Ideas for Book and Toy Storage (I Need Some!)

I’ve been wondering, maybe the reason why Lucas doesn’t play with many toys is because I have them in all in a relatively large basket. Don’t they say something somewhere that children need their toys to be visual and in separate categories so they can choose which toys they want to play with and have access to?

Upstairs he plays with his toys and books, as they are scattered across the floor in his playroom and displayed on our rain gutter bookshelves. Downstairs, however, I keep his things (books included) in a basket and he very rarely digs into it. Maybe he doesn’t know it’s there? I suppose too, that the choices could be too overwhelming?

I’ve been looking for a small bookshelf for months. I want his books to have a spot downstairs and we also just need a space to store all of them that we have. (We have tons in storage because there is no room for them and I hate that!)

We don’t have an IKEA here, so I will probably get something from Target or Amazon if the shipping is reasonable.

This sling bookshelf from Target is sort of nice (I love the natural color), but I would love to have spot that holds books and toys if possible.

I really like this Toy and Book Organizer that holds books on tops and toys underneath. That might work…. although I’m not digging the bright primary colors for my living room, but it’s not too bad. Oh! I could buy this with my swagbucks too!! 

Do any of you have that by chance? Does it look as good in person?

What do you do?? We really don’t need a big storage space as most of this things are upstairs, but I would like to find something different. And if I can’t find something I like for the toys, I at least want to find a storage solution for his books. Thoughts, ideas, links?! Thank you and love!

(I’ve never done this before, but I think I’m suppose to let you know… if you click on those links and buy something from Amazon or get a swagbucks account under my name, I get some credit from it.  It’s not much – like really, a few cents I think- but if I can make any money from blogging I’m totally going to try. It’s called amazon affiliates if you want to try it too!  I don’t even know if it will be worth it, but I figure if I’m going to talk about something I might as well leave a link. And, to be honest, I do feel a little weird doing it. But I know tons of bloggers do it and as long as I  stay true to my blog and don’t start linking and talking about something like crazy just to try to  make money, then I’m okay with it.  I don’t know why I just told you all that….. over n’ out peeps.) 

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11 thoughts on “Ideas for Book and Toy Storage (I Need Some!)

  1. each of my boys have a set of those open plastic bins-on-a-shelf. they have easy access and lots of space for sorting different things. plus you can easily put baby toys OR big-boy toys like matchbox cars in them.

    and yeah, i'm with ya on the primary colors. wish they'd make neutral ones.

    what about just a small bookshelf and then get smaller baskets to put on it. you can get really pretty coordinated basket sets.

  2. I have two of Targets Closetmaid Cubeicals. These in my kids room as their dresser/toy storage/bookshelf.

    Its from Target and they have all sorts of colors even some fun totes with animals!

    You don't need the totes unless you want to store little things. 🙂

  3. We have two sets of the Closetmaid 9 cube systems with the fabric bins and I love them!! I have one in the nursery for books and junk and one in the play room. I love the combo of the fabric bins, as it helps organize all the small crap. The best part is they are inexpensive and sold at Target!! Watch the weekly ad as I have got them for $39 and $5.50 bins both times.


    I emailed this to you from target. So don't spaz out, it's from me. It's a 9 cubicle closet maid organizer. We have one of these in a honey color in our living room. It holds a ton of toys or whatever else you want. We got it on sale around the time that kids went back to school. It's fairly lightweight, and the backing is just stiff cardboard, but it definitely does the job for the purpose. It comes with 5 nail on squares for backing, which would leave 4 holes. We bought 2 baskets (from the Circlo? brand just the next row over from the rest of the closetmaid stuff. One is plain orange and the other is orange with the front of the basket made into a lion, there is mesh over the lions mouth, so you can put 'stuff' into the lions mouth while putting it away. It was a few dollars more than the other one, maybe $8 for it instead of $5, but really cute. They had several other colors, blue was an elephant or a hippo maybe, and of course you can get 'plain' ones from them and from closetmaid as well, but we went for a touch of 'fun' since it was going to store toys. It's definitely worth the $50, it can go in any room, and then serve to hold books and trophies later on, or sewing supplies or computer games or whatever as well. It really is quite roomy, and I think the baskets themselves are like 11×11 or something, so you know the size of the 'hole'. The only thing that doesn't really fit is a truck (which we back into a bottom hole) and her farm, which we leave on the ground, but could be put on the top. Perfect for collections of toys, books, or anything else. If you want to see a picture of mine, send me an email or comment over at my blog and I'll let you see how we use ours.

  5. The one you have listed from is great – but here is a link to a smaller version for half the price $30!

    I have it in my living room and it has been wonderful! The bins it comes with are not large – you don't want a lot of toys for them to choose from or else they WILL get overwhelmed with choices. I think I read somewhere to give 2-3 yr olds only 2 choices at a time or they get confused/overwhelmed and cannot decide.

    Good luck!

  6. Jill, thank you! I think I might like that…

    Annie, love it, but I can't do the Toy Story… I am weird like that and don't like themed characters/animals on stuff.. 🙂 Unless it's in my kids room, then maybe, but I'm just weird about it.. 🙂

  7. I also use those closetmaid cubicals from Target and I love it!! They even sell the pieces in browns, blacks and whites so maybe they would fit better into your living room. I put cubes in some of the boxes to hold toys and then I leave some boxes open and we stack books in those. Works great for many different size toys, plus I can limit how many cubes come out at a time to limit mess and overwhelm.

  8. I was browsing on Target the other day, and the site “recommended” these two items to me – not sure your price range or what the shipping costs would be, but I liked both options because of the lack of bright, neutral colors.



    Hope this helps!

  9. I have the very one pictured in your post and I love it. My son has access to his books and toys and can easily clean up after himself. Great purchase.

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