6 Weeks AKA Fussy, Crying, Screaming Stage

As if you can’t tell from the title of this post (I know I seriously lack creativity in post titles, thanks for still reading regardless) my little Joshua is 6 weeks old today! Little might not be too accurate… he’s almost 12 pounds! I can’t believe it.

…. In conclusion, he is a much harder baby than Lucas was. It’s a good thing Lucas was our first baby.  Ha!

He doesn’t like to sleep unless someone is holding him. Just when you think he is sound asleep and he’ll for sure stay asleep for a while so you can take a nap or get something done, you set him down and I kid you not, four minutes later he wakes up. He spends his days in arms or in a carrier, it’s the only way he’s happy.

Evenings are usually miserable. He has some good days, but most are just awful. He has been screaming on and off since 5:00pm. It’s 10:00 now and after basically crying himself to exhaustion he is asleep on my chest. Dare I move the slightest muscle he might wake up. I might just very well stay here tonight.

We don’t think it’s colic as it’s usually just burst of crying, not hours of non stop. It could be some acid reflux, gas or jus that six week fussy stage… that’s been lasting since he was born pretty much. I’m going to cut dairy out of my diet and see if that helps.

Let’s see mama doc’s…. here are some things:

– He doesn’t spit up at all
– I burp him after he eats. It usually takes several minutes of patting his back before he will burp.
– He will be fine one minute and in a screaming fit the next.
– When he is upset he won’t nurse. He doesn’t really like to nurse unless he is hungry, actually.
– I even thought about maybe giving him a bottle of milk at night to see if that helps- maybe he won’t suck in as much air or something and won’t get gas??
– I have been doing bicycle moves with his legs, but I don’t know that it’s doing anything.
– When he is screaming we bounce standing and/or walk. Nothing will calm him down until eventually he’ll either get too tired and stop or take the pacifier and relax.
– He doesn’t have any screaming fits in the middle of the night or mornings… it’s really just any time in the later afternoon/evening. (This is why I don’t think it’s a diet/milk thing?)
– He gets fussy in the morning/afternoon but not screaming fits. Totally different.

Our pediatrician think it’s just a stage of fussiness.

I wish we knew exactly. It is so hard to see him so upset and not be able to fix it right away. I know things will get better eventually and I am holding my breath for that day. It makes my husband and I frustrated and tired. He (my husband) is tired and stressed from work (he’s a teacher… holla out to them) and when he gets home he wants to relax.  I am  tired from being a mom all day.

There really is nothing sweeter than a sleeping baby. 

 Tonight probably isn’t the best day to be blogging about said topic considering the night of screaming it’s been. All nights aren’t this bad, but some are, and so here I am.

On the plus side, I am so thankful that Lucas still takes a great nap every day. I am so so so thankful for that. Joshua is starting to coo and it’s just the cutest thing. When he’s happy, he’s happy. I like happy. And I do love a snuggly sleeping baby on my chest. I really do. I’m thankful that, although fussy, he is healthy and growing.

I have a lot of other things to say but I’ll save it. Now I’m going to tip toe upstairs, very slowly crawl into bed with Joshua in my arms and hope he stays asleep on me for just a few hours….

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32 thoughts on “6 Weeks AKA Fussy, Crying, Screaming Stage

  1. Hi,

    I decided to wirte a comment because with my son I had the same problem. He only was fussy at the same time of the day.

    Sometimes it was colics, because as he was crying he would move his legs a lot. When that happened his father and I would help him release gases with a wonderful technic. It was imediate relief.

    But other times it was just his brain letting out everything that happened on that day. The sounds, the things he saw, all the stimulus that he had during the day had to come out during the evening.

    What we did was to try do decrease all that stimulus by trying not to speak loudly, decreasing the light and so on. I tried to think that for us it may no be much but for them a little thing is overstimulus. That really helped a lot.

    Are you certain its not colics? Does Lucas speaks to him loudly? Everything counts 🙂

    I think you should not give him a bottle because it will get things worst. Artificial milk is not good for them especially if you nurse. It will give him bad habits because its easier to drink and sweeter than breast milk.

    Let us know how he is doing 🙂

    Kisses and all the best,
    Anabela (from Portugal)

  2. Zach was like that too. He had reflux really bad. We put him on meds, but he still had a fussy time at night. Could be just thier release of stress.

