1 Month Without Diet Coke or Candy

I think March 24th 2011 might always be a special day for me.

March 24th was the day I decided to “give up” candy. (And Diet Coke)

This is the longest I have ever gone in my entire 25 years of life without candy. (Okay, not true, I guess I probably didn’t have candy every day when I was a kid. But ever since I started eating candy, this is so far the longest I’ve gone…)

No hershey kisses.
No dove chocolate.
No Starburts.
Milky Way.
Sour Patch Kids.
Milk Duds.

You get the idea.

It has been extremely hard for me.

In addition to candy, I also stopped drinking Diet Coke. I never drank a whole lot, about 2-4 cans a week maybe, but it was still something. Even when you don’t drink something a lot, if you like it, you sure do miss it when you stop drinking it completely.

I no longer buy popcorn at Target because popcorn doesn’t taste good without Diet Coke.
I no longer buy sour cream n’ onion chips because salty chips don’t taste good without Diet Coke.

What has a month without candy or soda done for me?

I haven’t lost a significant amount of weight.
I haven’t notice a huge increase in my amount of energy.
I haven’t noticed some amazing break through with my body or my hair or my face.

It has made me realize that I can do this.
It has made me a better runner.
It has made me- most importantly- stronger. 
It has made me healthier

I have ate more cookies than usual.

This is the box of chocolate that my grandparents sent us. Helllllo gorgeous chocolate.

It’s just crazy, because when you love something so much (wether it be eating candy, drinking pop, drinking alcohol, smoking, watching too much TV, being lazy… whatever) you think to yourself “ there is NO way I could ever…… “ We tell ourselves we can’t do it because it’s too hard for us, or we’re too addicted or not strong enough or not capable of it.

33 days ago I remember thinking I would NEVER be able to last a week, let alone an entire month, without chocolate candy.

Because chocolate and a Diet Coke were my “go to” when I was having a bad day. It was my “this day totally sucks” treat and my “this day totally rocks” treat and “my kids are driving me bonkers today” treat.  It’s like when the husband gets home after a long day of work and he wants to relax on the couch and have a beer. Well, I want a Diet Coke and some chocolate hershey kisses and an episode of The Bachelor.  

But now, here I am. I have gone a month without it!

I thought, that since it was Easter, I would have just one piece of candy. I bit into a piece and it didn’t taste that great so I put it back. See my tooth marks? Yep, that’s all the chocolate I’ve had. A little residue on my teeth maybe, but none for me. It just didn’t taste the way I wanted it to and I didn’t have a good feeling about it.

I honestly don’t know what I’m going to do or when I will eat candy or pop again. I go back and forth in my head between when I should and why and if it even matters. Do I want to give up candy for the rest of my life? Or just for a period of time? I guess I don’t really know yet. And pop…. that one is a little different for me because I never enjoyed it or liked it as much as candy. I can see myself going back to drinking a couple cans a week of Diet Coke and being fine with that. But, I don’t know when that will happen.

It’s true when they say that once you stop eating something, you don’t crave it as much. I am the most tempted when I go to work because they sell Diet Coke there and it’s in the cooler behind me for the entire duration of my shift. Instead, I seem to be eating all the cookies they sell that are on the other side of the counter. Oops.

I don’t crave candy as much, now that I’ve been without it for a month. I’m still getting chocolate from other things (cookies, protein bars, ice cream once a week) so it’s not like I’m completely deprived from the best thing on this earth.


So, my questions for all of you:

1. What is one thing that you want to give up completely? So many of you have told me that you WANT to give up ….  {insert your thing here} but you CAN’T DO IT. And I want to tell you, YES. YOU. CAN.

2. For those of you who have gave up something cold turkey like I did, when did you eat/have/buy/do it again? When did you feel the time was right- or are you still cold turkey without it? 

I feel like celebrating with can of Diet Coke and a bag of Dove chocolate and laffy taffy, but then I guess that really wouldn’t make much sense now, would it? 😉

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

8 thoughts on “1 Month Without Diet Coke or Candy

  1. I would say chocolate & homemade baked things. I love baking, but I also love eating what I bake. To give it up would be very difficult. This post may be the motivation I need because I keep putting it off.

    My goal is to give up sugar/sugary things except for the sugar I put in my coffee (I only have 2 cups a day) and the TBS of brown sugar I put on my oatmeal in the morning.

    I think I will start tomorrow with my goal. It will be tough because my favorite Easter candy is in the cupboard right now.

    I think I'll have hubby hide them for 30 days. That will be my reward since they only come out once a year.

    Thanks for the encouragement.

  2. Coffee! I had to give it up when Pixie was nursing, again when I was pregnant with Chappy (even just one cup a day was making me sick), and now… I tried it for a couple of days while nursing and just that ONE cup of coffee makes Chappy irritable and wound up. So again… no coffee!
    Even with all the time I've spent not having any coffee at all, I still crave it a LOT. I even wrote about it recently: http://www.studiobrassy.com/brassyblog/?p=899

    So, gratz on one month! I wish I could get over my addiction to caffeine/coffee and not WANT it all the time. 😦

  3. I gave up all deep fried foods, cold turkey, after I had emergency gall bladder surgery in December of 2009. It was so difficult, but making that one change was the driving force behind me losing more than 30 pounds! Worth it!

  4. I've mentioned before I gave up alcohol cold-turkey when I was in college, and I was hard-core. (I would take screwdrivers (Oj& vodka) in my “coffee cup” to class! My 20oz Dr. Peppers were all spiked with SoCo, and I could finish a 12 pack of wine coolers in the first hour or so after class.)

    I stayed away from alcohol for over 14 months & then after my birthday & DH & I were married I had a sip of champagne. Now I can enjoy a tiny bit VERY rarely (maybe 6-7 times a year) with no hard feelings.

  5. I gave up soda last summer and haven't gone back to it. And before that, I looooooved soda. I drank at least one a day. Now, I don't think I could give up chocolate or greek yogurt. I love my bits of good dark chocolate and occasional bowl of full fat greek yogurt with honey. What I want to give up completely– using plastic grocery bags. It's not a food, because I am getting pretty good at being moderate with all foods, and rarely make unhealthy choices, but I want to STOP using them because it's convenient and I forgot my reuseable ones. Hmm. I should get on that.

  6. At fist this is really hard. I tried not having sodas or cokes for a week and my body was just too weak to move. My mind kept telling me that I need coke in order for me to be back on track. But thanks to my dearest friend, she helped me a lot in finishing the goal. Until now, I am not really into sodas anymore. It is just the first few weeks that you will have a hard time on it.

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