P90X & Half Marathon Training

Day 1 of P90X is done!  Day 1 is chest and back which is basically 45 minutes alternating push ups and pull ups. I don’t have a pull up bar yet so I wasn’t able to do those. During this time I did sit ups, bicep curls or just sat and looked at the TV. 🙂 I need to get a pull up bar! I’ll only be able to do half of  one though… ha

I am horrible at push ups. My upper body strength is weak sauce. The second part of todays workout was the 15 minute ab routine which I loved! All in all this took me well over an hour which is a lot. It cut into nap time tremendously. But…. that’s the time I have to do it so “stop thinking about when you’re going to do it and just DO!” {My new motto- thanks very much}

As you know, I’m running a half marathon in June and another in August. Because of this, I need to run. I simply have to make sure I’m getting in my long runs during this training period. However. I also believe that doing the P90X will help me with my running and my ultimate training. I will gain more strength, improve my flexibility, improve my overall endurance and strengthen my core during the P90X workouts, and these are all things that can improve running and make a runner faster and stronger.

My plan is still a tad bit up in the air as I’ve only done one day of P90X, but here is what I’m tentatively thinking of doing. On upper body days I can still run, no problem. On leg days however, I’ll probably skip it. Saturdays are my long run days which I do in the morning, so I will then do the P90X workout sometime later that day. And Sunday is a day of rest, although it’s more like an active day of rest for me considering I’m working for 8 hours on my feet or walking around the entire time. I’m going to have to tweak with my schedule a bit and see what works for me time wise and health wise.

My ultimate goal is to blog about my workouts daily. It’s fun to share with others and it’s a great way to stay accountable! I hoping to add a lot more health and fitness into my “mommy” blog, while still talking about being a mom and sharing days of Joshua and Lucas. That’s the plan anyways!

 Anyone else doing the P90X??

{Oh, and I want to address this because I have people asking and I know a lot more people are going to bring it up. Yes, I am still nursing Joshua and I plan to do so until he is one.  I don’t think that these workouts will affect my milk supply if I eat and drink enough. If I notice these workouts having a negative impact on nursing (or anything else in my life for that matter) I will stop doing them.}

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “P90X & Half Marathon Training

  1. I've heard lots of talk about the P90X, and am looking forward to following along to see how you do with it.. Its tough trying to find the time.. but I do like your new Motto “stop thinking about when you’re going to do it and just DO!”

  2. You go girl. I am 33 weeks pregnant and SO looking forward to getting back into shape afterward. p90 x is one of the things I want to do and I will also be training for a half and the 2012 san diego marathon. The insanity workout seems pretty good too and would help with endurance for the running.

  3. I nursed my second baby while training to run a half marathon! I ran 45min – 1.5 hours a day on my trusty treadmill and was still able to keep on nursing. The key is lots and lots of water! Good luck with P90X

  4. You don’t need any equipment besides a set of hand weights (mine are 5 pounds) and if you have a pull up bar that’s good too but I don’t have one yet. A mat is nice too if you have hard wood floors. 🙂

    Marie that makes me good to hear that! NIce job on the half!!! 🙂

  5. I did a half marathon in September and plan to do another one in May. I have nursed throughout training. Hydration and nutrition are key, like you said!

    I had never run more than 4 miles before and getting beyond that felt amazing! Best of luck to you with your training! Enjoy it and don't feel bad about taking an extra day or two off if you need it 🙂

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