Review of Baby Carriers: Moby Wrap, Ergo and Beco

I am lucky enough to say that I have three amazing baby carriers that I love. I have the Moby wrap, the Ergo and the Beco. {I got the Ergo and Beco for blog reviews/giveaways- I normally wouldn’t buy three products like this!} I get asked all the time which one I like the best, and honestly, it’s so hard to answer that question because I love them all for different reasons! There isn’t one that I don’t like. I may grab one more often than the other – some are better for different stages or different activities- but they are all great.

I don’t want to compare these carriers against each other, because I really do love them all, but I want to share what I love and don’t love about each one individually. I hope it helps!

The Moby
I personally use this wrap for infants. I have never used it with a toddler or a baby older than 5 months. I have only used it for one hold- the forward facing hold. I believe it’s the “basic” (or normal- most used) hold. My husband has never used it… not sure I could get him to wrap this thing around his body. 🙂 

{Here I am holding Joshua in the Moby when he was about a month old. You can’t even tell really, but he’s in there all snug and warm!}
Things I like about the Moby: 
  • You can pull the fabric over the baby’s head so he can sleep better. 
  • The fabric allows the baby to be very close to your body. Baby stays very warm this way. 
  • Both my babies have loved it. 
  • The fabric is stretchy so it’s easy to adjust it tighter or looser. 
  • It lays “flat” on your body (no hooks, straps or buckles) 
{Lucas in the Moby front hold at 5 months. Oh my sweet sweet baby}

I find it to be very comfortable as long as you wear it tight and up high on your waist.  For a while I wore it too low and my back was killing me, even with an infant. As soon as I put it up higher on me and a little tighter it was much more comfortable.

Things I don’t like about the Moby: 
  • At first, the Moby was very hard to figure out how to put on.  I don’t know if it was just me, but I didn’t even use it for several weeks because I didn’t think I could figure it out! I watched a You Tube video and after a couple tries I perfected it. Now it only takes me about 30 seconds to put on instead of two minutes. 🙂 
  • It takes 30 seconds to put on… instead of the 15 seconds that a carrier with a buckle takes
  • I can’t throw it in the car and put it on when I get to the grocery store. If I did this it would lay on the floor and get all dirty. I can however put it on before I leave the house and then it’s ready for a baby to go in when I get out of the car. (I hoestly don’t think of this much though.) 
The Ergo 
I started using the Ergo when Lucas was around 5 or 6 months old. I have tried it out with Joshua just once and that was at home for a bit. I don’t have the infant insert for the Ergo so I can’t comment on that. I will probably be able to use the Ergo with Joshua more comfortably in a month or so. My husband has also worn the Ergo with Lucas for both front and back carriers.

{Lucas on my back when he was about 8 months old. We were packing our things into the Uhual this day to move to Alaska! Crazy!} 

Things I like about the Ergo: 
  • One of my absolute favorite things about the Ergo is the little pocket in front. I love this because I can fit a ton of things in there and keep my purse or diaper bag at home! It is big enough to hold my keys, Chapstick, an extra diaper and my license and debit card. This was so handy! 
  • It’s very easy and simple to put on for both the front and back carry. Takes seconds. I can put it on by myself without any problems. 
  • LOVE wearing him on my back 
  • I love the head covering piece. It’s great for sleeping babies or to support a smaller head. 
{Lucas on my front at 5 months}
Things I don’t like about the Ergo: 
  • The shoulder straps have lost some of it’s padding/structure over time. It still fits fine and is comfortable, it’s just- “looser” I guess you could say. 
The Beco 
My husband and I have been using the Beco with Joshua since he’s been born. I don’t know if I was doing it wrong, but the infant part of it seemed weird to me. I usually just put Joshua in the main portion of it. Maybe the built in infant portion is meant for really little babies? I have only worn it on my front, however my husband has used it with Lucas on his back.

