Showering With Your Kids: Yay or Nay?

Alright, another friendly two sided conversation going on, just like our last one on if and when you should brush your toddlers teeth. Some great comments and suggestions there!

My husband and I have always bathed or showered with our kids. To me it is easier and faster. There were times during my exhaustion days of pregnancy when I would make a bath for Lucas (as something he could do and didn’t require us leaving the house) and I’d join him in the tub.  I got to relax, he was contained in one place. Isn’t that what all mothers need? 🙂  There are also many times when my husband or I shower with Lucas at night or in the morning because we have to shower, so why not save water and time and hop on it?!

I also take shower or baths with Joshua (and Lucas when he was a baby too, of course) as I think it’s easier than using a baby tub and is great skin to skin bonding. Actually, we didn’t even use a typical “baby tub” with Lucas except for maybe two times. It’s just easier to bring ‘em in with you! I think the end is getting near with Lucas taking showers with us, and then Joshua and Lucas will take baths together and I am personally so excited for that!

Anyways, enough about my personal showering business.

 I have a couple friends who have never showered or bathed with their kids. One doesn’t think it’s “right” (whatever that means) and the other had never thought of it. Genius idea, isn’t it?! So I look like a wacko because I’m all about family showers!

So, what do you think? Yay or Nay? Do you/did you take shower or baths with your children? At what age do you think is too old? 

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39 thoughts on “Showering With Your Kids: Yay or Nay?

  1. I never took a bath/shower with my son. Not because I think it's wrong, but I guess the thought never crossed my mind. If I would have thought about it, I probably would have until he was maybe 12-18 months…?
    I have taken one bath with my daughter. I guess I personally just don't feel the need or want to. Although I think it's fine for other momma's who want to. : )

  2. I do the same as you! My husband and I always shower with my daughter. I only give her a bath 1 or 2 times a week. I told him I guess it will be time to stop when she starts noticing or asking about his manhood. 🙂

  3. I think it's ok on an occasional basis until the child is 2 or 3 years old max. I have taken my children into the shower with me once or twice when they were babies but I always worry about dropping them because of the whole 'slippery' situation.

    Same with bathing with them- it's ok once in a while but it's not an always thing for our family.

    What works best for us is to put the baby bath tub full of water into the big bath tub where my two older children are having a bath. My youngest loves to watch his brothers play in the bath and he thinks he's 'playing' too!

  4. That was meant to read slow bonding not low. I don't think there is a right age for all families. I bathed with my mom until childhood, 6 maybe? Then I wanted to bathe alone for more space. Fond memories.

  5. It's a pretty common occurrence in our house! It keeps Grace out of trouble, and I sometimes take baths with Isaiah to calm him down. All in all, I have some great memories bathing with my two little babies! I'm all for it!

  6. When my son was tiny, my husband or I would always take a bath with him. It was soooo much easier than using the baby tub and we got in a relaxing bath too. Now that he's 27 months, we still take baths and showers with him occasionally. I'm not sure when we'll stop doing that…

  7. We have always showered with both of our kids. In fact, my daughter had her first shower a couple of hours after she was born, and rarely takes baths. Both of my kids don't mind getting water in their face and love water in general. As far As an age to stop, I'm sure that point is coming. But, we feel that making a big deal about nudity makes children uncomfortable with their bodies and begins the process of sexualizing children too early.

  8. Why not? My son is almost 3 and still takes showers with us routinely and the occasional bath. Every so often he'll point at parts on himself or us and say what they are or ask. I have no problem telling him what things are (finding the right words to use is kind of funny though) because I want him to know about his body and be comfortable. Giving your kids a healthy body image from the very beginning is so important! Same thing with using the bathroom and getting dressed. How else is he going to learn unless he sees Mom/Dad do it? I know some parents aren't comfortable with this but I figure if I'm comfortable with it then he will be too! I'm not sure when we'll stop the showering/bathing together. Soon we'll have another child so I suppose they'll probably have bath time together 🙂

  9. I take a shower with my 2 year old on a regular basis and encourage my husband to shower with him too. I think it's a great way to learn body parts that a child generally wouldn't learn otherwise since those parts are always covered up. I took a shower with my mother until I was about 5 or 6 years old. I'll probably stop showering with my son a bit earlier than that (and have him shower with Daddy), but if/when I have a daughter I'll probably continue to shower with her until around the same time I stopped showering with my mother.

