Turning Two

Every time I look at my calendar, I see this:

Lucas is going to be two years old in a couple weeks. TWO.

T W O.


Two. Years. Old.

Wait. How old am I? What planet do I live on? Where am I? What has happened?!

My first born is going to be two years old.

Yes, if you can’t tell, I’m having a hard time processing this.

It’s funny, because even though he is almost two, there are still so many things he/we do that are still baby- ish. I guess even though he is two and technically a toddler, in the big real world, he really is still just a baby. I think sometimes I expect a lot out of him, forgetting that he is only two!

He still wears diapers.

I have talks with him about this. Do you want to poop in the toilet? No. Are you sure? Yes. Do you want to poop in your pants? Yes. Okay, well let me know when you’re ready to go on the toilet and I’ll help you.

That’s really how our conversation goes. Tonight actually, that’s exactly how our conversation went as I watched him do his thing in the corner of my family room. I mean, whatever. His pants, not mine.

Your diaper is yellow. Can you say yellow?

I don’t care what color your diapers are anymore. Colored or not, cute or covered in characters, made of cloth or… what are disposables made of? I really don’t care – can we just get rid of them?

I am so over diapers.

He still uses his pacifiers at night.

This is an entire different production in itself. The script for this one is too long so I’m going to spare you the details. You’re welcome. Just know this: when the day comes when not a single pacifier is in my house, my purse, my car, my pocket, my bed.. I AM GOING TO BE A HAPPY WOMAN.

He has no idea who Elmo or Dora are. Is that normal? I’m just wondering. I feel live I’ve seen a lot of two year old themed birthday parties lately with Elmo characters or Fur Baby pets. My kid knows footballs and cars. How’s that for themed?

He still wakes up occasionally at night. This is something that gets better and then worse all in the same month and I think several factors (new baby, growth spurt, colds) play a huge roll in it. I can’t figure it out.


Do I have any gray hairs yet?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Turning Two

  1. I just started following your posts and highly enjoy them. I am also a CD, baby wearing, food making momma and am looking to connect with other momma's!!
    My son turned 9..yes NINE in January and I posted a blog about how amazed I was how he went from 2 to 9 in what seemed to be a couple of years!!
    Nice to meet you!

  2. My oldest, Elsa, will be 3….THREE!!!! on the 15th of March. To add to that would Dixie will be 1 on the 2nd of March. Where are my babies?! I want them back. I am as old as you, so I feel your pain completely.

  3. Yup gotcha beat. I'm only 27 and my oldest turned 10 in November. Then I have a 7 year old and a 9 month old. Speaking from experience, it's SO hard to wean the 1st one from the pacifier when the 2nd one is using one. But don't worry because when it's time for the 2nd one to lose it, so will the 1st. Even sooner because he will eventually want to prove to you that he's not the baby but Joshua is. Don't get frustrated. Luckily my youngest was 7 when the new one came along so we didn't have anything to break away from. The way I potty trained my middle son was letting him pee on the trees outside. He thought it was hilarious! Not so easy tho when you live in Alaska. 🙂 Good luck!

  4. Yea, when Anderson turned 2, I was right there with you! We are starting to see signs that Anderson might be ready to try to go potty. We shall see! Anderson has no idea who any characters are either. Car, trucks, etc he has down pat. He kind of knows the Wonder Pets, that was the theme for his birthday (plates, napkins, invites, and thank you cards). Good luck! :o)

  5. My son is turning 2 in EXACTLY 6 weeks from today. We are out of the pacifiers, but he still takes at least 1 full bottle of milk before bed (usually almost 2).

    My husband really want sto get him off the bottle before he hits 2, but I'm okay with keeping him as “my baby.”

    We aren't going to go as crazy over his 2nd birthday as we did the first, but we will definitely have a small event at home, with just us.

  6. Aw, my baby girl turns two not long after your babe, she's potty trained, but she's a girl and hated dirty dipes… the bink, that is a WHOLE other ball game… I fear she'll still have it next year at this rate… I guess everyone has their vice… I'm hoping to avoid it with number 2 (due in july) but we'll see how long that resolve lasts…

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