Saturday Errands and Produce (Oh, and a Live Lobster too)

I hope you all had a great Saturday! We had a mighty fine one indeed and, you’re welcome, I’m here to tell you all about it!

Thomas (my husband) had to write a paper this morning for a class he’s taking and grade some papers. The children and I went to Target to get some diapers and check on the clearance frames, which were all gone, as I figured they would be. Bummer!

I decided I’m going to start sharing everything I buy at Target. Maybe this will keep me from buying random crap I don’t need. Ha. So today I bought diapers, a new water bottle for me and windex. Oh, and a Diet Coke and a blueberry muffin, both which were consumed inside Target. The Diet Coke by me and the muffin by my Lucas. Well then half ended up in the car on his seat but I’m suppose to clean the car tomorrow anyways so it’s like that didn’t happen.

I took a little snooze with Joshua during nap time.  Love waking up to his sweet face!! 
This afternoon we needed to do a little grocery shopping, and I wanted to stock up on lots of fun produce for all the amazing smoothies I’m about to make this week! Usually we buy our produce at Fred Meyer or Costco, but I wanted to check out the smaller stores here that I’ve heard about, but never been to. 

Natural Pantry is a mostly organic store with, I think, almost anything you could think of. Organic food, vitamins, dog food, cleaning supplies, protein powder, toilet paper. Unfortunately, I wasn’t very impressed with the store and it could just be that I (unintentionally) compared it to the CoOp in my old town.

I was VERY disappointed in the produce selection, as this was what I was really going there for. 
Everything looked old, wrinkly and brown. (Talking about produce here. Ha.) I mean, check out those bananas. They are on sale, but I think they’d have better luck giving them away. Unless bananas that color are your thing. Personally, I like green bananas and brown ones just gross me out. 
Also, you don’t really need to buy organic bananas anyways because they have an outer layer or peel, unlike tomatoes or apples for example, but I was just trying to prove my point here that all the produce looked nasty. I’m still learning how to take pictures of all the fun things we do on our outings without terribly embarrassing my husband, so please forgive me. 
We left without buying a SINGLE thing! They did have milk and tortillas and cheese that we like, but we end up getting it at Fred Meyer for cheaper. So, I don’t think I’ll be back to that store. Sad face. 
Literally right across the street is a newer place called New Sagaya’s Midtown Market. 
Look at those clear blue skies! 
It was somewhere in the 30-40 degree range today, so I was wearing a t-shirt. Ah, love it. 
Don’t worry, I put long sleeve on my babies. But no hats. Too warm for hats. 
This place was MUCH better. Look at all those bright beautiful colors! 
Okay, and a little strange too. They had a place where you could buy octopus, clams, salmon, squid… and LIVE lobster. I don’t know if this is normal or not, but you buy them live, take them home to your house and then boil them in water, watching them die right in front of your eyes. 
Is that messed up??
I am not a vegetarian. I eat salmon and moose and elk and cow, but COME ON. Can you imagine taking a live creature home, in your car, and then hiding your children upstairs so they don’t see you take out this live, moving, freaky creature while you put it in steaming boiling water as it…. okay, gross and sad. 
Maybe I am overreacting. 
My husband wants me to take a pregnancy test because he thinks I am being overly emotional about things and a) I’m not, I’m just a mom and b) if I am pregnant you are going to be in BIG trouble so you probably want me to delay that pregnancy test as long as possible. 
Sorry, off topic. 
I’m sorry if this blurry picture is giving you a headache. It sort of is for me, but look- I DO exist! I’m trying to have Thomas take more pictures of me with the kids because I think in the last four months of Joshuas life I have like, maybe two of myself in them. Oh, I didn’t do my hair today. Please don’t be too surprised. 
In the back of this store is a little cafe with lots of healthy choices, so we decided to have dinner here as it was nearing 6:15 and we were all starving. I hope no live animals were killed here in preparation for my food or I might throw up. Lucas spilled his entire bowl of pasta all over the front of my jeans. Awesome. 
Thomas got a cheesy calzone (look at that fancy oven) and I got a chicken something-or-other sandwich which was delicious. 
It was a perfect afternoon! 
Where do you buy your produce? We buy ours and Fred Meyer and Costco, and after todays little research extravaganza, we’re going to continue to buy them there as the prices are better and Costco usually has a good selection! 
Can you please give me your honest opinions about taking home a live lobster in your car, because I am sort of freaked out by this. 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

