when we remember him most.

    He used to make the whole family get up at some ridiculous hour and go into the kitchen. We would all help baking Christmas pies and sausage rolls. It used to take a couple of hours and by the end of it we were all covered in flour, the kitchen was a disaster area, but we were all having fun as a family!

    Once they were ready we used to have them hot out the oven washed down with champagne while we opened presents.. it was beautiful!

    Love you Dad!

  2. @Karen – sorry for your loss. Sounds like your dad was awesome!

    We didn't put our big tree up this year because Zachary is a destructive kid and would pull it down before it was even all the way up. Next year for sure though! We always decorate our tree and listen to Christmas music while doing so. Ussually this happens the weekend before Thanksgiving.
    We always let the kids open one present from us on Christmas eve.
    I always get a chocolate countdown calendar and the kids take turns eating the chocolates.
    I am starting a new tradition this year – we are gonna have homemade cinnamon rolls for Chrismas morning breakfast before we trek out to Grandma and Grandpa's house! 🙂

  3. I always give them an ornament that represents something they did or were in to for that year. Then, when they have a tree of their own, I plan to box them all up with a small explanation about why it was that ornament for that year.
    This year, my daughter is getting a ballerine (she started her first dance class), my son is getting a baseball boy (he watched baseball with daddy all season) and other son is getting a baby's first Christmas because, well, it's his first Christmas! HAHAA! It's so special for me and I hope it will be incredibly special to them too.

  4. I always love hearing about other families christmas traditons!

    I have carried two traditons my parents did when i was kid to my child. On Christmas eve we open up our new p.j.'s and than read the Night Before Christmas all together in our new jammies!

    Second tradition my mom started was to put a pin on our stocking. I will be getting my 27th pin this year!!! I try to find a pin for things that our son really loved for that year. Last year for example he loved trains and this year I found a Toy Story pin because he loves Buzz and Woody.

    A tradition I started for my son is he gets a Build a Bear from Santa. My husband and I alternate who picks out what type of animal. Than we normally dress it in whatever our son was for Halloween(this year he was a doctor).

    We also do a secret santa with immediate family and pick a theme for the gift past years we have done movies, books, pictures, its always fun trying to see who has each other christmas morning!

  5. My dad always took me outside on our uncovered porch wrapped in blankets & we would look for Santa with Binoculars on Christmas Eve. We do that with our daughter as well.

    My sister, the weekend before Christmas she & her husband would drive me around to see all the nice yard decorations in the neighborhoods. It was always tons of fun!

    We open 1 gift on Christmas Eve, but id like to make it PJs as Ive heard alot of people do. very cute!

  6. Thank you everyone for sharing!

    Why does everyone do pajamas? Interesting.

    I like the ornament idea. I have a ton of ornaments from when I was a kid!

    Keeren, I am so sorry for the loss of your dad. What a beautiful tradition he has started for your family!

  7. I've started making matching pj's for my boys each year as well as a new ornament on the tree as well. We alternate years doing a 'Canadian' Christmas dinner and a 'Fijian' one since that is where my husband is from. We also do the 3 gift thing… pj's plus a toy and this year the third gift is a book for one and a dvd for the other. The baby is getting a Sophie the giraffe…e pj

    These pj's are super easy….

  8. We LOVE cookie baking day every year – our family is a host of women so we do girls and little boys only and its a blast! Always cut out cookies for the kids to decorate aka eat frosting.

  9. We haven't started too many Christmas traditions yet, as our kids are pretty young. But I always put a toothbrush, socks, and chocolate in stockings. And that is about all!

    I read in a recent issue of Today's Parenting magazine, a mom who said that she always got her children 4 gifts, something they want, something they need, something to wear, and something to read! I like that, easy to remember too, as it rhymes! I've tried to stick to that this year..but got a few extra…everyone's getting hoodies with their initial on them, a book to read, a toy, and of course toothbrush and socks…

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