Indoor Playground

We went to the indoor playground today. It cost 7 bucks plus 1 dollar for a pop. = $8. Not bad for two hours of playing, I guess. We only go a couple times a month and probably won’t go at all when Joshua counts because then it will be $11.50 YIKES. Sometimes though, it is nice to take Lucas out to play somewhere other than the house.  I wish it were cheaper though.

Joshua had a poop explosion in his pants and his mom didn’t bring an extra onesie.

Sorry about that bud. I swear by the 3rd kid I’ll have all this figured out.

Lucas did really well. Joshua started to get really grumpy (he was tired) and a little kid took his pacifier and put it in his mouth (I took a poll on my Facebook page- majority of you said you would just wash/boil it at home. I think I might throw it away though!) so we left in quite a hurry. Lucas did SO good leaving. Plus 80 points, no meltdown occurred.

{updated: we don’t have another Joshua pacifier around the house and it’s nap time so I just cleaned the pacifier really well under hot water… which I think counts as boiling it, right? 🙂 }

For lunch today, I tried giving Lucas a sandwich. For whatever reason, I have recently forgot that sandwiches existed and haven’t gave Lucas one. I got the brilliant idea to make him one today and he surprisingly ate it!

Turkey & Cheese. Quick, Easy and a CLEAN food!

He ate each piece separately, so the sandwich part didn’t really happen. Whatever works.

He drinks milk or water out of a “big cup” normally. We actually don’t have any plastic plates either. Isn’t that a staple for parents to have in their house when they have toddlers? I don’t know. We are weird, we just let our kids eat off fancy fiesta wear dishes. Hm. We also hardly use bibs either, so don’t worry, we are just really strange parents.


What did your kids eat for Lunch today? We have leftovers a lot or simple things, but I’m always looking for new ideas!

If you didn’t answer on my Facebook page- what would you do if another child put your child’s pacifier in his or her mouth? Would you clean it and re-use it or throw it away?

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10 thoughts on “Indoor Playground

  1. I love that you guys never bothered with plastic plates! To be honest I wish we never did. I tried giving Lilah a “grown up” plate the other day and she begged and pleaded for a “lilah” plate. sigh.
    We never bothered with bibs either! It's way too much to wash and it's so much easier to teach them to eat without a mess or use a napkin. If it was something really messy we just tucked a napkin in her shirt!
    Thanks for posting pics of the park n play! I've been trying to psych myself up but I'm such a germa/public places a phobe. It looks really nice, just like someones living room! We may have to give it a try. 🙂

  2. I love that u guys don't use plastic. We switched out our plates with correll. Still have plastic cups though. I don't like how the drinks taste like plastic after sitting for a couple of hours.
    PB&js are a staple as well asac n cheese! Sometimes it's just cheese crackers and meat.
    I've had other kids put our pacifiers in their mouth, I wash/boil them as well. By the third kid, I just rinse it off if it falls on the floor. Germs are good for building your immunity right? Charissa and I are polar opposites on that, but I still love her. 🙂

  3. charissa- it is nice. the couches are sooooooooooo comfortable. sometimes dangerously so! haha

    Oh my gosh, I am so happy that I’m not the only one who doesn’t use plastic plates! Thank you Jamie and Charissa. 🙂

    Haha Jamie! You guys are funny..

  4. For lunch, we do alot of leftovers, sandwiches, veggies, fruit, cheese, hard boiled eggs, pasta. We don't use plastic plates or bowls either…for a cup she has a camelbak and that is what she drinks from. We do use a bib, cause I hate laundry and prefer to just rinse the reuseable bib off if its not too messy. I love indoor play parks, it makes the winter a little more bareable.

  5. leftovers, just depends on what is in the house, sometimes I microwave frozen meatballs if we do'nt have anything else. Cheese, fruit, canned veggies, fresh tomatoes, etc. We happen to have a few plastic plates as hand me downs that we used as kids, otherwise, she uses corelle saucers or plates and bowls. Whatever is available is used. We have tupperware glasses with lids (they are NOT sippy cups!) She will be 2.5 this summer and we will start practicing with water w/out lids then. She will want more water and less milk, so that's my timeline. She CAN drink out of a regular glass, but right now I'm too tired (and sick all the time) to deal with cleaning up the mess (which she can also do, but I don't want to supervise milk clean up on a heaving stomach). The bib is a 'must' for dinner time and anytime we're eating anything particularly gross and we will be wearing those clothes the rest of the day. If we make it to breakfast in our jammies 'shrug', we don't use one.

  6. yeah I stopped using bibs when they stopped spitting up all over me (both boys had really bad reflux) so a little food on them seemed like nothing to me. sadly I have no good ideas for lunch we normally have frozen peas, and pb&j, and some sort of fruit. seems fairly balanced to me.

  7. I kid you not, I read: “It cost 7 bucks plus 1 dollar for poop. = $8 LOL!

    Your boys are so stinking cute 🙂 We go to an indoor playground sometimes, but I wish ours was more updated and cleaner, ugh…

    Dagmar's momsense

  8. Yikes, I thought our local one was spendy at $3.50! It must be a nice one if they charge that much!

    I would just clean the bink really well, but I'm not a huge germa-phobe (if it were ever to fall on a public restroom floor however, game over!!!)

    P.S. Your kids are seriously ridiculously adorable.

  9. Wow that is an expensive indoor playground! I have three kids and I still forget the extra clothes sometimes!

    We usually have sandwiches for lunch… egg salad, tuna, chicken, turkey, roast beef, vegetable & cheese. I try to change it up by using toast or wraps instead of bread all the time. Sometime we'll have left overs or soup instead and the occasional kraft dinner or chicken hot dogs as a treat. My kids always get a serving of fruit in the side and sometimes cucumber or carrot sticks as well.

  10. Yeah, it’s not that nice- it’s just the state of Alaska. Expensive! We have another one here too that is actually nicer (bigger, nice furniture, more food options, more wooden toys) and it’s $1 cheaper- just on the other side of town. This one is smaller but I like it better because I can see Lucas everywhere he plays and it’s more “cozy.”

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