Finding Your Course and Staying On Track

I didn’t work out yesterday so that means I absolutely HAVE to workout today. I know myself after doing this so many times, that if I go more than two days without working out (even if it’s just a 20 minute run- something counts!) I will get into a “funk” and get off course. I think that the course or a trail that you are following is a really great analogy. Or, it at least works for me and makes sense in my head.

I’m on a great course with nice scenery and a few challenging yet manageable hills, places to stop and have a bit of chocolate here and there, hard intense workouts mixed in with smaller ones…. an awesome place and course to be on with yourself. But then, something happens in life and all of a sudden you are jerked off that perfect little course you were on and it is so so  hard to get back on it.

You can veer a little off course and be fine, as long as you hop right back in, but if you go off too far in one direction, you are ultimately setting yourself up for failure and then starting all over again in two weeks. Not a fun place to be at. So, the question is, how do we stay on our perfect course, yet still live life and enjoy what it has to offer without focusing too much on the course? 

You tell me.

I suppose it’s all about balance. 

{Cute kid word break up. You’re welcome}

This is something that I’m working on, and I think (and hope) that as I get closer to my goals, I will be better about staying on course and taking appropriate pit stops or turns if needed, given that they are in the right direction.

As I was saying, I didn’t workout yesterday. On days that I have to work in the evening I find it hard to exercise because then I have to shower, get ready, yada yada, and apparently I think showering is too hard and I am really good at coming up with fabulous excuses for myself. Today is Friday and, once again, I wont’ be able to go to the gym unless I take the kids with me this afternoon (so much work) or go tonight after my husband gets home.

I also have my P90X workouts that I could do, and want to do. I got as far as putting the DVD into the player and then a person I’m in charge of started crying and all haywire broke lose from there. See I have zip valid reasons for not working out – I have P90X!

I think one thing that can get me off course is if I don’t see results right away. To be honest, I’m a little frustrated with my results (or lack of) from the past two weeks. HOWEVER, I can now do 10 (real) push ups with awesome and perfect form when two weeks ago I could do, like, three AND I ran 45 minutes without stopping on Tuesday and felt STRONG. I have to focus on that because that IS progress!

Here are a few things I think we can do to help us stay on our course:

1. Pray. Ask God to give you the MOTIVATION, the ENERGY, the STRENGTH to reach your goals (whatever they may be) and keep you FOCUSED.

2. Write out a plan. I am going to write out my exercise plan in exact detail for next week and do everything in my power to reach it 100%. This is a tool that will make me successful.

3. Be POSITIVE. Use the power of positive thinking and self talk in your favor. IT WORKS! You CAN, You WIll.

4. Keep your eye on the ending prize. Just because we miss up tonight or forgot a workout today, keep in mind what our ultimate goal is. To run a half marathon or fit into a pair of jeans, or whatever. One day is not going to make or break you, it’s a combination of all those days put together.

5. STOP THINKING ABOUT WHAT YOU’RE GOING TO DO AND JUST DO. There are logistics and plans and things, but you know, just put on your running shoes and do 50 jumping jacks in front of your kids while they’re eating cheerios for breakfast if you have to. Just do it.


What does your ideal course look like? How do you make sure you stay on track and what do you do when you veer to far off into the wrong direction? What are your goals for TODAY? How will you accomplish them and SUCCEED?!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Finding Your Course and Staying On Track

  1. For me, I had the most success when I was honest about what kind of workouts I was most likely to do (specific short DVDs, intense gardening/yard work in good weather, and dog walks) and when I was feeling unmotivated or exhausted I just reminded myself that I could do ANYTHING for just one day. Today is just one day, and I can get through just. One. Day!

  2. I sooooo used to be the person that didn't skip more than two days in a row. Lately I have been slacking. And I continue to blame it on my thyroid surgery. But to be honest…you post gave me an eye opening moment. Screw my freaking thyroid. Its time to get back into it. Its time to not skip days just because I don't think I can. Dammit. Its time.

    whew. can you believe all that happened just because I read your post?? I sure can. Thanks~!!

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