Do You Use an Item if It’s Been Recalled?

I take items being recalled pretty lightly. At least, for a lot of things I do. I feel like, now-a-days, everything is being recalled and nine times out of ten it’s taken off the market because of human error. A baby carrier is recalled because a baby was injured in it – because the parent was using it incorrectly. A swing was recalled because a baby fell out of it- because the parent didn’t buckle the kid in. 

I mean, DUH.

Of course, there are plenty of items that are recalled and should be taken off the market to keep people safe and healthy. Obviously safety comest first, but I just feel like a lot of things are recalled for silly reasons. I think some things get a bad rep, when really, it’s the person using it who maybe forgot to read the directions.

{LOVE my BOB stroller. Perfect for walking or running!}

I have a lot of products that have recently been recalled. I am still using all of them.

:: The Arm’s Reach Infant Bed Side Sleeper 
:: Hylands Teething Tablets
:: BOB Jogging Stroller 

I’m sure I have many other things too!

Do you agree with me that the amount of recalled items seems ridiculous? I guess my thought is, something bad can happen to anyone from anything. I could say I fell off the couch and broke my arm- should the couch be recalled then too? Am I the only one that feels this way?

Specifically, I wanted to hear what you thought about Hyland’s Teething tablets being recalled. I’ve heard a lot of different points of views about this; about why they were recalled in the first place, the fact that it was (apparently) for a bad reason, therefore they are still fine to use and of course some people who don’t touch them now regardless.

Do you still use Hyland’s Teething Tablets? 

I know they aren’t sold in stores anymore.  I have about half a bottle left and I’m trying to decide if I want to use them for Joshua. I know they worked great with Lucas so I was totally bummed when I heard they were recalled.

What do you think about all this? 

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16 thoughts on “Do You Use an Item if It’s Been Recalled?

  1. They are no longer selling drop side cribs, because parents don't put them together right, or don't check their functionality on a regular basis. My husband happens to be an engineer– computer, but the man knows a lot about electronics and mechanical engineering, plus he's been taking stuff apart for almost 30 years, and putting it back together– he knows his stuff… he tells me our crib is safe and can explain it to me (dont' ask me to explain it to you, I'm not that good– but basically he says, if our side rail falls it will drop a couple of inches and stop, it won't bend, it won't leave a gap)– and I trust the man. If he tells me that it's mechanically made so that it doesn't 'do' what the other cribs have done to hurt other kids… why should I argue? There have been a couple of times that I couldn't remember if I dropped the side or not, but it was down when my girl got up from bed or nap. IF she did anything to it, it didn't bend, it didn't break, it dropped a couple of inches and stopped. It's REALLY hard to get the thing to move, actually. You have to push on the outside in just the right way while pulling up on it and then lowering it down. The only issue is if you don't lock it back into place-and that's parental error. At 5'1, I need that drop rail for baby #2! No one has issued a recall on our specific crib, and they're not likely to just randomly issue money to everyone who has one. If ours is safe and we inspect it and use it properly, when why should we spend the money for a new one?

  2. If you decide not to use your Hyland's I will buy them from you! Ha ha! I ran out & bought a bunch when I found out they were being recalled & we are out….and I WISH I had some! There were a few online retailers selling them but shipping was outrageous!

    I feel like a lot of the time common sense is okay, but like, I would NEVER use a recalled car seat or crib–because those are things that I'm expecting to keep my baby safe, when I can't.

  3. I agree with most of the recalls. Parents not reading instruction manuals. I mean, just look at all the kids in the car seats improperly and you can tel that many parents dont read the instructions AT ALL. Drives me insane. As far as the tablets go, I dont know the reason they were recalled, but if you feel safe using them, go for it. Lucas used them (I am assuming) and he is fine, so Joshua will be too! :o)

  4. Hyland's was recalled for inconsistant “dosage” in the tablets, but it's HOMEOPATHIC. There are no active ingredients in homeopathic meds. That's the whole darn point. Now, I don't use homeopathic meds for lots of other reasons, but if you believe in them and felt like they worked, I think your kid is totally safe continuing to use them. You can't overdose on homeopathic meds!

    Though, if you're still worried, maybe dip his pacifier in sugar water instead of giving the tablets. The sugar sends a happy jolt to the brain and lessens pain. That's why some docs will give the little ones sugar water (very SMALL amounts – they can't have water as a beverage until they are older) before shots and heel sticks.

  5. Oh, and in general I think it depends on why an item was recalled. I actually read the CPSC press releases on items (and subscribe to their mailing list). Sometimes it is total nonsense, and sometimes it's poor quality control and manufacturing defects.

