A Reminder to Myself: Why I Use Cloth Diapers

About two months ago, a short time after Joshua was born,  I took a break from using cloth diapers. I just decided that it would be good for my soul if I gave them up for some time. This break lasted about three weeks and during that time I used disposables 100% of the time while my cloth diapers sat cleaned, folded and put away in the drawer.

Honestly, I enjoyed it this little break.  I loved throwing the diapers away and not having to wash anything else. It was easy peasy.

HOWEVER. There were two pretty major things that reminded me why we choose to use cloth.

1. It cost more money to buy disposables.

2. We put a lot of garbage in the landfill.

The visit to Target to buy diapers got old (not visiting Target, obviously my love, but the spending money on diapers part.) and expensive. Even though it was only a few weeks we spent a little cash that we could have saved by using the cloth we already had.

The biggest thing I noticed during our disposable stretch was the amount of garbage we produced. Oh my goodness, it was unreal! We went through probably 2 or 3 (maybe more? Should have counted!) large garbage bags a week full of diapers and wipes. Of course, we had a newborn who was going through more diapers than a toddler, but it was so eye opening to see how much trash we had.

We’re now back to using cloth  (well, during the day, we have always used disposables at night for some reason) and happily not putting as much trash in the world. I have also started using the simplest washing and drying routine ever so that I don’t get bored or burnt out on using cloth.

What to know? Okay, I’ll tell you. Don’t laugh.

1. Throw the load in the washing machine. I don’t even take out the inserts when I throw them in the sack anymore, I just throw them in all together, that way I don’t have to touch poop or pee or deal with it.

After the load goes through the first wash (on cold with some free n’ clear detergent) most of the inserts come out on their own. If not, I go through and take them out after they’re all clean.

Genius, isn’t it?

2. Run was load again on hot with a speck of detergent.

3. Throw them all in the dryer. I don’t take the time to hang them anymore.

I’m going for fast and easy these days. This works.

4. Stuff them.

That’s it. E-a-s-y.  I’m telling you, using and washing cloth diapers does NOT have to be complicated!

So, while our cloth diapering break was enjoyed, I’m glad to be back to cloth. Glad as in as happy as you can be about using diapers. Sometimes I let Lucas run around the house naked so I don’t have to put a diaper on him.


If you use cloth- have you ever taken a break and been surprised at how much trash you make?
If you don’t use cloth- have I convinced you yet?? 🙂

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “A Reminder to Myself: Why I Use Cloth Diapers

  1. Hhmm, not sure how I deleted my comment, but I guess I will repost and see what happens.
    Anyhow, I had stated that I also took a break from using cloth for awhile but only b/c we were having BAD build up issues that were causing her to have bleeding rashes! I enjoyed not doing the extra laundry, but also missed using cloth a lot!

  2. I used cloth starting when my daughter was 2, because Fiancee lost his job and we were in tough times. She potty trained 4 months later, but used them at nap and bed for another year. I never took a break!
    I will use them from the start with the next one. I think for the first week I'll use disposables until we're all adjusted, but after that Cloth all the way!!
    I love it and am so mad at myself for not trying them sooner.

  3. I took a break from cloth during my last pregnancy because my stomach just couldn't handle dealing with washing toddler poop out of the diapers each day. I HATED how many disposables we went through and not just how much more trash we had, but how stinky our trash was. I was glad to get back to using our cloth after a little break.

  4. Well, there are times here and there were we use disposables and I am always appalled at the smell. With my cloth, I dont even know that my daughter has gone potty, esp #2. With disp. I can smell it immediately! Gross! I have to say that I really enjoy the cloth, but a disp here and there is kind of nice, esp if that is when they decide to poop! LOL

  5. While I love my cloth, my Lucas has been in sposies for a few weeks now, while we attempt to kick two separate nasty infections in his diaper region. I actually JUST put him back in cloth this morning! (after LOTS of stripping & bleaching & sunning of my diapers) We did make a lot more trash & we only used 2 1/2 packs of sposies, but man those things take up a lot of ROOM!
    Glad your babies are back in their yummy cloth diapers!

  6. PS. My Luke gets to run around naked a lot too….we're doing some mild potty training (no success yet–but getting him used to sitting on the potty) and it helps air out his bum.

  7. Ooh you do cloth diapers! Good for you guys! I soooo want to when we decide to have kids, but haven't convinced my husband. Or the names Amelia, Norah, and Piper. Anyways…

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