Talk to Me About Birth Control

I mean, I know what it does and what it’s for, you know, talk to me about it. 

What type do you use?


Do you not use any at all?


What method?


Our “plan” (HA! says God. Ha. Ha!) is to wait a couple years before having baby #3.

Last night my husband said “you can’t get pregnant yet.”

Isn’t he cute? The things he says!

So, birth control. Let’s discuss.

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44 thoughts on “Talk to Me About Birth Control

  1. We just had our 3rd and have chosen not to use any birth control. Well, maybe condoms, but nothing chemical like the Pill.

    In the past we have used the Pill and Mirena, however several years after being “on” the Mirena I really felt convicted that this was not for us. I waited and talked to my hubby & explained my conviction & he immediately says “call your doctor.” So I did.

    The funny thing is after Claire (our 3rd) was born just 4 weeks ago my hubby (the SAME DAY she was born) was saying “next time”! and now he's talking about irish twins! i keep asking him just to let me heal from this one first…LOL!

  2. I had a Mirena before we had kids. I loved it but had some cramping a couple years after having it put in and ended up needing it removed. Our daughter was born 9 months later!

    If our insurance covered it, we would have gotten it again after our daughter was born. But, of course, our insurance didn't cover an IUD but would gladly cover another birth instead. *rollseyes*

    We went with the Mini Pill (Micronor) after our daughter. It's the only pill that doesn't make me crazy and it worked for us since I was breastfeeding. It was cheap and my cycles weren't regular so that made us comfortable with our choice.

    I've started tracking my cycles (while still on the pill) w/the help of the Taking Charge of your Fertility book and website. I may adjust and do just with the tracking…idk. I'm comfortable with the pill and it works for us. We'll see!

    Good luck with your choice!

  3. I have been on the 5 year Mirena IUD since February of 09. It has been great for me! I am planning on getting it removed when I lose 75 lbs to be in better shape for baby #3. I have always been horrible with remembering to take pills so it wasn't for me. Not sure what we are doing after number 3.

  4. We do Natural Family Planning (Creighton method) and Ecological Breastfeeding which has made me infertile for the last 18 months 🙂 slash :(. Since the pill and IUDs are abortifacient I def. don't want to use those.

  5. I”m with the above poster and NFP. We were really convicted about the use of Birth Control and condoms, which we've done both of in the past. Right now I'm preggo so nothing at the moment but after the babe is born we'll go back to charting and NFP.

  6. We also use Natural Family Planning (Sympto-Thermal Method/… no abortifacients, no hormones, no tinkering with anything. You should pick up the book “Holy Sex” by Greg Popcak. He explains NFP really well and why it's so good!

  7. on a wish and a prayer. just KIDDING. Sorta. We're doing NFP & condoms. Don't want any sort of hormonal BC or IUDs because I don't morally agree with them & nothing permanent yet because I think I may want 1 more baby.

  8. I had (shh, it's out) a 'regular' copper IUD, since hormonal methods make me 'indifferent' to sex, ie I had no sex drive until I went OFF the pill, for the first 7 years of my marriage. (Needless to say I had a VERY fun time trying to conceive my girl!).. I had complained to doctors but they didn't believe me. My current doctor when I said, well, on the pill I didn't really want to.. she said, oh I get it, so you want a copper IUD with no hormones, then? Because it's that or condoms pretty much. The bleeding/cramping was a tiny bit worse as my body adjusted to have the IUD poked in there, but it worked out. You're 'supposed' to check to make sure it's still there once a month (post period), but after about 3 months, I didn't bother. It literally is the 'least' you can do to your body overall. It hurts zero going in and out. Easier than a pelvic. You can get it once your period comes back post baby. It doesn't bother breastfeeding or.. anything else pretty much. Quick easy (and compared to out of pocket for birth control, at 2 years it had 'paid' for itself.