  3. I don't really have an answer or a cure for you. Just wanted to say that what you wrote described my daughter's first couple of months perfectly. She would not sleep during the day unless she was being held and the evenings were just torture. BUT she did outgrow it. And all that extra attention and being held produced a very independent, very, very happy little girl.

  4. Have you tried holding him and bouncing on an exercise ball? I don't know if it will “fix” anything, but it might save your legs a little. It has been the best way we have found to get our daughter (who also wanted to be held 24/7 in the beginning) to calm down… the harder she cries the more vigorously we bounce. Good luck!

  5. I think your post just described my son to a T when he was that age! It was so tiring! I second the comment about bouncing on the exercise ball. It worked wonders for us.

    We ended up putting Aedan on reflux medicine around 8 weeks and it made a huge difference. He never really spit up much either, but he had “silent reflux” apparently. We also swaddled before every nap and at night and let him sleep propped up. We used the bobby newborn lounger in his crib.

    He is still a pretty touchy kid when it comes to loud noises and getting over stimulated, but he sleeps wonderfully now and is much happier.

  6. look up purple crying i wish icould give you more info but i have 2 kids on my lap which makes typing tricky. it'snormal infant fussing.you are doing a great job

  7. Anabele- Thanks for your advice! When I said give a bottle at night I meant I would give a bottle of my breastmilk… sounds silly once I write that out though! 🙂

  8. Look for “colic ease” by wish garden herbs! Works great for tummy issues and helps while you get dairy out of your system

  9. Thanks all.. I'm glad to know this is (some version of) “normal” for this age. I have my husband read these comments as well! Good to know it will pass! Hopefully soon!!

  10. My first was a SUPER fussy evening baby. I cut out, milk, eggs, soy, and nuts, and he was a completely different baby. I had to cut out these foods for my other 2 as well, and while it is not easy, at least it helps with the baby weight!

  11. sounds JUST like my son…..who is now 28 months. part of it can be personality as now he is still a very demanding child. However, he did have colic and it sounds very much like Joshua does too! We tried everything for the colic and the only thing that worked was a grip water called “Colic Calm”. It is available at some healthfood stores, but you can order it online as well. They ship really fast. It worked wonders! PLEASE try it out! After the first week of using it he only had about 3 episodes a week and lessened to NONE after about 3 weeks. Before Colic Calm he had it every night, literally.

  12. how about swaddling? i swear by “the happiest baby on the block.” the “5 S's” were a lifesaver for us. it sounds like it's just a typical evening fussiness–like anabela said, the stimulus of the day being overwhelming! if i remember correctly, it peaks at 6 wks and decreases from there–so congrats, momma, you are on the downside!! 😉

    i cannot end this comment without mentioning your affinity for the Beavers…..as a Cougar, i must state my loyalty to my own team! GO COUGS!! 😉 All in good fun….. and i guess i didn't realize you were in oregon? i'm up near olympia, washington…..anyway. best to you and your beautiful boys!!


  13. I have no advice for you, just hugs! Our babies are the same age and doing the same things. Jack really doesn't like sleeping but neither did his older sister. I didn't realize how good his brother was as a baby til now!

  14. Did I write this post? Oh, wait, i started blogging AFTER Jordan went through this.

    In my case, my second child is either really happy or really angry. He has been kind if P-O'd since day one. He still has rage issues. I hope your baby is not in pain or anything and I also hope this temperament doesn't last for you because it's a pain!

    I'm here (email or facebook me!) if you need to vent ANYTIME.

  15. We had a doctor appt. yesterday and he looked healthy! That was a relief because I thought maybe something was wrong which was causing him pain.. but still no answers.

    (He's asleep in his swing now… don't move a muscle anyone!!) 🙂

  16. It's so hard when babies are fussy and seem to be in pain but we don't know why =o(

    My first would get fussy in the evenings around the same time every night- my dr's explanation was that my milk wasn't as rich or plentiful as earlier in the day so he would 'complain'.

    My second child had his fussy time very early in the morning (like 4am) and he would cry like he was in a lot of pain. We found 3 things helped- sucking on a soother, holding him on our forearm with his belly down and limbs hanging down and alternating rubbing his tummy the pumping his legs.

    I hope it gets better for you soon!

  17. @Christina: baby football is what saved us at fussy times. I found that my girl would get as upset from a wet diaper as she would shots. I felt like such a failure. Daddy would hold her like a baby football and dance around the house. Even if I only had 10 minutes, taking a quick shower and giving my arms a rest helped me stay calm. Then he would take some time to unwind after work.

