Spring Build Up 10K

Spring build up run it was, indeed!

The trails were terrible running conditions. There were ice spots, lots of chunky snow, water and ice mixed together and lots of bumps and grooves and mud and snow and…. you get the idea. My. Ankles. Hurt.  Everyone’s time was off because of how hard it was to run in. I stepped on ice once, that turned into a puddle of water, which resulted in a wet shoe. I almost slipped on the flat ice a few times– usually walked through that part. I did a lot of quick and short strides because of the trail. It was definitely not a good run to try and make a PR!

They canceled the half marathon because of icy conditions, and quite frankly, I think they should have canceled the 5K and 10K as well. I would have gladly taken my $30 back for a race like this! Not only was it hard to run in, but it was dangerous! I’m thankful I didn’t fall once or seriously sprain my ankle or hurt my knee. 

The race turn out was super-duper small. There were literally less than 20 people running the 10K with me.  I was worried I would be in last place and get lost in the wilderness! I was a little bummed there weren’t any t-shirts to hand out. Not that I run races for t-shirts, but they are fun to have, and when I pay $30 for a race, I kind of want a shirt, you know? I think they probably didn’t make any shirts because the registration was so small, which makes sense. Hopefully my money is going to an awesome organization. If I would have known about the trail conditions, I wouldn’t have signed up. But, now I know for next year to skip this race! 🙂

{I talked to two people who were walking on our run- 1 who hurt her knee and was waiting for someone to come get her  (I offered to stop and walk with her back if she needed, but she said she was okay) and one man said it was hurting his back too bad. I felt bad for them!}

All in all, I’m glad I got a 10K run in this morning, even though the conditions weren’t  ideal. It was (sort of) fun and I’m proud of myself for finishing. That’s officially the longest I’ve ran since before Joshua was born.   My legs and ankles are pretty gosh darn sore this afternoon, so I’m going to do some more stretching tonight and possibly take an ice bath. ( I’ve never taken one before, but my legs are on fire and I hear they are great for recovery! A great article on the why’s of an ice bath after a particularly hard run and how they benefit your muscles.)  I don’t want to wake up with limp legs tomorrow!

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

3 thoughts on “Spring Build Up 10K

  1. I'm definitely going to utilize ice baths at some point… Great job today. It sucks that the race was so small and no shirt but you still ran a race! Way to go Mama!

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