  9. I had my mirena removed in May after having it in for 5 years and I can't really recommend it. I had lower back aches (only 3% chance of this side effect), it got lodged in my cervix and was awful to remove. I never liked it. And we've been trying to conceive since then with no success. 😦 I'd go with NFP!

  10. I was on the pill for nearly a decade before my son was born. At my 6 week postpartum checkup, my OB put me on Micronor. I stayed on that for 2 years (while breastfeeding), then went off it to get pregnant again. Got pregnant fairly soon after (while breastfeeding still). While pregnant with the twins, we decided our family was big enough, and, since they had to be born by C-section, I also had a tubal ligation done at the same time. I have to admit it's quite a relief not to be wondering if I remembered my pill last night, and hoping that I didn't slip up at the wrong time of the month!
    I wouldn't do the C-section by choice, but definately recommend the tubal, if you know you are finished! It doesn't sound like you are, yet…but when the time comes….

  11. Long story short, it's NFP for us. I'm currently nursing, but when the time comes, it'll be back to NFP and charting as we are NOT ready for #3. 🙂

  12. I've always been a fan of the pill, but my sister recently bought an OvaCue Fertility monitor and loves it. Its supposed to be pretty accurate. I'm going to take to my doc about it after Bug is born.

    Not sure how I feel about it, but I also am worried about being on the pill while breastfeeding.

  13. a mix of natural family planning and the age old “pull out method” lol

    my husband actually got a vasectomy last month after we discussed how hard the last labour was.

    hormones always messed with me bad and i was always to scared to get an iud due to the possibility of it working its way out.

  14. We use condoms because hormonal birth control has negative emotional affects on me. I used to use the nuva ring, but I'm done with all things hormonal.

  15. I have loved Mirena since I had it put in two years ago. I had some minor cramping and spotting the first few months but since then have had NO issues with it whatsoever. I love that I don't have to think about it and can have it removed anytime I want without any residual hormones preventing pregnancy like the pill or the shot.

  16. After baby #1 I went on Mirena fo 2 years. I loved that we could get pregnant the instant it came out (and we did!). Now that we're done the hubby got a vasectomy so we don't have the worry or expense of traditional birth control methods any longer and its soo freeing! And better for your body as a woman to not have to take anything.

  17. Yeah, So I got on Mirena IUD 3 months after my daughter was born. There was NO side effects on their website at that time (September 2007). Now there are a LOT of side effects and I had 11 of them! eek. Just got it out 2 weeks ago (almost) and am in heaven. NO birth control options sound appealing to me so I think we're going to do NFP and condoms for now. I really don't ever want to experience side effects like that again and it's one of the lowest for Hormones!

    Nuve Ring is the lowest, but I had 2 friends who were hospitalized for Migraines within 6 months of being on it. I can not remember a pill, I don't want anything semi permanent again like IUD because if something happens I want relief NOW. So I'm pretty much at a loss.

    I'm sorry I can't be of more help.

  18. My husband and I use the Creighton Model of NFP. It's all we've ever used for family planning because of our religious beliefs but once I started using it I felt very much in control of my own body which I've never felt before! It's been a great tool for more things than just spacing apart kiddos. Highly recommend it!

  19. I had the Mirena in the past and never had any issues at all except having no periods which is normal in about 20% of women, I believe. I had it removed to have our 3rd & 4th and got pregnant immediately upon removal. Will definitely be getting it again postpartum in March. I hope I get the same result as in no periods.

  20. I took the pill for about 2 months when I was first married but then had a dvt (blood clots) and discovered that I had Factor V Leiden so couldn't take any hormones ever again. We used condoms but after learning that we're very fertile people and having 3 children in under 3 years (while exclusively breastfeeding each time!) I think I'm going to get a copper IUD. I don't like how it works in that an egg can still be fertilized but I don't know what else to do. My husband wants to get a vasectomy but I'm not ready to say I'm done having children yet. I want to wait a few years before we do anything permanent so I'm kind of stuck in limbo. Judging from my pervious pregnancies I only have a few more weeks before my period returns so I need to make a decision soon.