  10. Jessica- that’s a great point about body parts. We do that too- we do it all knees, elbows, penis, toes, nipples, ears, etc.. It IS a great way to do body parts! No other better time then when you’re naked! 🙂

  11. Tommy LOVES the shower! Both DF and I shower with him, he takes one every other time, sometimes everyday if he wants to play or gets really dirty one day. I'll probably shower with him until he's around 2 or 3, or until he gets too curious about female body parts. He'll shower with his dad a lot longer. I have super poor image about nudity and don't want my son to have the same hang ups. It's a shower- you get clean, what's the big deal you know?

  12. I will take a bath with Aedan from time to time, especially when I was pregnant. He never liked the shower, and I never took him in when he was an infant. Now I have another little one and I am afraid to take him in the shower thinking I might drop him if he gets slippery. We stick to baths, but they are not always solo.

  13. My boys (2 and 5 3/4) shower together every night. Once in a great while on an off day or after playing in the snow, we might take a swim together in my giant jetted tub. I LOVE a bath with my kids. My hubby thinks Logan's too old to bathe with me, but I don't think it's a biggie once in a while. It's pretty rare anymore, anyway. He's getting independent and would rather do it alone or with his little brother. (He washes Jordan, too. It's adorable!)
    My parents never showered with me once I was old enough to remember. I know my mom took me in with her when I was super little, but I don't think my Dad did.

  14. My 5 year old (boy) still from time to time will climb in the shower as I'm getting ready to get out. We've never made it a big deal. He's asked why I'm different in certain areas 😉 and we talk about how boys and girls area different and it's just the way God made us. He sees me nurse my 9 month old and knows that momma's have those parts to nurse and daddy's don't. We've always used the real words for things…(guess on me it's just my bottom though) 😉 I've donned my swimming suit a few times to take the littlest in the tub with the 5 year old..more so that the littlest wouldn't get all nurse happy 🙂

  15. I'm a military spouse and my hubby is gone A LOT. I started showering with my daughter when she was 7 or 8 months old once in awhile and now that she's 2 and a half, we do so frequently in the evenings before bed. It kills two birds with one stone and she loves it. It cuts down on the time and energy of the bedtimeroutine for me on the days when I am exhausted from doing it all on my own. I see nothing wrong with it at all until she is older. We will probably stop around 5 or so.

  16. My daughter didn't take a bath without me (other than the occasional quick sink bath after swimming or something) until she was around 8 months old and my mom lent me a bath ring. And even now at 10.5 months I frequently put her in the bath ring and get in the tub anyhow. I displace more water than she does, so it saves water!

    I started taking baths with her because she was a colicky baby and baths calmed her down, but not if we put her down, only if she stayed in my arms.

    My husband has never felt comfortable bathing with her, though has joined us for a shower once in a while when we were in a hurry.

    I'll probably stop when we either run out of room or when she starts showing that she'd prefer to shower alone.

  17. We are in the Yay camp! Both my husband and I have showered with Brady (25mo) since he was about 4 months old. It is easier and faster than giving him a separate bath!

  18. I say Yay! At least until they are a certain age, and that depends totally on your own personal opinion….I have both girls, one is 4 and my husband is no longer comfortable showering with her. The other is 19 months and she continues to shower with either of us every so often. I have no issue showering with my older daughter, we go swimming together and always share the shower at the pool. It is definitely convenient and necessary at certain times. I don't know how I would feel if I had boys, I think I would probably send them in with Dad, but by the time they were 3 or 4 I may not be that comfortable with them in with me. Is that wierd? Hmmm, interesting.

  19. At first my hubby was reluctant to shower with our daughter, just like he was reluctant at first to change her diapers. Now, though, it's just par for the course. Usually, she gets a bath every other day (she's 2) in the morning once I'm cleaned up. Sometimes she showers with me. Sometimes on the weekend she'll shower with dad. I don't know about the age thing, I think that's individual to every family. I read it on someone else's blog about showering with them and the lightbulb came on. Duh. However, we didn't do this until she was old enough to walk and so on, we wanted her steady on her feet if she stood up. We'll probably do it sooner with another child.

  20. I used to take a shower with my daughter, then David was born and we bathed him and her in the sink (she always wanted to join so I just filled both sides of the kitchen sink LOL)

    My husband is not home enough for me to take a bath with my kids anymore. I cannot figure out how to get us both dressed fast enough with a 3.5 yr old and 22 month old to watch as well – all by myself!

    But I think it is a wonderful idea and you said it – great bonding time!

  21. It was never our routine, but we did it from time to time for the first few years. I guess we stopped when my kids were 1 and almost 4, because we moved into a house with no shower and an annoyingly small bathtub.

  22. So, what do you think? Yay or Nay? Do you/did you take shower or baths with your children? At what age do you think is too old?

