Delay Vax: 3 Month & 2 Year Appointment

It’s that time again. Time to head to the doctor for a shot in the leg!

We are a delay vax family. This post talks about the schedule we follow and some of the reasons for doing so. We follow the Dr. Sears delayed schedule loosely- there are some that we skip completely and we even do it at a slower pace. We only do 1-2 shots at a time, for example, and we don’t do the flu shot and several others. We do first shots around 3 months, which means that it’s about that time for little Joshua man!

{ I am strongly against injecting a 2 month old with FIVE vaccination shots AT ONCE like the AAP suggest. I think it’s absurd to put that many vaccines into a little baby, especially all at once. }

Tomorrow (or Tuesday morning maybe for you already!) we have a “shot only” visit. Both boys are getting the Dtap- Joshua will have the first dose and Lucas the last dose.

We will go back in 1-2 months and do another set of shots at Joshua’s 4 month check up and Lucas’ 2 year check up. Pc and HIB for Joshua and we’re still uncertain about Lucas- possibly Polio.


What was the first shot you gave your newborn? 

Do you know of any helpful links about the Chicken Pox vaccine? What are your thoughts on this vaccine? 

I know that there are many sides to vaccinations and everyone has their own opinions and beliefs about it. I respect whatever choice you make for your family. I may not agree with it or promote it, but I will respect it.  This is what works for us. And even so, there are still things I question and many shots and timing of shots that I’m not comfortable with or uncertain about. I don’t think I will ever be 100% okay with any schedule we follow or any vaccinations that we decide to get or not get. There are of course risks to everything, and I guess you just have to decide which route you want to go and hope that it’s the best!

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17 thoughts on “Delay Vax: 3 Month & 2 Year Appointment

  1. We are a selective/delay vax family as well. My older son (5 years) was pretty much vaxed on schedule up to the MMR vax. We noticed shortly after some issues that led us to discover he had a mild bilateral hearing loss, which coincidentally, is the top side effect of that vaccine (in children genetically predisposed to hearing loss). He hasn't has a shot since then as we're not sure what would happen with his remaining hearing.

    My younger son (3 years) had the HIB/Pneumococcal as an infant but those are his only shots to date. We are planning to start phasing some in this year. He will not receive the MMR though, too much risk.

    As for the chickenpox, we are going to hold out until they are about 13. If they haven't contracted it naturally, then we will opt for the vaccine and hope they are vigilant about their boosters as adults 😦

  2. We haven't done any, and I don't think we will (low risk – SAHM, breastfeeding toddler, no nurseries, homeschooling…). But, what is making you consider the Polio vaccine? unless you're planning on traveling overseas, there hasn't been a wild case of polio in america in something like 25 years. And something I just learned that is interesting – only 1% of people who caught polio were paralyzed (I'm not sure if the statistic was including temporary or only permanent paralysis). Anyway, maybe you already knew this, but just thought I'd throw it out there since that's one of the fears I hear from a lot of people about not vaccinating “They could get Polio!”

  3. I have a question. You don't have to answer if you don't want to of course! I am a Kindergarten teacher in Indiana. I know things vary from state to state, but here there is a date that you have to have all immunizations up to date or your child has to be put out of school until the immunizations are done and updated shot records are brought in. Do you know what the requirement is in Alaska? I guess if you homeschool it doesn't matter. I had two little girls who had missed several shots and got the shots done all at once just so they could be back in school. Their arms were of course very sore from getting way more shots than would be recommended at one time. We follow our pediatricians schedule for our boys and they have never had more than 3 at one visit. Our boys have never had any side effects from the shots other than just being a little less active and wanting to be held more.

  4. We delayed with Maddie too – her first shot was the Dtap at 4 months. She's up to date on Dtap, HIB and IPV, but that's all she's had. I'm terrified of the MMR, so we'll do that one before she starts school.

    My pediatrician really wants her to get the varicella vax. Uh, I'm so torn! I'd really just like her to get the chicken pox, so I don't have to decide. I think the PP idea of waiting until 13 and then getting it is actually a good plan. I might bump it down to 11 or 12, though.

    On the polio – we did it because it's a very low risk vaccination – I combined it with the HIB. We always did the Dtap by itself. On the other hand, like the PP pointed out, it's been almost completely irraticated in the US, so it's one I'd be willing to skip too.

  5. I've done all vaccinations on my pediatrician's schedule. The schools are really pushy about varicella and I opted not to give it to my kids, but if there happens to be a kid at Logan's school that comes down with chicken pox, they'll actually make Logan stay home because he's not vaccinated.

