Asking for Tips on Time Mangament

Today, I would really love to hear from you. I need some motivation, tips and inspiration.

How do you manage your time as a wife, mom, friend, etc?

What are your priorities? Who/what comes first in your life?

Do you have a schedule for yourself?

How do you spend your “free” time when your children are sleeping? Cleaning, watching TV, etc?

Do you use any tools (like worksheets or calendars) that help you manage your time?

Please share what you do! Maybe we can all get some ideas from each other.

Later this week after I’ve thought about it more (and read your ideas!) I will share what my schedule looks like and what I’m working on.

Fire away!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Asking for Tips on Time Mangament

  1. I await your readers ideas with anticipation. I am HOPELESS at organising myself (and we don't have children, yet). My biggest drain is TV watching, it's like chocolate, forever calling my name and sucking me in!

  2. Free time is the time after my husband has gone to bed and the kids are sleeping. I use this time to do nothing except watch TV and be on the computer. I do not clean or wash anything. It is my de-stress time and I NEED it!

    How do I manage my time? – I basically figure out what needs to be done for the day and make a list each morning. I do my best and dont get mad if everything doesnt get done.

    I also have a clean schedule that I use sometimes.

    Monday – Bathrooms
    Tuesday – Floors/Trash
    Wednesday – Dust
    Thursday – Vacuum
    Friday – Sheets
    Saturday – Kitchen/Fridge/Grocery List
    Sunday – Catch up day
    (Note that laundry/diapers/dinner/straighten up/make bed/blog/etc are daily items)

    One thing that seems to help me every day is that I get up, make the bed almost immediately, and open all the blinds. Seems to wake me up. A dark house almost always makes me sluggish and I dont get much done.

    I guess my secret is To Do lists each day, a made bed first thing, and all blinds open to brighten the house as much as possible.

    Oh, and many days I stay home because getting out of the house means that housework doesnt seem to get done.

    Hope that helps some!

  3. Oh and sometimes I make a to do list for the week starting on Monday and then just check things off as the week goes by. Makes me feel productive. I include many little things just so at least some things get checked off every day (aka – Put Anderson down for a nap) :o)

  4. My husband is constantly telling me I should make a schedule….he is just sure it is just what I need in order to get everything done. I am just not a schedule type of gal. But he is probably right, for the ones who “just arent the schedule/list types” are often the ones that need them the most. I have been trying to do like Nichole said and make my bed as soon as I get up and open the curtains and let the light in. I find on the days I do this I have a much more productive day. My kids and my husband are my priorities. They come first. Friends are great and all, but really all I need is my husband and family most of the time. I have a few close friends and I cherish them, they are there for me and I appreciate that. Blogging buddies are awesome too, that is one way I vent and relate with others going through the same things as me. I definitely need to organize my time more wisely though, I can't wait to hear others experience on this.

  5. I write down all the bills in green marker on a standard desk calendar and keep it on my desk. $3 at WalMart. Paychecks are indicated by $ every other week. I write in all the birthdays/ anniversaries at the beginning of the year. Then we use marker for appts, blue for daddy, etc. Once bills are paid, they are marked pd in red–if it's not marked off, we know to pay it. We also set up a payment reminder in google for my husband. If he gets a reminder about a bill, he'll ask, unless he knows I already paid it. We print out receipts for our file, or email them to ourselves so we have proof of payment until it clears (pay most online). Once the month is over, I tear the sheet off and it becomes a huge color space for my daughter. Then it's recycled.

    Basically everything else is FBTSOYP. I do what NEEDS DONE every day. If it's diaper laundry, that. If it's towels, that. If the floor is crunchy, ignore it for another day and then sweep it (notoriously crunchy, sigh)-I have a 2 year old, she's messy. I stay at home, so I have a pretty good grip on what needs done when.

    The only time we have an issue is when we all need to go somewhere. Since we've got a (nearly) potty trained girl, we have to take her soft potty seat and a book for her. Extra pants and underwear, etc. Inevitably I forget something for me in the process, so I begin planning usually the night before we have to go to an appt, getting her stuff ready, lining up what I need to take with me, etc. I am less likely to forget that way.