    I shower and bathe with Luke. He has been in the shower & bath with his Dad too. AND, on a FEW occasions all 3 of us have squished in there!! When he was smaller, I'd put the Bumbo in the tub & stick him in there, let a little water pool in the bottom of the shower (but not enough to float the Bumbo!) and you can shower in peace! Now he just plays while I shower. He likes to “help” me shave w/ his toys. He has started “grabbing” at me in inappropriate places, but I just tell him no no, and he stops. He's just curious. I'm not sure when we'll stop. He still co-sleeps and nurses, so he sees my boobs all day & snuggles his naked Daddy at night….so it definitely isn't going to be any time soon! My 3 yo niece is allowed to shower with me but we don't let her see DH naked anymore (not since she was about 2). But, she's not ours, so I don't know if the same standards will go for our own kids.

  23. Yay for us! DS is 19 months and he LOVES showers. He discovered them during the holidays when we were staying with family and our guest room bath was a shower-only set up. He wants nothing to do with the bath. So he comes in with me in the morning because I can shower and know he's safe (he loves to play in there).

  24. I only shower with our daughter, the husband finds it wierd. Its been a great way to teach body parts, let her ask questions about her girl things, and for me to check her out to make sure everything is normal without seeming super wierd about it. Now that she is 4 we've stopped as there are MANY more awkward questions than there used to be. Its also a great way to teach them how to shower on their own.

  25. Both my boys took their first bath with me. 🙂 I just bring them in and lay them on my chest or my knees (while they are up so they are laying back looking at me) and hold on real tight. Then I stand up very slowly and safely. FOr a shower we just started taking joshua in (and I don’t do it much right now) but I just hold him. 🙂 When Lucas was around 6 months I would put him in the bumbo in the shower while I was taking a shower so he would get a little water sprayed on him and I could shower too. That worked really well and he loved it!

  26. I LOVE showering or taking baths with my girls! It's one of my favorite things to do 🙂 For awhile we'd do family showers but we don't have Harper shower with my husband anymore since she's started to become more observant & curious. She still showers with me almost every day though. We keep one of those non-slip mats on the floor and she just sits and happily plays with her toys while I shower. Then most of the time after I'm done, I fill the tub up and she keeps playing in a bubble bath while I get dressed.

  27. Me and my hubby have always showered with our boys. There have been times when all 4 of us hop in the shower together! (It's a bit cramped but it's a time saver and we enjoy it!) Gavin will be 5 in May and we've explained the difference in boys and girls so he's very comfortable with it. (I have 4 nieces so he's used to being around girls!) We don't do it as much anymore just because of his age but his (almost) 3 year old brother still likes to. It's a wonderful and yay for the families that do! I'm not sure hubby would have done it if we had a girl though.

  28. Yay here. My daughter(4 almost 5) and son(2.5) shower with me quite often. A mom's got to do what a mom's got to do to get a shower in! Lol! Every once in a while the kids take a bath with dad in the jacuzzi. He prefers to wear swim trunks so as not to feel awkward being naked in front of our daughter. I just try not to make a big deal out of being naked. Sure, my daughter asks questions, but how else is she supposed to learn, you know?

    When they aren't showering or bathing with the hubs or I, they always take their baths together. Again, I don't think seeing each other naked is a big deal, for now at least.

    Just last night the hubs was asking me when I think the kids should stop taking baths together. My response, I don't know, I guess when it doesn't seem right anymore? Time will tell…

  29. I've never even thought twice about it. My husband or I showered with each of our kids until about 3-4 years old. Probably a little younger for dad/daughter and mom/son. My youngest son is 2 and still one of us will throw him in with us because it saves time. He loves to play in the bath though so most days he gets his own bath. My husband is the one that stopped when the girls were about 2, his choice and I understood that. We had a baby bath and it was only used in the shower with a parent. I loved the skin on skin bonding and just set the baby in their own bath so I could soap up, talking to them the entire time. Often, my youngest found it so relaxing he would fall asleep!

  30. I do a combination of both. If we are in a hurry and the kids just need a quick wet down, then into the shower with mommy or daddy it is. My daughter is now 5, used to shower with either my husband or myself, but we now only allow her in with me. Her height and stuff make it rather uncomfortable for my husband :). My son loves it. My daughter likes to take showers by herself too. However, sometimes a good tub soaking is needed to get all the nooks and crannies clean (fingernails especially!).

  31. Wow! That's all very weird to me. And I wouldn't have thought so many people find this acceptable. I'm rather shocked. I mean, an infant is one thing, I guess. But beyond that, absolutely not.

  32. My daughter is 7 and if I'm in a rush, we will shower together. Its not something we do on a daily basis but I don't make a real big deal about it.

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