    When it comes to the drop side cribs, sometimes it was parents not putting them together right, and sometimes it was cheap overseas product that broke during regular use.

    Some slings were recalled because they were designed incorrectly and infants laid in them at an incorrect angle so their head flopped too far down onto their chest and closed their windpipe. Those were the “fancy” slings with a different shaped bottom. That's manufacturing error. A parent who wears their sling wrong and the kid falls out is a user error.

    A stroller that's recalled because a kid was injured when they weren't buckled in is a stupid recall to me.

    Most of the recalls I see are kind of funny though. Like fire hazard recalls for things that normally light on fire during regular use. Like, duh.

  6. I still use thing if thry've been recalled. Except when there was the whole children's tylenol recall I threw it away. But I've never used the teething tablets because I don't feel comfortable with putting tiny pellets in my kid's mouth. But that's my thought on it.

  7. Shea… those teething tablets melt instantly when they get wet 🙂 I have no issue with using many recalled items. The “sling of death” that was recalled is one thing that i would NEVER have used, and never will. It was seriously the stupidest design. I wish so badly that I had bought a bunch of teething tablets before the recall! My girl is a very tough teether, and I hate giving her tylenol. Teething tablets were the only thing that helped my other two kids sleep during teething, and I miss them!

  8. It it totally item dependent on what I use. My travel system stroller has been recalled for a child falling under the tray in front. Duh…strap the kid in the right way. I did toss Tylenol when that occurred and I had several red toys that I tossed during the lead paint scare. I continued to use the Hylands Teething tablets and my drop side crib…

    Some recalls are so silly. I just use my best judgment based on the reason why the recall happened.

  9. We have and will still use the three products you listed. If you're not paying attention or using something improperly, ANYTHING can be dangerous!

  10. Ha! I'm using the 3 you mentioned, plus a drop side crib. I'm tall enough that I've never actually used the drop side because it is too hard to move and I can reach my baby just fine. Like the 1st posted, DH said our crib is safe and he knows his stuff. Most recalls I think are human stupidity (as are most warnings, laws, and regulations).

  11. I still use the BOB…of course a lot of recalls are to save the companies asses and so it has gotten a little out of control, like most have said, trust your instinct. I do have some things to consider though on the teething tablets. I'm a pharmacist and this is the information we give our customers:

    Homeopathic products are usually diluted so many times that they contain only tiny amounts of any active ingredient. But some homeopathic products are not diluted much and contain appreciable amounts of active ingredients. Part of this is marketing. There's an advantage to marketing a product as a homeopathic remedy instead of a supplement. Homeopathic products CAN make health claims…but dietary supplements can NOT. A product can be sold as a “homeopathic” if its ingredients are listed in the Homeopathic Pharmacopoeia of the United States…even if they are not super diluted.
    -from pharmacist letter 12/10
    If you used them with Lucas and didn't have any problems then they probably weren't affected….but just something to keep in mind 🙂

  12. My two cents..
    If the Hyland's were recalled due to inconsistent dosage, I would keep using them. Only because my daughter got a hold of them at two once. She opened them and I had no idea how many she ate. When I called poison control, they informed me a child would need to ingest two bottles to have any adverse effect! Nice to know. For the record, we never gave more than two tablets every four hours.

    Happy Hyland Popping = Happy Teethers!

  13. I don't use items that have been officially recalled. My BOB and Maclaren have had some issues that you can fix easily so I kept using them. I have a drop side crib but it's a different style that when I called the manufacturer they said it was not included in the recall because it was a different design.

    It's a personal decision but I could never live with myself if something happened to my child and I had had some type of warning.

  14. I'd keep using the Hyldand's if I could find any!

    The bag slings were definitely a valid recall for just a poorly designed and dangerous product. But it lead the to the recall of a ton of other safe-if-used-correctly slings and that makes me sad. I certainly keep using baby carriers!

    We still use a drop side crib. But I also know my kid. She's 13 months old, and just now started sleeping in the thing, and she doesn't really roll in her sleep. And she cries the second she wakes up, so I know she's not going to be playing in there and get stuck.

    We used the nap nanny. Though that was one of those recalls that wasn't really a recal. Those make me crazy too. It was a “recall” but all you had to do was read their new improved instruction manual (which I guess just bolded the “DO NOT USE IN A CRIB!” statement? I'm not really sure, because that statement was there to begin with). And… I even used it IN A CRIB! But not in a regular crib. In our side car crib against our bed, with it pulled all the way up to the edge of the bed so that it wasn't at all near enough to the crib rails to present any suffocation hazard.

    But yet I still see people who have their kids with their carseat straps so loose that they can pull their arms out and with the *chest* clip down over their stomach. And yet they don't get recalled 🙂

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