Protein Bars and 8 Miles

I’ve had a good, but busy weekend.

Two things happened around here that made me very happy.
1. We went grocery shopping.
2. I ran 8 miles.

We did our usual shopping at Fred Meyer for basic things like bread, milk, cheese, yogurt, fruit and the like. I also picked up three new protein bars to try. Is that the right term for these? They are basically like candy but relatively healthy and contain more protein and less fat and carbohydrates than actual candy bars.

I got three new flavors.

Oh my gosh. SO good. They are like candy! The chocolate peppermint stick taste like a peppermint cookie. The chocolate peanut butter Luna protein was seriously, a candy bar.

This is how I get my chocolate fix. I’m not eating candy, but I still get my chocolate through these yummy bars! I think I will have one every day.

I’m pretty excited about these.

We also went to Costco, which, you know how that goes… you go in with a plan to only buy 4 things and you walk out with 12 or more items. Actually, we *only* spent $106.00 which is $6 over our budget, so I didn’t have any heart palpitations this time.

We got the usual’s again — a bag of mixed fruit and a bag of blueberries. 5 dozen eggs. Spinach. Chicken. Ground Beef. Hamburger meat.

I also splurged and got something a- mazing. 

Yes, buttered croissants. If you tell me these are bad for me I don’t know if we can be friends anymore. I only buy them like, once a year from Costco, as a special treat and my oh my- these things are heavenly!

I used to eat one of these for breakfast every morning with a chunk of butter. First, you melt it in the microwave and then it’s all gooey and yummy, then you dip it in the butter. A perfect breakfast before I start my days in high school, right?

I’m going to freeze some of these bad boys. I need to stop talking about them otherwise I’m going to go eat one right now.

We also got more JIF peanut butter. I still have one can of my organic peanut butter left that I use, but my husband doesn’t like it. He won’t eat any peanut butter and jelly sandwiches unless it’s with Jif, so we got him some. I’ve got to say though, an apple with Jif creamy peanut butter does taste gosh darn delicious. Sorry hydrogenated oil.

So, now that we have food in our house again, I can properly refuel before and after my runs!!

On Saturday, I ran 8 miles!

I can’t believe it. The last 2 miles were really hard. Once I stopped, my quads were on fire. I could hardly walk, seriously. Really, who runs for 1.25 hours? That is just ridiculous.  It was such a nice run though, the weather was perfect! I wore shorts and a t-shirt!

I did a short walking cool down, stretched for a bit, and then took a really cold bath. We didn’t have any ice, so I just turned the faucet to the coldest setting. It was plenty cold enough, holy goodness.

I hope this picture doesn’t gross you out, but my legs haven’t been exposed (except for shower and sleeping) since August of last year. So, they are really white, and I don’t know if you can tell, but me legs at this point were red and numb and I was biting the inside of my cheek. My toes were turning purple, don’t look at them, it’s disgusting.

I was pretty much in tears. I said Holy S%*# about fifty thousand times, and I really apologize because Joshua was sitting in his bouncy seat watching me. I hope those are not his first words. 

I wore a sweatshirt on top and kept my shorts on.  It was torture. I only stayed in for 9 minutes, even though the recommendations say anytime between 10-20 minutes.

This morning my legs aren’t too sore, so I really do think the ice bath helped. I did some more stretching and foam rolling this afternoon and my legs feel almost good as new!

Oh, my phone broke. I carry it on my runs (so I can track milage) and I was switching hands and dropped it and.. .

I know. Sad face. I’m not paying $100 to get it fixed either. I don’t care if I get glass in my fingers.

Do you like croissants? 

What are your favorite protein bars?

Have you ever taken an ice/really cold bath?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

11 thoughts on “Protein Bars and 8 Miles

  1. I have several things to say.

    #1, a cold bath? Are you CRAZY??
    #2, your legs look awesome for having two kids! I haven't found my ankles yet since my 8mo was born.
    #3, 8 MILES? You are crazy.

  2. Love the luna bars!!! I especially love the lemon one. OMG those croissants are amazing, and I get them every time I go to costco. Yay for 8 miles. As soon as I can start working out (just had 2nd baby 2 weeks ago) I will be busting my butt to train for some half marathons too. I think we could be friends in real life…if I didn't live in Texas and you Alaska. 🙂

  3. First of all, the picture of your phone made me want to cry.
    Second, have you tried the JIF natural? I was/am a die-hard JIF fan and although it doesn't taste exactly the same, it's REALLY close. No oil separation, so you don't have to stir and it looks like the other stuff. And you don't have to put it in the fridge so it spreads great. AND it costs the same as the regular stuff if you buy it in a grocery store (I doubt it beats the Costco price).

  4. I wish I could run 8 miles!! My running plan calls for 6 this weekend and that already scares me!! I have never tried an ice/cold water bath but I know that they are really good for recovery. I should try them out because after a 5 miler, my legs are still sore two days later….I think I will try it out this week.

  5. Jennifer, you can TOTALLY do it!!! I couldn’t do 5 miles 3 weeks ago! The last 2 were really tough, but I just went slow. You can do it girl!! I am now a believer in the cold bath. My legs feel completely great today!

    Try it after your 6 miler this weekend if you’re sore and see if it helps you the next day! 🙂

  6. My sister's iphone screen cracked like that. She was able to fix it by purchasing one of those aftermarket screens on ebay or something. It was really cheap and the phone works just fine now.

  7. I had to take an ice cold shower a few times, (since there was 6 of us with a tiny h/w heater that ran out before my turn). It was very painful at first (imagine standing with ice cold water pouring on your entire head/body for no less than 10 minutes, YIKES!), but by the time you get finished, you are used to it. (I seriously doubt I could do it now though, that was when I was a teenager. I think I would be too afraid to try, LOL…)
    If I remember right, it actually felt exhilarating after it was over… kind of refreshing (I still wouldn't do it again unless I had to!)

    I used to get a protein bar that was chocolate/peanut butter but for the life of me, I can't remember the name. It was huge compared to the Luna bars, it was low carb/sugar, high protein. And I also used to eat the South Beach diet bars that came 6 to a box. The are also low carb/sugar, but about 10g protein.

    I am going to “try” really hard to get back on track with eating. I feel like all of my bad eating habits are dragging me down and making me feel sluggish and tired all.the.time. I am not overweight, just fatigued all the time!!
    You inspire me to give up caffeine and chocolate/cookies/carbs!!

    Keep up the good work!

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