    I know it is hard mama, but if he's having trouble soothing it just means he's curious and gets himself worked up =)

    You'll all get through, just take it one part of the day at a time.

    We're thinking of you =)

    oh! and now that my girl wants to see everything my moby wrap has been a lifesaver. I can carry her on my front and get some housework finished, even go to the grocery store.

  18. It's nice to read everyones comments and know that so many people go through this. Kendall went through this as well…especially the “sleep, put her down, 5 min later she would wake up.” That created the habit of her sleeping on us for the first couple months. She eventually outgrew it so hang in there!!!!

  19. My daughter only napped in my arms, in a carrier, or her carseat, for the first… oh, I don't know how many months, but more than 5 or 6 I think. Same as you describe. She also was fussy in the evenings. Some hope for you is that is started to get better at about 9 weeks in terms of the length of the crying at night. Other posters mentioned the exercise ball and I lived on that thing all evening for weeks, as bouncing her in a gentle rhythm while nursing seemed the most soothing. I put the ball in front of the computer and spent a lot of time on diaperswappers! Also, a walk outside would often improve her mood for a while. If I did that right at 4 or 5 PM we could put off the fussy time for quite a while and she would often sleep during the walk, but not if we stayed home during that time. Sometimes I think the fussiness was being overtired, but then she couldn't fall asleep at night after she got herself so worked up. Good luck and know that this is VERY NORMAL. I also wouldn't call it colic based on what you described.

  20. It really sounds like Silent Reflux to me! My son had all those same exact symptoms! But we left it untreated because we thought it couldn't be reflux if he wasn't spitting up. How wrong we were! When we finally had him tested at 4 months, he had an awful case of GERD.

  21. take him into a chiropractor and use the 5 S's! My daughter was super high needs, but I had a serious oversupply so she wanted to comfort nurse (we didn't start her on a paci until she was 1 month old, and even then it was used as a last resort like for in the car) but would drown in my letdown. She slept on my chest for 3 months, combo of cosleeping and sidecar cradle until 5 months, then in her crib to the present (28 months old). Some babies just have a harder time adjusting to life on the outside, but it takes them a while to realize that they're not in Kansas anymore! Around 9 months old my daughter started pushing off of me after nursing and pointing to her crib. So find what works for him and do it! You wont be creating any bad habits, and you CANNOT spoil a baby! It doesn't look like you guys really swaddle him, so maybe he needs some kind of restriction- I'm thinking this may be it since he's fine in the moby. I use this swaddler with my 11 week old foster baby boy: http://thewoombie.com/ and ❤ it because he can still tuck his fists under his chin and wiggle while still feeling snug and secure. He gets screamy during the witching hour as well and sitting with him in the woobmie on my yoga ball works wonders. I bounce pretty vigorously when he starts working himself up and hold him tightly with his entire body facing my chest. I shush in his ear pretty loudly (if he's wailing loudly I go louder) Sometimes it takes a combo of that and his paci, sometimes he wants his tush patted quickly so it slightly jostles his body- you'll find what works. But within seconds his whole body relaxes and his eyes are closed. He'll start back up again and go on and off for a few hours in the evenings, but as soon as I start bouncing and shushing he's relaxed and asleep. Bonus: my thighs are AMAZING from it! 😛

  22. My 4 month old was very fussy, needy the first 6 weeks, then she became a different baby. She is now the most laid back mellow baby you could imagine. We didn't do anything different, she just matured, I guess. Now she is fantastic. Some babies take some adjustment, like a 4th trimester. Hang on mama!

  23. I don't know how much truth there is in this, but I was once told that it takes a baby the first 10 weeks to adjust(growth spurts, feedings/sleep, etc), and after week 10 things settle down into a rhythm/routine for them. Hang in there..

  24. Not sure if anyone suggested this…didn't read thru all the comments. Our daughter was very similar and it was impossible to calm her down around the same time every evening. My husband read about another Mom who turned the vaccuum on and the “white noise” worked like a charm. I thought for sure it wouldn't work, but we gave it a try and voila! she would calm down right away. After a few nights of my husband holding the baby following me around with the vaccuum, we went on iTunes and downloaded 1 hour or a vaccuum that sounded very similar to our own. Best $10 we ever spent! Hope this helps!!

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