Lesson Learned: Markers Up High


45 minute outside run :: I wish I had pictures to show you, because the sun on the mountains covered in snow is a really beautiful thing. This is the first time I’ve ran in over a week (BAD) and I can’t believe how strong I felt! It was purely awesome sauce and I was on a runners high. I would have kept going too, but my left ankle was sore. I need to get new shoes super bad.

3 set of 10 push ups.


I thought you would all be very impressed with my child’s art skills. It’s really somethin’. I came home from work and was just tickled pink at the drawings he left me.

He’s pretty talented, isn’t he? I love that he started on the coloring book. Ha. Markers up high. Now.


I’m hungry. I wish we had Diet Coke in this house. Good thing we don’t. But I still wish we did.

What is your favorite brand of running/exercise shoes?

What is your all time favorite drink?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “Lesson Learned: Markers Up High

  1. I'm surprised it's taken him this long to get to the markers. Or at least to get them to somewhere other than the paper.
    My all time favorite drink is a Cherry Limeade from Sonic. Followed closely by Cherry Pepsi and Dr. Pepper.

  2. Haha! I love this series of pics! I totally remember the first time I found some of Lilah's wandering art work. It's really hard not to laugh! It's also the reason why I think Mr. Clean Magic Erasers need to be included in every baby shower gift 🙂
    No help on the shoes from me, I don't think I've ever bought a pair of proper running shoes in my life. As for fave drink? Canadian iced tea!(Sort of like the nestea in a can here) I miss it so much. It took me a year of ordering iced tea in restaurants here before I remembered that here it's literally just cold tea.

  3. Haha! I'm still finding crayon art in various places from Harper's coloring streak one morning while Aaron was watching her 🙂 Mr. Clean Magic Erasers work well for those types of things.

    I'm not a runner (and I seriously am in awe of people who can run up here – you're AMAZING!), but I have Asics that are pretty darn comfy for walking and my sister (who is a runner) recommended them to me and she wears hers to run. I'm also a Diet Coke fan, but try not to keep it in the house. I've been satisfying my soda cravings with Sierra Mist Natural lately.

  4. So was it Dada that let Lucas wonder around the house? 🙂 Hahaha!
    Austin's first huge mess was while Dada was playing video games and Austin attempting to drink dada's milk out of a glass at age one 🙂 Huge mess! All right behind dada! (dada on couch, Austin at kitchen table behind couch) Didn't even notice anything was wrong until I stood there staring from him to Austin back to him…duh!!!!

  5. I agree. Magic Erasers are awesome! If you scrub too hard tho they take off paint…yes from experience. 🙂

    I love New Balance shoes. Extremely comfortable. I'm not a big runner but I do love to walk and my feet would kill me after a full day at a theme park in anything but New Balances.

    And I'm a sweet tea/Mountain Dewaholic. But I'm starting to like the kool aid packets that go in bottles of water. Makes water much easier to drink.

  6. I have a pair of saucony shoes, they are definitely my favorite for running. They have corrected my walking/running so much. I use to walk like a duck!
    I love diet coke! I've tried to live without it and went almost 6 months but I just can't. I figure one every couple of days is not so bad!

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