17 thoughts on “Saturday Errands and Produce (Oh, and a Live Lobster too)

  1. I hear tell that is the way to cook lobster, but yeah, it kinda freaks me out too. No matter, me and mine are not lobster fans, so it is a moot point here anyway. (Thank goodness!)

  2. My parents used to do this when I was little, (spend the day at the beach and then get lobsters for dinner) ~ my sister and I would watch it walk across the floor and then be sent out to play before dinner.

    Years later after my dad had passed away, a guy dating my mom tried to shock my sisiter and I by showing us a live lobster ~ and we were both 'been there, done that' ~ not that I don't feel bad for the lobster, just thought the guy was being a bit of a jerk.

  3. As a vegetarian/vegan I could never, kill something to eat it (okay, maybe if my babies were starving). Even before I was veg I couldn't have done that, it freaks me out way too much. I also saw on a food network show of some sort a guy that went to a restaurant in china (I think?) and order a delicacy they served of frog heart… they picked up a live frog by the back legs, ripped it in too and handed him the still beating heart. I was sick for days.

  4. Lol, this feels so American to me. Getting live lobster is totally no big deal here (Belgium). I mean, if you eat meat, that animal was killed once by someone. If you get live lobster, that person is yourself. If you go fishing or hunting, you kill animals too, and that's accepted. If you are ok with eating dead animals (aka meat), you must also have the courage to kill them. That makes sense, right? People have done it always.

    I hardly ever eat meat, but I'm not against killing animals perse, be it in an ethical way. Here in Europe we eat snails too and live oysters…

  5. That's pretty much how you always get lobsters. Crabs too. People have lobsters sent to them live from Maine and then they boil them. That's just how you do it. And as was said before, everything you eat died at some point.

  6. Okay, Okay I know that’s how animals are killed and that’s how it’s done… but it was just freaking me out for some reason. I don’t eat lobster either. And these lobster are from Maine too, good call anonymous, they must have a lot of lobsters there!!

    Kory- that is disgusting!

    Joy- that is really mean of that guy!

    Traci- thank you 🙂

  7. I think it's both normal AND freaky, but maybe that's because I'm a wimp. 😉

    So I know that that's how you cook lobster, and that any meat/fish I eat was killed, but I don't hunt. That's the Hub's job. I think I would likely make HIM boil the lobster!

    On the other hand, I did play a Lobster crane game at a bar restaurant once. It was $2 a play and difficult because you were trying to snag a live lobster from a tank of water! But if you won, they would cook up your lobster for you, which would be a heck of a deal (depending on how many tries it took you). I didn't win, but it was nifty.

  8. Hi! I've lived in New England my entire life (minus 2 years in CA), and yes boiling lobsters at home is a very common occurrence around here! My husband actually dives (SCUBA) for them! There are not many things better than sitting outside, at home, on a warm summer night, enjoying freshly caught lobster with drawn butter and corn on the cob. 🙂

    PS. your boys are adorable!

  9. My husband hunts and fishes and we eat what ever he kills. The only stipulation I have is that he please please please doesn't bring it to me until it looks like something I would buy in the store. I'm a city girl that married a country boy.

  10. That completely freaks me out too. I'm not a vegetarian either but I'd rather not see the poor animal alive before I eat it dead. My motto is “if it has eyes..I ain't eating it.” LOL If it has the possibility of being a PET then I don't want to eat it. You buy pet fish in a tank and take them home, not supper. 🙂

  11. You must be used to the cold weather if you're wearing a t-shirt in 30-40 degree weather! 😉 That's still winter coat weather for us!
    I buy most of my produce at costco-they have the best selection!
    As for the lobster, I wouldn't do it. I hardly ever eat meat, though!

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