The $20 Dog Toy — For my Baby

I have always heard some many good things about Sophie the Giraffe, a rubber teething toy for babies. So, the other night when Joshua was fussy and I knew he was teething, I accidentally went on Amazon for a little browsing. (Do you buy things online? I NEVER do.) I wanted to order a running book, which I did, and I guess because my husband had just got paid and I had the one day illusion that we had a lot of money in our bank account, I decided to buy Sophie the Giraffe.

It cost $17.98

I had never seen this toy in person before, just heard about it, so when I got it in the mail and took it out of it’s fancy package — which I couldn’t read anyways because it was all in French or something — I immediately said I was going to return it.

It’s a glorified dog toy. 

The thing freaking squeaks.

My dog is getting confused.

Why, oh why, does it cost $20??

{I always round up. It’s a fact you’ll learn about me real quick}

I showed my husband and told him I was going to return it, but he thought we should keep it. I guess if it makes Joshua happy then it’s worth any price, right? Sure, of course it is. I am all about that. I have no problem spending money on something if it’s going to work or make a babe happy… even if it does happen to squeak and resemble other rubber dog toys you might find at Pet Smart.

So now I am having ideas of going to Pet Smart and finding a similar dog toy in the $5 section that is also made of rubber and has dots on it and squeaks. Ha. I’m just kidding. Can you imagine the clerk and I having a conversation about which dog toy would be the best for my 6 month old? I would really climb up the freak ladder that day.

(And my baby sleeps with me too and guess what- today I gave him bananas. Like, real bananas! No, not jarred baby food, they are yellow types of fruit that you might find in the produce section at Safeway! I blended it up with my boob milk. Yep. And I also had my toddler rear facing until he was two. I know! And also, I had a natural birth and we don’t do any vaccinations in the Hospital. Freak.)

So anyways, we decided to keep it.

Joshua likes it, I guess. It’s not something he’s totally crazy over though. I’m thinking that once he starts to get more teeth he’ll like it and use it more.  He just got two teeth on the bottom that popped through (so cute) so I’m sure more are on their way.

I understand that this toy is apparently made of some fancy, safe rubber. It’s also got grooves on the it’s ears and feet that are nice for baby gums, but I’m trying to figure out how someone justifies making a product such as and how ridiculous Americans (like muah) will spend $20 on a rubber toy. Also, and most importantly, I’m thinking why didn’t I have the brains to think of this? I have a dog, who also enjoys rubber squeaky toys and, I mean, how simple would it have been to give it to my baby, call it a name and patten it in a fancy box. I would have already been a millionaire by now.

Do your babies love Sophie?? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

14 thoughts on “The $20 Dog Toy — For my Baby

  1. Haha! I loved this post! You totally aren't a freak. Bananas with boob milk was a hit in our house too! (well, just for the baby, the husband wasn't too keen HA!)
    So yes. I too purchased a Sophie. I too didn't realize until I had it that it squeaked. I returned mine lol! It's horrible! It feels like cheap rubber and the squeak actually made Lilah cry and cower in the corner. I LOVED the combi teethers though! If you can find them you should get them. Or when we get back to AK you can have our old ones. There are three different stages for different teeth and they are amazing. LOVED them!

  2. I think Sophie is cute and nostalgic…reminiscent of old fashioned toys from when we were babies. I do NOT think its worth $20 though (I always round up, too!) and the price tag alone would keep me from getting one for my baby!

  3. I personally would never pay that much for a teether-My kiddos were big self soothers-One always sucked/chewed his thumb and the other didn't have much teething difficulty. When she did, she seemed fine sucking on her soother or a soft teething ring. I sure do not miss the teething days! All the best!!

  4. This is SOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO FUNNY. See, I have heard impressive and wonderful and glowing things about Sophie the Giraffe, too. It became such a big perfect toy that I must have in my mind… but I never bought it because of the price. But FOR that price I imagined it being… awesome. Then I went to a friend's house and saw one. I said is that it? It looks, smells, and squeaks exactly like a dog toy! haha Whoever is selling those is making good money and probably laughing at all the crazy moms going nuts over them…

  5. Both my girls ADORE Sophie. I brought it back out again for Marin and Harper keeps stealing it to chew on even though she HAS most of her teeth. Well worth the money for us and we tried all sorts of teething things. The other big hit for my girls (and it's cheaper and not so noisy) is the Winkel (or maybe Winkle?) it's got lots of rubber loops so it's easy to hold and you can stick it in the fridge/freezer to chill it for extra teething relief. I got mine on Amazon for around $12 (if even that). Plus it makes a fun toy for when they aren't teething so it gets lots of use.

  6. Hahaha! I've seen Sophie before and actually thought the same thing. That it seemed like a chew toy for dogs. We don't have one but if it did work teething miracles I know I wouldn't be opposed to it.

  7. I just got a sophie for my newborn sons easter basket (of course he came later than easter, but of well, details details) The thing is awful. I had friends rave about it, and I was so disappointed to open the package. Then I had to put it on a top shelf so my almost 2 year old daughter wouldn't keep making it squeak. I sure do hope it helps when the teething starts.

  8. B loved Sophie! I had the same thoughts: I JUST PAID 20 BUCKS FOR THIS!!???!!!! But it worked for us, and B loved it! I was so scared of losing it that I would use a paci clip on her when we were out of the house so she wouldn't get lost. (I was not about to drop another 20 dollars on a replacement!)

  9. Too funny. I had the same thoughts. By the time Sophie came out my kids were past teething, so I HAD to purchase it and my best friend's baby was teething around her first birthday, so I bought it and some other things. They took it out of the nice fancy package and it def. sounded and looked like a dog toy. Glad I'm not the only one.

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