Body After Baby: December 9th- 15th

Does carrying a 12 pound infant in a car seat count as exercise? What about carrying a 30 pound toddler, lifting him up into his seat, rocking him to sleep. Does that count? Okay, what about playing soccer with your toddler, carrying your infant in the Moby while you shop with your toddler? What about watching Biggest Loser while thinking about working out and walking around the house trying to get your infant to sleep?

If so, I am doing awesome. I’ve been exercisising every day and I’ve lost several pounds. I even have a great tan and nice hair. Really. You should see me.

Getting to the gym has been very unsucessfull this week. I have attempted it several times, but it’s just not working the way I planned.

See notes below.

Day something:

Drive to gym, bring kids into day care.
Take off Lucas’ shoes, coat and hat. Get out his water for him. Put everything in the cubby.
Find my headphones, water and phone. Sign us in.
See old friends/co-workers ( I work at this gym) and start talking
Lucas seems settled in and is happily playing so I leave
10 minutes later my phone rings
He’s sad
So we leave

Day two or something:

Drive to gym, bring kids into day care
Joshua is sleeping in his seat (YES!)
Get Lucas ready, show him some toys, play with him for 10 minutes, then leave
5 minutes later I do a quick check on him and he is crying for me at the door.
Okay, fine.
Go in and hang out for a while talking with grown up adults while Lucas plays for another 30 minutes.
Then we leave

Does talking count as a work out?? Seriously, I am in such good shape!!

Day three:

Drive to gym at night while Lucas is sleeping, husband is home and Joshua is sleeping in his swing
I only last 20 minutes. Lacking motivation.
Come home, Joshua is crying and my husband is holding him, walking back and forth. He tells me he has been crying the entire time I’ve been gone. of course  

Day four:

Drive to gym, get kids out, in day care, etc
Joshua didn’t fall asleep on the drive over so I rock him in his seat until he does. (Even though I know everyone who watches kids in the day care – the only way I will take my boys, actually- I still would rather have Joshua sleeping so people don’t have to hold him or worry about it. Or so I don’t have to worry about him- I know he’s sleeping.)
Joshua is sleeping.
Lucas is playing, I say bye and do 15 minutes of cardio
I check on Lucas, he is doing okay!!
I do 15 more minutes of cardio.
Not bad! 30 minutes of cardio combined- the most successful day yet

Day five or something:

Drive to gym
It is freezing today and so so so windy.
Put Lucas’ hat and coat on, get Joshua, run – please Lucas run!! Come on! Let’s see how fast you can go! Hurry it’s so cold!– inside.
Sit down and get Lucas settled.
He goes and plays
I continue to sit and start talking to some mom work out-ers that come in and my co workers
…. an hour has passed and I realize I need to now get Lucas home for his nap

Day six or fourteen or something:

Drive to gym
Get inside
Joshua’s clothes are complete soaked in pee
So I change him
Then he’s hungry
So I feed him
Then Lucas falls
So I comfort him
Then I need to get Joshua sleeping
Then I check Facebook
Then Lucas wants to show me the ball pit
Then I have to pee
Then Joshua starts to stir so I rock him back to sleep
Then a friend comes in that I haven’t seen in months
She wants to talk about Joshua
So we do
Then Lucas wants me to go down the slide with him
So I do.
Then I am really lacking the motivation to exercise
So we leave.

Story. Of. My. Life.


My husband is home for two weeks starting next week for Christmas Break (yippee!!) so I am seriously going to go to the gym every single day. Maybe even twice a day! And I will leave the boys (or at least one) at home.

I need to stop talking and use this nap time to, I don’t know, maybe do some exercise??!!  Ha. Fancy that idea.

Tell me how you are doing!

{Winner of the $20 gift certificate from last week’s link up is #6 Crystal! Please send me an email! }

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “Body After Baby: December 9th- 15th

  1. My week didnt go so well either! My husband works for the school districts here (as a substitute) so he'll be off starting next week too! I figure I should at least be able to set up a good routine of exercising with him around, so it'll be easier to be motivated to stick to it when he goes back to work in January…at least thats what I'm hoping!

  2. Your gym experiences make me laugh, I am sure you are not always laughing but when you write them down it is funny. carrying around a baby and toddler definitely is a workout!!

    Week 3 post is up.

  3. So sorry you didn't get to workout at the gym much. You got there just fine – hey that counts as excersize right?!?!?
    I think it was a bad week for several of us! Must be a week 2 thing.

  4. Same here. Definately don't take the kids to the gym. Mine are too old to be in the daycare but they don't sit still long enough to go in the “fun room.” They ALWAYS come find me just to tell me they're bored. Ugh!

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