    Not because of the dumb schools, but because my husband has never had chicken pox and it can be quite dangeroous for adults, I'm probably going to get the kids vaccinated. If they come down with CP and then give it to my husband, that could be really bad. Of course if he would just go get the shot, we could keep the kids from having to get one for that reason, but my hubby doesn't seem to think it's a big deal.

  6. A lot of the scariness came about from the 'autism' vaccine, which turned out to be a HUGE fraud and the guy that started the rumor ended up losing his medical license. We opted against the original 'swine' flu shot the first time since it hadn't been out very long. I know this year it was incorporated in the flu vacc. and my hubby got a flu vacc too. I'm the only one 'unprotected' but I rarely leave home and I'm pretty good about washing up. I must say if you stay at home and don't go out much, no school yet, then you're less likely to need them as soon. I know in our state, between the ages of 18 mos and appx 4 years, you don't 'need any more', so in theory you could spread them out if you wanted to. Hundreds of thousands, well, probably millions of kids follow the AAP guidelines with no ill effects. I know some families are more prone to things like Guillon Barre? Sorry can't spell it and too lazy to look it up, but that's something like 1/1,000,000 isn't it? Even though certain diseases have all but been eradicated (polio, etc), I see no reason to leave a bunch of kids unprotected, esp. when they can get the shot as little babies and not remember the pain, versus getting a disease that traumatizes your body when you're an older child or adult. They may not travel, but you never know when someone gets off a plane from a foreign country in New York, goes to Chicago, then Denver, spreading germs everywhere. Remember bird flu? People were paranoid about travel. Lots of stuff can spread that way as well as a 'flu'. I also see no point in the chicken pox vaccine, but it's required for school as well, and again, why give it to them when they're 4 or 5 when you can get it done before memory sets in and be done with it? So I guess I'm a kind of 'fence' type of woman. If they've been proven, fine. If they're new… ehhh. I'm going to question it. Make sense?

    And I was extremely lucky to stay home, breast feed until 17 months and never really have a sick infant or toddler. I'm extremely glad my child was born in October now, so she'll have until almost 4 before getting exposed to a variety of kids at once. She goes to church and library, but that's a small group and less likely to have sick kids there.

  7. I have no idea what Luke's first shot was. We are following the schedule with a few omissions/edits!

    We are not doing the flu or chicken pox vaccs, even though my doctor is ALL for them.

    I do not believe in the flu shot. I think our bodies need to build antibodies for when the next time something like the swine flu goes around. I had it while pregnant/delivering Luke so he already has swine flu antibodies! How cool, right?!

    I also believe that nursing helps prevent/treat a lot of what goes around & we will rely on that.

    As far as chicken pox go, I figure our kids are pretty much doomed. Both my husband and I have had MULTIPLE cases of chicken pox. He has even had shingles TWICE. We are not “immune” after having it once, like most people. Unfortunately if we are exposed, we end up with either the pox or shingles. 😦 SO, I don't want to RISK exposing our children to even a TINY bit of whatever is in the vacc. My doc is against it & used the whole, “he'll need it to get into public school” argument, BUT, we plan on homeschooling, so no biggie there.

  8. Oops, I forgot to add, Luke had a bad reaction to one of those “combo” shots, and so now he doesn't get ONE of the medicines that comes in that shot, instead he's getting individual doses & the one he reacted to is being skipped entirely. I'll have to check his shot record to know which one it is though. Anyway, I was pretty happy with how his doc handled that, because his reaction was AWFUL!

  9. I'm with Jill – I am not saying either way whether or not people should vaccinate their children…that is such a personal decision based on so many factors…but let me say this…
    Vaccinations aren't just so that your kid doesn't get the disease (like in the case of Polio), but so that the disease stays eradicated. There IS polio all over the world, and although you may not travel overseas, many other people do. If there are too many people who don't get vaccinated for polio, then there is a huge chance that it would come back to the states. That is just something to think about and consider and it isn't for all vaccines, obviously.

    As far as chicken pox…we are still on the fence with that one. I like hearing all of the thoughts on here! HELP ME DECIDE! haha!

  10. As a momma to a baby that is at risk for lung issues the comeback of whooping cough (pertusis) scares me. And its comeback comes largely from people choosing not to vaccinate. I am all for spreading them out and have done so for most of my children. Jeremiah just go a couple more than I usually do younger due to the risk of hime catching it.
    I agree that the vaccines are very very important for keeping some of these awful illnesses at bay. But I also agree that four shots in a small two month old is CRAZY!!!

  11. My children's first was the vitamin K after birth I have Factor V Leiden so it was a hard decision but we decided the pros outweighed the cons.

    The next was the dtap as pertussis can be deadly for a child as our friend unfortunately found out ( We limit the shots to two at a time and they receive them all.

