Starting the Week Off Right


– 15 P90X Ab DVD
– 40 min. P90X Plyometrics DVD (skipped cool down & had to stop 10 minutes early for babe)

20 minute break for some food and putting Joshua to bed.

Grilled tuna melt & chips. (A bit later I had a Luna bar and some egg whites and I’m now currently thinking about my next meal. I’m hungry!)

– 20 min of Shoulders & Arms P90X DVD (babe woke up.)

{Please, PLEASE don’t be impressed with my workout today. I didn’t tell you that yesterday I had a small bag of chips, a cookie, a chocolate bar, a diet coke…. I’m too embarrassed. Today is Monday so I wanted to start the week off right.}


My husband had the day off from work today which is always nice. We went to Target and I bought Lucas’ birthday present and one for myself too. I can’t wait to show you. You will die. I was SQUEALING in Target.

Joshua’s hair is so funny. He was born with tons of dark hair and now just has a little patch on the top of his head. Ha. Poor guy. I think his head and hair growing dimensions are off.


What do you think of buying and using products like vitamins and medicines that aren’t approved by the FDA? I asked about some “more milk” herbal supplements on my Facebook page this morning- loving all the responses. It totally makes sense to me… my husband is freaking out though.

Do you like tuna? I’m not a huge fan.. unless it’s melted with cheese then I can hardly taste it. 🙂

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

7 thoughts on “Starting the Week Off Right

  1. Haha I'm the same with tuna! Not a huge fan at all but I occasionally make myself eat it! It has to be mixed with mayo, relish, and shredded cheese too so I'm not really sure how healthy it is when I'm done!
    I'm impressed that you can pick up your workouts throughout the day! I'm such a creature of habit/routine that if it's not done the same time everyday it's not happening, and most likely wont continue if I skip a day!
    I hope you and your hubby come to an agreement on the FDA thing! If you really want to win just use that momma guilt that comes with babies and tell him it's all about making milk for that sweet little boy so who cares what the FDA says!

  2. I love tuna! My littlest's hair was blonde when he was born. I loved it! It slowly going brown. not too excited about it. I always used a medicinal tea to help me breastfeed, I don't know if it was FDA approved but it sure worked!

  3. Have you tried curried tuna? It's great and super easy to make.

    I drank Mother's Milk Tea for a while to increase my milk supply- my midwife recommended it. It's a lot safer than Motillium which seems to be very popular these days.

  4. Way to go with starting out good. I am also gonna make an effort to do a better job.
    I love tuna from a can or pouch. I have never tried fresh tuna, but I do not like other fish so not sure.

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