  21. Ecological Breastfeeding (to the person who asked…) is a way to breastfeed and parent that naturally delays your fertility (average 14 months). It involves co-sleeping, breastfeeding on demand, no pacifiers/bottles, no solids until 6 months, no extended mother/baby seperation (babywearing encouraged), and taking a nap with your baby once a day (we don't do the nap thing, but it's important to some women in terms of delaying fertility). The book “Breastfeeding and Natural Child Spacing” by Sheila Kippley is awesome! Since these were all things that we were doing anyway…. the delayed fertility is really just a great bonus!

  22. Hm that is really interesting about ecological breastfeeding! I did all those things and got pregnant when my youngest was 10 months. I don't see doing those things as a natural way to delay fertility… this is very interesting to me, I've never heard of it!

  23. Well, nature seems to be our birth control. We've had to take fertility meds in order to conceive both of our children. So, in the midst of all this overwhelming information, just be thankful that you're in a situation where you're considering birth control. I'd love to accidentally get pregnant!!

  24. We've used a sort of lazy version of Natural Family Planning since we got married 5 years ago. At the beginning we charted but then we found that I was regular enough to do it w/o the charting. We use condoms during fertile times and after each baby comes until my period comes back. We've done this VERY successfully but I can't imagine doing it if my periods weren't regular. Both times we got pregnant right away (baby #1 after 2 months of trying, baby #2 on the first try!–Praise to God!).

  25. I am currently on the pill and I hate it!! I hate the side effects, the fact that it makes me have a really hard time loosing weight and that it is a pain to remember!!
    I have talked with my hubby and he refuses to get a vasectomy and I do not want to get a tubal. We are done having children though. I plan on talking to my doc when I go in for my appointment in January.

  26. I'm really interested in this, I'm pregnant now, but I was on Ortho Tri Cyclen for 10 years prior. I got pregnant 2 months after stopping the pill and first month trying. I'm looking into options for birth control after baby comes, and it looks like the options are pretty slim since I plan to breastfeed. I guess the mini pill is the best option? Anyone else have success with anything else while breastfeeding? I want to space my children out at least 2 years.

  27. i don't use any… except condoms. the pill messes with my period (makes me miss them) and i'm just not liking the idea of doing the hormone thing if i don't have to. the only 2 times we haven't used a condom, we got pregnant!! so it works!!

  28. Thanks, Jill, for mentioning the copper IUD. I was looking into it, as it seems that (or a barrier method like a condom or NFP) is all that is hormone-free. Right now, we're using condoms. I just had my first period after nursing for 12 mos. so I need to give my body time to see if my cycle remains regular after 3 babies. Usually, I'm able to NFP pretty easily, however always a bit nervous relying on it.

  29. I had Mirena as well, but had major issues with it. I was the one in like a million with whom it became inbedded in my uterus! Don't please whatever you do get it! They tell you that there is a very small chance of it ever happening, small as it may be, it really is not worth the risk.
    After our surprise, while pushing her out I told my Dr I wanted my tubes tied. 12 weeks later they were. It is a personal decision, and one to carefully weigh the lasting effects of, but for my husband and I it was best!

  30. I breastfeed my children, so my options are kind of limited too. I took the mini pill after my first daughter was born and HATED it. I got every side effect possible and was very sick from it. I got off of it ASAP. After my second daughter was born, I got the Implanon, which is a tiny rod that is inserted into your upper inner arm. It's 99.9% effective at preventing pregnancy for 3 years. I got it in July and I LOOOVE it. I'm always the person who gets side effects from medication, but I haven't had a single side effect. I forget I have it and I don't ever have to think about birth control. My milk supply is still high and it's been working great so far. Just another option for people who don't like the mini pill or IUDs….

  31. Before my daughter was conceived, we did Fertility Awareness Method (kind of like NFP). I charted my morning temps, cervical fluid, and even my cervix. I always know when I am ovulating (or when I am not). This is a great tool to know what is going on with your body as well as for birth control.

