Avocados + Crackers

I don’t know if I’ve told you, but one of Lucas’ favorite foods (actually it might be his favorite food ever) are crackers. Any shape, size, color, variation, texture- he loves crackers. I think Ritz might rank up there as his top 5, but I would have to check with him to be sure. If I let him, he would live off of crackers. 
Personally, as a afternoon snack, we like to have what we call a “cheese cracker sandwich” which is a slice of cheddar cheese between two Ritz crackers. It’s mighty fine. 
Anyways, we had a recent discovery around here that happened by chance. He used to love avocados- they were his first food- but then he went through a stage where he didn’t like them.  How can you not love avocados, right? Topped with tortilla chips, salsa and a Diet Coke?  Favorite meal ever. 

Lucas did an experiment, adding his Ritz crackers to his avocado and it was a hit! A genius one. He now loves to dip his crackers into the avocado. I’m so pleased he’s back into eating these things. Talk about super healthy (and yummy) fats!

Do you think I could add broccoli and carrots to his crackers? I wonder if they make a vegetable based cracker…. Ha. I would eat that too!  But really, what other ideas do you have ( or new inventions that you’re kids have shown you!) to “sneak” a healthy food into your toddlers diet? Or your grown up’s… if you happen to not be a huge fan of green vegetables. (Not me of course.)

Published by Samantha Mellen

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7 thoughts on “Avocados + Crackers

  1. My mom made us a veggie lasagna once and Jordan ate it like crazy!

    Also, I have recently discovered, Jordan only really likes RAW veggies, just like Logan.

    However, unlike Logan, he likes to dip his veggies. Jordan will eat hummus, ranch or even plain sour cream with a spoon, so I have been getting matchstick-cut carrots and then cutting of teeny tiny “trees” of broccoli and cauliflower (white, orange and purple!) and multicolor bell pepper strips and cucumbers and giving him veggies and dip with dinner. We all eat raw veggies with ranch or hummus with dinner a lot.

    Different salsas, too, are a good way to get in a variety of veggies. He could dip his Ritz crackers into them! 🙂

  2. We give our daughter veggies first when we can, that way she fills up on that. We withhold fruit, jello, or anything else 'yummy' sometimes until she eats a SMALL portion of everything else, or at least TRIES something if she's not familiar with it. Today she tried to hold out and not eat the 3 or 4 pieces of pasta left on her plate– and I insisted she wouldn't get any fruit and jello (orange with mandarin oranges) if she didn't eat it, then took a big spoon of jello and shoved it in my mouth—the pasta disappeared quickly after that! She also will try and eat whatever I'm eating–her dad, too, so I try and give her veggies or other healthy foods from what I'm eating.

  3. I love it! Unfortunately Pixie seems to like crackers but is also a bit of a… cracker purist? You can't put any sort of smear ON the crackers. 'Cause, you know, then you might get that kid to eat more than 4 calories at a go – MERCY NO!
    So I keep trying every so often and she just keep snubbing them. Maybe some day!
    …Also, I now have a hankering for guacamole and mexican food.

    (Oh, and our local Sprouts – a lot like a Whole Foods – has actual veggie chips! As in, made from a variety of vegetables and without a bunch of questionable preservatives and other stuff. If you have a store like that near you, check their bulk bins and their healthy snacks section!)

  4. you could always puree other veggies maybe adding a little sour cream if needed and make other veggie dips for his crackers. Or mix pureed veggies with hummus for him to dip… then he is getting veggies and protein!

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