The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

I have learned that trying to get two children to pose for you just doesn’t work. What? Is that too much to ask of a toddler and a newborn? Ha. I suppose it is. I really wanted to get a good picture of them together for our Christmas card this year.  I took tons of pictures and although they were all perfect in their own way, none of them were exactly how I imagined.

I know, I know. The best pictures  always happen when you least expect it. I know this. But I still tried. Here are a few of the ones that didn’t turn out as planned…

This was my brilliant idea. I thought it would be so adorable and very Alaskan. Out in the snow in a wooden sled. What could be cuter?! We really had to plan this picture. It was cold out (obviously- see the snow?) so we knew we only had minutes to get this right. My husband got the sled situated while we stayed in the car in the car with the heat on. We actually even kept the car running, that’s how short this photo shoot lasted. Lucas wasn’t wearing a coat (that wasn’t part of the outfit) and Joshua was too small to sit up right so we ended up being outside for probably less than 60 seconds.

Don’t you just love Lucas’ face in this? He is so over it. And poor Joshua. It just wasn’t working with the hat and his fleece snowsuit was too big.

Ah, sorry Joshua. You really don’t look comfortable! Sweet Lucas is checking on him. 
I tried a couple in their bedroom. 
WOAH stripe overload. It’s totally clashing with the blanket too. Just too many colors and patterns going on here. 
How about the chair? 
Lucas please sit up with your brother. Look how well behaved Joshua is! He knows how to relax. 
Honey that’s very sweet reading a book to him, but careful with his face okay? 
Again, not loving the stripe combo going on here. I do love stripes though.  Don’t judge. 
Later on I took some individual pictures of Joshua.

Isn’t he cute? 
This is what happens when you give the younger brother all of your attention…. 
Lucas found something to get into. 
So needless to say, none of the pictures turned out that well. It’s hard to get good pictures of them together! Oh well, there is always next year!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “The Perfect Christmas Card Photo

  1. I love how your boys are so very different. One blonde and one brunette. Just gorgeous!
    Hope u had a wonderful xmas and have a safe and happy new year. I'll be reading in 2011 : )

  2. When you find the secret let me know!! 🙂 My 12, 6 and 16 month old wont pose for a picture. It never gets easier. I love the pics though. They are fun and full of personality.

  3. Adorable! and boy, do I understand! We tried getting our 3 kiddos picture taken with their cousin this year…. an 8o, 4yo, 2yo and 1yo! AHHHH! In the end we went with a collage of 2 slighty good ones of 2 kids each and one AWFUL and hilarious picture of the 4 of them. Yeah, they don't get easier with age – what is with that?! You'd think the 8yo would have been able to follow directions better than the 2yo! lol! Not so much…

    I love your pics, tho! 😀

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