Target Trip

We’ve had a pretty quiet day today. Lucas slept in and is taking a nap now- I think all the waking up early and not napping that he’s been doing the last 5 days has finally caught up with him! Thankfully he is napping today.  I didn’t want to go through another two hours of whining and fighting nap time and then having him crash in the car at 4:30!

Anyways. This morning we went to Target. Target is sort of a dangerous place because it’s only about a five minute drive from my house. Yeah. I know you can see my issues with this. Tragic.

We made a loop around the store so Joshua could fall asleep in the Ergo. Then we wandered the aisles to kill some time. 

There are some pretty cute swimsuits this year. They are itty bitty. Do they put them on the edge of the aisle like that so that every single person who comes into Target will see them and a) think they are cute and buy one for themselves, sister, girlfriend, mom (weird) friend.. or b) so that you can feel even huge-er than you really are because those bottoms might not go over my foot.

I want pretty much every pair of earrings on this rack. They are so fun! Too bad they are like $10 each. I should buy one at at time and that would probably make it okay.

It wasn’t a terribly exciting trip (I didn’t get any earrings waaaaaah) , but because I figured out you guys are all weird like me and like to see what people bought on their shopping trip (like when I went to Costco, even though hubby thinks it’s silly, ha.) here is what we got at Target today.

Luna Bars.  I’ve found that this is the cheapest place to get them. You buy them in a box of 6 and they are 5.99. $1! These are my “emergency” snacks that I sometimes keep in my purse for days when I’m so busy and realize half way through play date that I haven’t ate and I’m starving.

Muscle Milk protein shakes. These are pretty good- I have about one, sometimes two a week after a workout. They’re a good way to get in calories and protein even if I’m not hungry. Each shake is 22 grams of protein and 230 calories!

Frames on clearance. Okay, I was kind of excited about these because I obviously have an obsession with frames and pictures in my house. The 8X10’s were only $5 which is cheap for that size. I only bought one because I needed to make sure it hung on the wall right, but I’ll be making a trip back to get a couple more!

Tweezers. I’m trying to learn how to pluck my eyebrows like a grown up. It’s hard.

Calendar, also on clearance. I was also excited about this. It’s March and I still don’t have a calendar. Problem solved today.

 Thanks Target!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

6 thoughts on “Target Trip

  1. I had some great coupons for Luna bars I wasn't going to use that I could have sent to you.
    (I exchange coupons with other bloggers. I don't know if you are into coupons or not…?)

  2. Not sure if you know but Muscle Milk has been named the dirtiest of all the protein shakes. Tests have shown measurable amounts of lead and a host of other nasty chemicals in them. I get the Premier brand RTD shakes from Costco. They are cheaper, have less sugar, less carbs and 30g of protein. A box of 18 is $24..99.

  3. Really Richelle?! I had no idea!! They sell them at my work (except bigger size) and they are SO popular. That doesn’t mean they’re healthy though obviously, but I didn’t know about the tests and lead. I’l have to look into that and try the ones from Costco. Thanks!

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