This Too Shall Pass. It Will Get Better. It’s Just a Phase.

I’ve been thinking about something today, so I wanted to share it with you.  I hope this will be an encouragement and reminder to you… and I also write this to remind myself as well. 🙂 As parents, we use the phrase “this too shall pass” very often. Whenever something is going wrong or our child is in a “stage” we remind ourselves- this. will. pass.

I hear this, I read this, I say this – it will get better. this is just a phase. this will pass. 

So. Whatever is going on in your life right now, the colic baby, the toddler who won’t go to bed till 10pm, the baby who wants to nurse every 30 minutes, the child who refuses to eat anything besides mac n’ cheese… whatever it may be, remember, it will pass. 

Joshua doesn’t go to sleep at night unless I am laying right besides him. Sometimes I want to lay him down at 7 and be free the rest of the night. You know…
get stuff done. He doesn’t nap during the day unless he is on me and sometimes I want to put him down and you know… do stuff.  

{You know what I mean. We each have our own challenges in life right now. Pick yours.}

I just want to encourage you (and me) to soak in these moments- even the crappy ones.  There will be a day when you will look back and think to yourself that those moments or stages or days that you had as a parent really weren’t that bad. I mean, sure, having to rock your baby to sleep for two hours can get kind of old, but you know, there are a lot of worse things that you could be doing.

 Just think- we are the lucky ones. 

When they are in school, I will catch up on laundry.
… I will catch up on my reading.
… I will exercise every day.
… I will take a hot bath every night. Alone.
… I wil be able to work more hours and make more money.

… I will go on dates with my husband.  
…. (What will you do?) 

But for now? For now I will be a mom. I will enjoy these sweet boys that have been given to me. I will savor these moments. I want to just live in these moments and these days – even the bad ones- and cherish them and be thankful for them. I want to change poppy diapers and go to work with spit up on my shirt. I want to spend money on baby diapers and baby bath soap. I want to lay next to my baby every night while he holds my hands as he falls asleep. 

Whatever you are going through right now….. it will get better. I promise. Whatever is hard or hurting…. it will be healed and fixed. Whatever is frustrating and causing bitterness…. it will go away. Eventually. I promise. It will pass. It will get better. It is just a stage.


If you need prayer, good thoughts or advice, please leave it in the comments. If you’re going through a tough time with your child right now- please share. Even the super bad times- the ones you hate- share it. And please, if you will, tell me what you are absolutely loving about your child right now and about the stage they are in. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

13 thoughts on “This Too Shall Pass. It Will Get Better. It’s Just a Phase.

  1. I soooooo needed to read this right now. I've been struggling to adjust to Mommy life with my first little baby (10 weeks old). I didn't have the birth I hoped fir, Breastfeeding didn't work our, he cried so much for the first six weeks I thought he hated me, and he never naps so I'm exhausted. But you are beyond right about the blessings and just being in the moment I never thought I'd have. He was a miracle conception and I thank God everyday for him.

    Thanks for this encouragement and this reminder that even though I have no “life” right now, my house is a disaster, I look a mess, and I'm tired – i am a MOMMY and it's so much better than I ever even dreamed it would be.

    Blessings to you!!!!

  2. Thank you for the encouragement!! I admit, I did have a tough time adjusting to mommyhood. Thankfully, I learned how to relax and we got his acid reflux under control!
    I'm due with number 2 in April and am very scared of starting all over again. The Lord won't bless me with two alike…right…right??? = )

  3. Thanks for the encouragement. We are in the midst of an unplanned kitchen remodel (yay for burst pipes), I'm 12 weeks pregnant, my 15 month old is a nurse-a-holic, and I'm dehydrated & suffering from a migraine & HG. Its pretty safe to say I feel physically like I'm at an all time low. I'm hoping to rehydrate w/o having to go to the hossie & I'm trying to distract Luke w/ food, toys, sippy cups, and bath time, so my poor boobs can 'replenish' the milk supply that he tapped out by nursing ALL NIGHT LONG. (dehydrated Mommy=no milkies) I'm not sure they'd admit me if I go in & I don't want to spend the day feeling miserable & then not even get taken care of, ya know?

  4. I am thankful that my toddler goes to bed at a good hour. I’m thankful my baby is able to breast feed. I’m excited for when he sleeps through the night though and when my toddler is potty trained.

  5. Thank you for this blog post… I am raising my son alone right now while my husband is away on deployment. Its not easy having to always be the good guy and the bad guy. Its hard to hear him crying for daddy and wanting to sit down next to him and cry to, but you cant cause you have to be strong… I cant remember the last time i went the bathroom, showered or even slept alone, i have a shadow 🙂
    I am thankful for all the wonderful people that have offered thier help and i admit i dont always like asking for help even when i need it. I know that when my son is 15 and doesnt want to much to do with mom that i will look back and remember the wonderful parts of this time!
    This too shall pass 🙂

  6. This was a great post. I agree with everything you wrote down. I have 3 children and we have our good and bad days. My baby was born with a Large birthmark on her face. I was saddened by it at first,but now I am more OK with it. What makes me scared and what I Pray for is that there is no Complications with her because her birthmark could cause glaucoma or seizures. this is rare,but we still need to rule this out! We are awaiting a MRI apt. (to make sure that the Birthmark is not on her Brain too) I am now praying for Just a Birthmark . So I am preoccupied a lot,and just need to remember to enjoy my children. Thank you:)

  7. so true, when my boy was 10/11 months old, he had days when he wouldn't nap well. i remember rocking him one morning, wishing i could 'get stuff done' too. but that little nap he took in my arms was the best!!

  8. Thanks for the post! I was just thinking about that same thing last week. Really does make every day seems better when you think about how things will be in the future! I am loving my time even more with my Anderson (2) and my Annabelle (4 mo.) :o) Thanks again!

  9. This is so true. My fifth baby is 8 months old, and even though she doesn't sleep through the night, it doesn't bother me. She's our last baby, and I know I'll miss those moments nursing her in the middle of the night while the rest of the house is quiet. When my other kids would wake up in the middle of the night, I would be frustrated and stressed that I couldn't get the sleep I need. Now I regret not just loving those speical moments with them that I'll never get back. As tired as I am some days, I know I'm going to miss sweet baby snuggles in the middle of the night, so I'm just enjoying it while I can. It's not always easy to remember when things are hard, so thanks for the reminder. 🙂

  10. My 9 yo daughter is going thru something and I hate that I cannot figure it our or fix it.

    She often expresses that she feels left out of our family and that no one loves her or has time for her.

    I have four living children (13, 11,9 and almost 3)and we have lost 3 babies in the last 4 years…at 7 weeks gestation, my 3 yo's twin at 20 weeks gestation and most recently Abigail at 15 weeks gestation. Without going into to much detail we have Abigail's ashes at home along with a few other momentos on my dresser and my 9 yo has recently asked us to remove them, hide them away. I do not know if all the loss, which the 2 2nd tri losses she was fully aware, have affected her or what.

    I want to respect her needs an feelings but I also will not pretend Abigail was not our baby.

    I am asking for prayer for wisdom and guidance to know how to proceed and to show my daughter how loved she is and the room and capacity we have to love her even with other siblings living or not.

    Thanks for the encouragement and prayers.

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