Christmas 2010

It’s so fun to be a parent during Christmas. We loved setting up Lucas’ santa gift for him to see in the morning! 

We got Lucas this little train set, a new monster truck and a yellow ball that he picked out. (He is OBSESSED with balls. We have about a million. )  We set this up on Christmas Eve for him! 
I think he was a little confused at first! 
But then he figured it out and was loving it! He is so cute making car noises. 
This is probably my favorite picture. 
Lucas and I tried to bake a cake (because it was a birthday party for Jesus, don’t you know? Doesn’t Jesus have THE BEST parties ever??) and it was a total flop. I made it and then had Lucas help me put frosting on it…. which resulted in disaster. He stuck his hands in the cake twice, totally ruining it. He got frosting all over his face and all over the counter. It was pretty funny. And, I don’t know what I did, but the cake was awful. 
It was so hard to stay within our budget for Christmas this year for Lucas. I don’t know if we will only be able to do three gifts each year. I think it’s a good idea (for several reasons) but it’s just so fun buying your kids presents!! Of course he doesn’t need anything, and at this age a $5 ball is a total hit and provides more fun than a train set, but it’s still fun. 
I can’t believe Christmas is over already! I hope yours was merry! 
Lucas sleeping with his ball. This was taken on Christmas Eve, don’t worry he isn’t wearing the same pajamas every night. I do wash them and he has others, these just happen to be in a lot of pictures. 🙂 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Christmas 2010

  1. Heh – sorry your cake bombed! On the other hands, it sounds like it was a really fun family “baking disaster”. If you and Lucas had fun *making* it, that's what counts, right?

  2. Merry Christmas Samantha!! What a fun train track to wake up to, I bet he just plays and plays with it. David loves the simple trains but Lizzie is older and really wants the Thomas & Friends trains. I am so glad they are not much more expensive.

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