Mother’s Day Shopping

I think I need to be a secret shopper. I promise I will make your business more successful if you hire me to go shopping and judge your store and tell you everything I do and do not like about it.

Here’s how part of my day went today, as I did a little shopping on my own for Mother’s Day.

Forever 21 is huge. It’s just massive. It goes on n’ on and there is no way anyone could look through everything in that entire store in one period of time. Unless they really love shopping or something. I was there for an hour and I think I got through maybe half of it before my arm started cramping and I got overwhelmed.

I’m trying to “step out of the box” and be more creative with my clothing choices. I tend to buy the same colors or type of clothing over and over again. Forever 21 has some really cute clothes — and some really ugly ones, too.  I only ended up only buying one thing.

 I do not understand this figure and the outfit she/he/it is wearing. I get that it’s cool to mix and match colors and textures and patterns, but seriously?

If I were a secret shopper of Forever 21, I might have to say this:

1. The return policy sucks. (Only in store credit. No cash/credit back. Ever!)
2. Thank you for the cheap prices.
3. Please have better organization. Or, like category’s or something.
4. Your dressing rooms are nasty. Please invest in a vacuum cleaner.
5. Your music is too loud.

I went to Sports Authority. I got two new running shorts and a new workout shirt! Yay.

It’s really a pet peeve of mine when places have bad dressing rooms. All dressing rooms should have enough light, a place to hang your purse and clothes and they should be clean and in decent shape.

Secret shopper report:

1. One dressing room was a nice size and had good lighting- but there were no hooks or hangers.
2. The other dressing room was too dark. I knew it wasn’t true that I had that dark of skin.
3. Your customer service was  awesome.
4. Your prices are average, I think.
5. However, if you lowered your prices I would buy even more. So many fun things!

Chocolate Factory:

1. Sweet, sweet girl. When I went back for seconds, she remembered my order!
2. Amazing chocolate.
3. Amazing.
4. Mouth watering.
5. I’m still thinking about it.

It was so nice having some time to myself this morning. I just took my time and walked around the stores and enjoyed myself. I’m really not a good shopper. I take forever to make decisions and I get bored and tired of it easily. But, after some time, I started to like it more and had fun with it. It was cool to just be “me” for a couple hours! Then I went home… and I don’t count on another morning like that (4 hours by myself) until Mother’s Day next year. 🙂

How was your Mother’s Day? 
Do you like shopping? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Shopping

  1. I too love shopping by myself. My hubby is real good about watching the kiddos at least once a week so I can have lots of time to myself to shop, do errands or hang out with friends. I have learned to really appreciate that time alone-I know it makes me a better Mom!! I will be getting a pedicure as part of my Mother's Day gift and am looking forward to that relaxing time!

  2. Our forever 21 is huge as well!! Supposedly the biggest in the country but I dunno yours looks pretty big! I TOTALLY agree with you on all of your secret shopping requests. Music is entirely TOO loud. I almost can't shop in there because it is so loud I can't think about what I am shopping for. I also agree about their return policy, mainly because I don't want to wait in their two hour line to try something on. That is for real how long the line was one day when I was in there!! Sounds like you had a great Mother's Day and I LOVE to shop way too much:)

  3. My dogs eat EVERYTHING. We have a baby gate up that we bought specifically for the dogs to keep them out of the bedrooms and the only toys allowed in the living room go in a storage ottoman….but as you and everyone knows toys don't always get put away. I think we're down 6 binkys in 4 months as well. Thanks for the Sophie advice, I was SO wanting to order one and you reminded me of its inevitable fate with two doggies. Happy belated Mother's Day 🙂

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