    During the early months of breastfeeding, we used condoms until my cycle returned was then started charting again.

  32. I was on the pill for 7 years before I got pregnant, I got on the pill in high school because I had the most PAINFUL periods and they always lasted 8-10 days so I got on the pill and was able to just have a period once every two months (my doctor recommended the 4 periods a year pill but I didn't like that idea). Once my husband and I decided we were ready to get pregnant I went off the pill and got pregnant 5 months later (this was a relief because all the women I talked to who were on the pill for many years said it took a LONG time to get pregnant after they went off it).
    I talked to my doctor during my pregnancy and after I gave birth about birth control and first decided on using condoms but then changed my mind at the last minute… so I am on a progestin only pill (I think that is how you spell it/what it is called), I have been on this since my son was six weeks old and he is now almost 6 months and my milk supply is great so this is what works for me, but you do have to take the pill at the same time (within 2 hours) everyday or it doesn't work but I just take it when the little man goes to bed since it is the same time every night and that way I don't forget.

  33. I'm actually on the Nuvaring. I was on 8-10 different types of birth control pills before my 3rd baby and none of them worked. The “normal” period is 3 weeks off and 1 week on. I was 3 weeks ON and 1 week OFF. I ended up trying the Nuvaring after my 2nd baby and LOVED it. I have no cramps, my periods start when they're supposed to and stop when they're supposed to, and I have no in between bleeding. When we decided to have the 3rd baby we stopped the Nuvaring and the next month we were pregnant. Of course just like all birth controls, it's based on the person. It could be completely different for someone else but I have nothing but good reports for the Nuvaring myself.

  34. NFP with condoms. Along with many other of the other posters, I will never go back to hormone-based birth control. I know several people who started taking the pill and stopped breastfeeding shortly after due to low supply.

  35. it's interesting to hear everyone's experiences and opinions. I have been on the mini-pill (or progesterone only) while nursing and it's worked just fine for me, no side affects. My biggest recommendation – do NOT rely on just breastfeeding as a method of birth control!!! It is a myth that you can't get pregnant while BFing, even if you don't have your period! I know 3 people that have just had or will have two babies a year apart (not planned) because they thought that they couldn't get pregnant while nursing!

  36. NFP all the way. We abstain 6 days each cycle when we have a serious life event that would make us ill-prepared for a child (like law school), or 3 days each cycle when it's a “bad time” for a pregnancy, but it wouldn't feel like the end of the world if a baby came along.

    Condoms feel gross–like we're having sex with a piece of rubber, not with each other, and hormonal birth control is carcinogenic.

  37. I use the ortho-evra patch and have done so for the past six years or so. I really like it because it keeps my period regular. However I don't have any children (yet) so I don't know if it is good with breastfeeding or not. Maybe this helps?

  38. After a lot of research, I no longer am ethically comfortable with hormonal BC. It weakens your womb, and if you were to get pregnant (which can still happen while on the Pill), the baby has nowhere to grow and you most likely miscarry. I want my womb to be able to harbor a child at any time! We use spermicide, contraceptive foam. It has prevented pregnancy for us for over 2 years, and I think it's a great option!

  39. I also have ethical/moral issues with hormonal bc, I have used NFP in the past but since my hubby is really not ready for baby #4 yet we are currently using a diaphragm. I LOVE it!

  40. Early in our marriage I used the pill. Then went off that to get pregnant with our first. After the loss of our first baby, I went on the mini pill, and was pregnant again in under three months because I wasn't good at taking it at EXACTLY the same time each day. After baby number two (and our only live birth) we used condoms, hormonal birth control just doesn't agree with me at all and I didn't want to deal with it. Last spring we went off birth control, again pregnancy three happened right away, miscarried right away too. Got pregnant less than a month later. Then in December we lost that baby and they had to surgically remove her upon opening my abdomen they discovered my uterus had erupted and I had a hysterectomy. So I laughingly say we use God's birth control now.

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