    I fully understand wanting to delay or not give all the shots but when it is something that is contagious I think it is irresponsible for a parent to not have their child vaccinated against it as they are then putting other children at risk. Even children who stay home are at risk for catching or passing something on… playgrounds, grocery stores, doctors offices etc.

    On a slightly different note- If you were not vaccinated as a child I feel every adult should get the rest of the shots. There is no reason for an adult to risk passing something on to a child (or an adult with a compromised immune system).

  12. Christina – That is a great point about pertussis! My kids have all been vaccinated and still got it. It is scary and it took a long time to get over it, and my kids are otherwise super healthy. (I actually caught it as well and gave it to my youngest – 6mo.) I can't imagine if we had lung issues.

  13. my son got them all on schedule, but I chose not to get him the chicken pox vaccine… I would rather have him get it and develop the immunity… I think it gives them less of a chance of developing shingles later in life… However if he hasn't gotten them by the age of 10-11 I will probably go ahead with the shot because cp can cause males to lose reproductive capability, and I want grandbabies someday! =)

  14. It's really great to see where everyone else stands on the issue of vaccination!
    For us we decided (after flipping back and forth for ever) to keep on schedule with vaccinations. The only ones we refuse are the flu shots. The flu (including H1N1) is nothing new and has been around forever and well yes, to some it can be very serious, to most its not.
    As for the Chicken Pox vaccine, we definitely wanted to do that one. I personally had it three times as a kid and it was horrible! I had to miss out on school, dance, etc. These days it's hard to catch it on its own as “pox parties” are a thing of the past. I'd rather my daughter be protected now then have to get the vax later on in life.
    I'm definitely on board with the “herd immunity” ideas when it comes to vaccines. One of my main reason for keeping scheduled with our vaccines was because we are around kids that are older and younger. We have friends that vaccinate and some that do not. By me getting my daughter vaccinated we're protecting our friends younger children who aren't yet old enough to get their own. And as some others have pointed out, major diseases have been eradicated because of vaccines, and it doesn't take much for them to come back when people stop vaccinating.
    There is definitely an argument about how we should all be doing whats best for our own children but that's not always how society works. We all need to look out for each other at times as well.
    Thanks for posting this blog Samantha, and for letting everyone share their point of view in a non threatening environment! It's not something that happens very often these days! Good luck at the doctors today and in making whatever decision works for you!

  15. I think Charissa does a terrific job of making some excellent points respectfully. I get nervous about this topic because I happen to follow the mainstream CDC recommendations on this one, which I know can be a very unpopular choice. I have chosen to vaccinate my 2 older children on schedule and will do the same with my 3rd. Many vaccinations are combined and I prefer to get more shots at once, requiring them to be vaccinated less frequently. I have personally found that it is more difficult and more stressful/traumatic for my older child to receive a vaccination than it is for a smaller, nursing baby. As someone who lost a parent to a disease that has no cure or vaccination, I feel strongly about having my own family vaccinated where prevention is possible. This being said, I have many friends and family members who choose a delayed schedule or not to vaccinate and I understand many of the points they make.

  16. We have chosen not to vaccinate our 2 youngest children. I didn't research the issue until my oldest 2 had already had multiple vaccines and my third child had had a few. I considered delaying vaccines, but one of the reasons I don't like vaccines is because of some of the ingredients so I decided delaying vaccines was no better (for our family)than getting them all at once.

    I disagree with the idea that not getting vaccines is dangerous decision for the rest of the population. I've heard it said that I am endangering other children by not vaccinating my own because my children could get ill and spread it to others. BUT if someone has chosen to vaccinate their own children, they shouldn't have to worry about that. (Of course, vaccines are not 100% effective, but that is true whether my kids get the vaccine or not.)

    I, too, feel as though it is a personal and family decision. No one (including the government)should decided for anyone else what to do…and we should respect that everyone does what is best for their own family!

  17. I find lots of great information on vaccines on the Mothering discussion board.

    This forum is helpful for families who want to selectively vaccinate, not vaccinate at all, etc. The regulars there are SO educated, and keep up with all of the recent studies.

    To the PP who commented about vaccines and school: all states have exemptions. Two (WV and MS) have only medical exemptions, which are difficult to get. Many have philosophical exemptions, which allows parents to just check a box or write a brief statement saying their child will be exempt from being “up to date.” 48 states have religious exemptions, which are also somewhat easy to apply for if you know the tricks. It is illegal for a school to press you to expound on your religious beliefs.

    Here is a link to each state's requirements:

    Fully private schools can make their own rules, and do not have to accept exemptions like the public schools do. Private schools that receive government support of any kind MUST accept the exemptions.

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