Thursday Randoms

 There is like some sort of freak wind storm going on here. This morning it was pretty bad, with winds some places up to 80 miles an hour (??!!) but it has calmed down in my neck of the woods. The electricity at my Thomas’s school went off, and you can imagine how much fun that was. Ha. They got the generator on eventually, I guess, and now the kids are all going crazy with energy and excitement.

The tress by our house were going pretty wild this morning, I was a little worried at some points, but I figured we would be fine. Another day at home, though. Heck no was I taking my kids out in winds that strong, I’d be nervous my car would blow off the road! I guess it’s leftovers or mac n’ cheese or… something for dinner tonight. I should probably get on that now, actually…

I have to work in a couple hours, but I wanted to share some thoughts/questions I have with you. They have been lingering in the back of my head for a while now, so here they are, all in one jumble. 🙂

  • Do you have an emergency fund set up? What about food supplies, extra flashlights, etc? This morning got me thinking… if my power were to go out, would I be prepared? What if we were without electricity for a day, or several days- would we be ready with enough food, water, clothes, batteries, etc? My answer was no. 
  • The first thing I did this morning when I woke up and saw/heard about the wind storm was start a load of diaper laundry and run the dishwasher. If the power went out, at least I knew those things would be clean! 
  • I have to get another car seat soon, and I can’t decided what to do. I am all about rear facing, but I don’t know about doing it past the 35 pound mark — Lucas’s Marathon (Britax) that he’s in currently, has a rear facing limit of 35 pounds. He’s at 30 right now, so we will turn him around soon, unless we get him another seat that rear faces longer. I think we might just turn him around and then get another seat for Joshua. Maybe even another Marathon, ours seems to be great so far! 
  • I really hope the weather gets better before my race on Saturday morning. 
  • I’m not really worried about the distance (6.2miles) but the fact that on Friday night I work till 10pm, which means I don’t get home and into bed till 11. And the race starts at 8am I think, I have to be there at 7am, and I don’t even know where it’s at! I’m going to have to get up early!! 
  • Have you seen the movie 127 Hours? I am fascinated by it. So crazy, I can’t even imagine. 
  • Joshua is up 363,74 times a night. Last night he was wide awake, again, from like 3-5am or something ridiculous like that. I have to say, for those of you who have babies that sleep in their own room and wake up a lot at night, how do you do it?? It is SO much easier having him in bed with me, and I don’t lose as much sleep that way. I don’t know why I ever did the struggle with Lucas of having him in his own room and making the trek across the hall several times a night. If I would have known, or realized, I would have kept him in bed with me till he was done nursing. 
  • I really want some hershey kisses. Damn those things. 
  • Oh, I really do want to start another Body After Baby Challenge. I just haven’t had the time/energy/thought/motivation to sit down and write the post. I am thinking an 8 week-er, starting April 18th. Put it in your calendar and I promise next week I’ll get up a post about it.  
If you have read all that, then thank you for being my best friend. I hope you have a fabulous Thursday and here’s to a 3 hour stretch of sleep tonight! Har! Har! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

5 thoughts on “Thursday Randoms

  1. After 2 years of age, kids can take a LONG time to gain 5 pounds! Between 2 and 3, my son gained about 2. You might very well have a long time before you have to worry about flipping Lucas. Of course, kids can -and usually do- out grow car seats by height before weight… a RF seat is outgrown by length when there is less than 1″ of hard shell over the child's head. My son will definitely outgrow his Boulevard RF long before he is 35 pounds. He is tall and skinny.

    If you do choose to turn Lucas FF around the time that Joshua needs a convertible, I'd pass the old Marathon down to Joshua and get Lucas a new FF-only seat. The Marathon is often outgrown by height before a child is ready for full-time boostering. You might very well end up having to buy a dedicated FF seat anyway! Look into the Graco Nautilus and the Britax Frontier for great FF seats that also make really good boosters for way down the line.

    If Lucas is still RF in the Marathon when Joshua needs a needs a seat, consider the True Fit, the Complete Air, and the Radian. All three will fit longer both RF and FF than the Britax seats, because their shells and harness heights are taller (and the RF weight limits are higher for the CA and Radian). All three also offer tons more leg room for RF toddlers. The True Fit and Complete Air are easy to install in almost any car. The Radian can install like a dream or a nightmare, depending on your make/model of car.

    For great car seat advice from other CPST's, check out Car-Seat.Org. And for an amazing deal on a True Fit Premier, check out the current listings on I totally don't need a seat right now, but I'm still so tempted to buy, just because it's such a great price!

  2. I agree completely with the other poster. My son was in the Britax Boulevard until 2 years. He was at the highest setting and was just about too tall (but only about 29lbs.). He is 95% plus in height, so he was ready for a new forward seat. We got the Britax Frontier 85. Now, his sister is in the Boulevard and he is in the Frontier. Both are great seats! Good luck choosing!

    Oh, and I want some chocolate now! :oP

  3. Completely agree with the first poster, and because of you I just had to go dig out my Dove Chocolates. Be strong though, I saw your post that you are 10 days in with no chocolate or diet coke, and you are doing awesome! I'm too weak for it.

  4. I can't participate in BAB again until early/mid May since I just had my son less than two weeks ago. Sigh! Maybe I'll join in halfway through just to get the encouragement/community support! 🙂

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