{Joshua on my front at 2 weeks. I know it just looks like bright fabric- but there’s a baby in there!} 
Things I like about the Beco: 

  • It’s comfortable and seems to support your back well
  • It comes in pretty designs that are fun
  • My husband really likes the Beco- he is the one that told me it was very comfortable
{Lucas on my husbands back at 14ish months}
Things I don’t like about the Beco: 
  • The Beco is definitely harder and more complicated to put on. I don’t know what it is, but it seems like there are so many straps and buckles. It’s also harder to get off by yourself because the buckles have a “safety feature” (I guess that’s what they are) that make them trickier. 
  • It is in general harder to adjust the straps as well
  • The infant insert- it was just weird to me
So, those are my reviews of three separate carriers! I hope it helped you decide which carrier might be best for you! I know that the Ergo and Beco are expensive but I want to tell you – it is totally worth it. A good baby carrier is a MUST HAVE baby/toddler/child product in my opinion. It makes parenting easier. It gives you free hands and a happy baby.  It allows you to be with your baby and know that he or she is happy and safe, yet you are still able to do things you need or want to do.  Also keep in mind, if by a rare chance you hate your carrier, you can always re-sell it pretty easily.

Have you used any of these carriers? Which one is your favorite? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

12 thoughts on “Review of Baby Carriers: Moby Wrap, Ergo and Beco

  1. I've only used the Moby and some side slings I've made for myself. I agree with you that putting it on is a hassle, but the result is well worth it. My baby was so colicky as an infant, and she would literally stay in there all day long so she would calm down to the sway of my body as I walked around the house. It was literally the only way I could get my dishes and laundry done for awhile!
    I don't use it much mow that she's 16 months old, but I used it regularly until she was about a year old and it suited her fine. The only thing I don't like about it is the back hold. It's very uncomfortable and feels like she'll fall out.

  2. First off can I saw WOW! You look amazing to have just had a baby!

    I personally LOVE ergobaby carriers! They are the BEST I have ever used!

    Congrats on looking so fab after baby!

    (Shasta- Christian Mommy Bloggers)

  3. I use a pocket style sling…I have the one from Hot Mama Ink. I like it, and my daughter is comfy in it. The Hot Mama Ink ones also have a deep zippered pocket so I don't have to carry my bag into the grocery store with me if I don't want to.

  4. I have the Ergo Performance that ERGObaby gave to Taiga Trekkers if you want to try it out. It has a lot of cool features for the outdoor parent, such as being made of moisture wicking material, more streamline shoulder straps, and my favorite feature the gliding chest/back strap adjusters.

  5. I've not used any of these brands, but I've used those styles.

    I started with a Wrapsody / Gypsy Wrap and used that exclusively until Peeper was about 17 lbs (about 14 months).

    I then switched to a cheap-knockoff-Ergo-clone which I really liked for back or front carries.

    Recently (about age 2) I got a Connecta, which I think is similar to the Beco – a soft structured carried that looks a lot like a mai tai but with buckles – and I've been using it ever since, both for front and back carries.

    I also have a ring sling that I use pretty much only around the house, when Peeper wants to see what I'm doing (and “help”) while I cook.

    If I'm doing something really hot and splattery or using knives, I put her on my back.

    I did not like the ring sling when she was tiny, but I was trying to put her in a cradle position, which just wasn't working out for us.

    This summer, we babysat a 2-4 month old, and I often wore her in the ring sling, in an upright position, and it worked great.

    The few times we went out and about with her, I wore her in my wrap, but around the house, the ring sling was nice, because I could still get one breast out to nurse Peeper!

  6. Great post! I used a sling (maya type) when DD was little, and then I made us a mei tai. LOVED them both! (took a few tries and needing a desperate solution to really give it a go with the sling at first. But once I did – I'd never go back!)

    When she outgrew the first mei tai, I made another! Then a few months ago a friend gave me a Moby….. WOW!!! LOVE!!!! Q is 2.5 now, so I haven't tried it with a young baby. I have used it with a friend's daughter who is 12 months and little, tho. But I can't vouch for younger than that…BUT…. it's fabulous!!! I just love it. I don't find it too hard to put on and it's sooo comfy. With a heavier baby (28 pounds! and it says the Moby can be used up to 35! yay!!) I just have to wrap it around myself a little tighter because her weight stretches it more.

    Anyway, great topic! 🙂

  7. I love my Sleepy Wrap from birth until about 4 months then I switch to my Ergo. It's great and super comfortable but I have a hard time getting my children on my back for some reason… I always need help.

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