    As I mentioned, everything else gets done as needed. My husband's clothes get hung up in the bathroom for the next day, I load the dishwasher constantly, unload it as soon as I can, and start reloading. Pots/pans tend to sit piled, they are the worst–but we do have a lot of them–and I hate washing until I have a full sink. Oftentimes that's when I turn on Sesame Street and have a glorious hour of mind-numbing dish washing interrupted once or twice by requests for refills on cheerios and milk. I start thinking about lunch around 10:30–my daughter is constantly hungry, so she eats around 11. Sometimes I have no clue what to feed her and have to think about it. Other times it's easy–leftovers anyone? My hubby works early so he can be home with our daughter in the afternoon and evening. So usually I pick his brain as to what he wants for dinner and we end up cooking together. It's a nice routine so far. It changes from time to time, but in general, that's how life goes. I refuse to worry overly much about cleaning until we have company. Then the house gets a good scrub. Laundry, most of the dishes, cleaning up of toys, etc. That's all a day to day as needed thing. I rarely have a day where there's 'nothing' to do, but I dont' feel stressed about it, either. Unless we are having company, lol.

    I work hard at letting my daughter do things for herself, so I have a lot of time just watching and explaining things to her. No, put your arms THROUGH the sleeves, yup, like that, now over your head–still haven't mastered that one– can't wait for t shirt season, THAT should help!

    My daughter is learning to play on her own, so I let her play while I do internet from time to time. Right now, it's before 6 am so she's asleep and I'm knocking out blog reading and facebook catching up while I'm alone. Everything else I catch in snippets as the day goes by.

    Have I mentioned this before? Never leave the room empty handed? Take the empty basket back to the laundry room, bring the load of towels to the living room, while you're getting a cheerios refill in the kitchen, load the dishwasher with glasses from last night, etc.

    That's probably way more than you wanted!

  6. Here's what I've found works for me:

    1. I have a weekly calendar on the fridge. It's a nifty little notepad with space for each day of the week from Donovan Designs ( that I love. I fill it in every Sunday with our schedule for the week.

    2. Daily to do lists. But my rule is never more than 10 things on the list. I have to cross something off of the 10 before I can add something else. And instead of a to-do list, it's an action item list. So VERY specific and it includes everything, not just ambitious items. Shower goes on the list. So does eat breakfast. I try to never put down something that has multiple steps. Instead each step is an item. (E.g. instead of “do dishes” I write: 1. Unload dishwasher. 2. Put clean dishes away. 3. Rinse dirty dishes. 4. Load dishwasher.) That way, if I get distracted in the middle, I can still cross some things off and I don't feel like a loser.

    3. For me, having laundry days works best. Diapers on Wed and Sun, family laundry on Fri. Some people like the one load a day (wash, dry, fold & put away) option. But that just feels like I never stop doing laundry to me.

    4. I am not a cleaner. I'm a tidy-er. I hate clutter; it's my husband who can't stand dirt. So I tidy as I go. I would never clean if I didn't have a reason. So I host play dates here 1 time a week. I know for sure I'll at least clean the high traffic areas well for that.

    5. I keep a diaper changing kit in the car so I don't have to worry about always having a diaper bag handy. I keep snacks in my purse so we can go anywhere any time without much stress.

  7. We are now a family of seven and I have started using binders for EVERYTHING!!! I have a schoo binder (Im homeschooling 2 now and a 3rd will start in the fall), a household binder(shopping list, to do list, important info, church info, etc.)

    I'm a stay at home mom, homeschooling teacher, wife and pastor's wife. My life is crazy busy and organizing is a must. I've had to cut blogging down way more than I would like to fit it all in. For me its all about responsibility and priorities.

    I grocery shop only once a month, with small trips for milk and fresh produce in between. I have a list of meals so I'm never left at 5:00 with no plan.

    I plan everyday. When I wake I get dressed right away and get something started. Hot water in the sink for dishes, washer going, or something to make me feel productive right away. It helps build momentum for the day. And I STAY HOME. I can't keep it all done at home if I'm not here. I am very selective about what pulls us out of the house.

    So, in a nutshell, it's binders, lists, staying home, and getting started right away that keeps me organized and fitting it all in.

  8. I too do the open blinds thing. Don't make my bed much though cos we co-sleep so my son uses it all day and doesn't get up till much later then myself.

    My priorities in order;
    Children & husband
    Family & close friends
    Internet/blogging friends
    Any space time I get I try to get on the net, watch some TV or read a mag.

    Cleaning is a never ending awful job with a toddler as you would know I don't have a particular schedule with this. One thing that helps me is before I go to bed I straighten up, just makes me start the day in a better mood so I don't have to wake up to mess.

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