I had whole wheat toast (like I need to mention the obvious here, because what other type of bread would it be??) with peanut butter and a banana on it. Um- pretty good! This was my first time trying this combination – I know, where have I been- and I happily liked it! Rock on for a new breakfast option.

I couldn’t finish the whole thing though.

I folded, I think, four loads of laundry. This is only a quarter of it.

Joshua helped. I don’t know where Lucas was.

We went to the gym.

I only got an 8 minute workout on the spin bike. There was an issue with Lucas in the day care… I don’t want to talk about it. I am SO frustrated though. I’m about to give up on taking the kids to day care and trying to get a workout in. It just seems like every time I do it never works out.


I think you all know what that means.

I got Joshua to sleep. Score! I’m working on his day time sleeping- I think it will help him sleep better at night. He actually slept for 1.5 hours so that’s pretty sweet.

Awwwww. Good kid.

Lucas and I had some yogurt.

And we read If You Give A Mouse A Cookie a couple hundred times

I made a bunch of baggies full of crackers for out of the house snacks. 

Just one of the things I’m doing to try to make my life a little easier and make our mornings go faster and smoother.

Thanks to the no nap this afternoon, it’s 6:45 and both my boys are sound asleep. 🙂

I hope that doesn’t mean an early wake up call!

SO glad this day is over!

How was yours? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Today

  1. I had quite a good day actually. I will spare you the details. Mostly going back and forth between home and therapies for my 3 year old. LOL I do have to say though that toast with peanut butter and banana is my favorite!! I usually end up using 2 slices of toast both with peanut butter on them and then banana in the middle like a sandwich.

  2. Aww sorry about your workout! Mine got cut short too- a friend just found out some pretty serious stuff about his health, so I needed to get home with our car so my husband could go be with him. Bummer news is never fun. 😦 Anyways… enjoy your quiet evening! I'm sending good thoughts your way on a quiet morning as well!

  3. That laundry pile looks a lot like ours. : )
    Seems I can always get it washed and dried but it is the folding that takes so long for me to get around to.

  4. I made “bag bread” with the kids today. Taught many lessons of school. Nursed Jeremiah countless times, washed some laundry, and had dinner with my parents. Wasn't a bad day really. Weather here turned cold again after some warm and beautiful days. I don't like cloudy days. They depress me. Trying hard to overcome that. I'm getting another try at that today as it is rainy and cloudy and cold.

  5. Right around the time my daughter was 18 months I quit going to the gym. I was trying to do yoga and they came and got me almost every time to say she pooped or she was upset and they couldn't calm her. I was stressed in yoga class because i knew it was going to happen. Talk about counter productive. I took her back after she turned 2 and magically she loved it!

  6. Sounds like a busy day! I am glad you were able to get a lot accomplised. It is so hard at Lucas' age – they start fighting the nap. It is still good to make them have quiet time though. I hope today goes a little smoother. 🙂

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