Fire Trucks & Car Seat Inspection

The fire station had open house this weekend. I took Lucas and he totally loved it.

Of course he did.

At first he was a little timid, but he warmed up pretty quickly. We saw the helicopters, he sat in the fire truck, we blew out a flame with a fire extinguisher and he used the water hose to spray down a cone.

Oh my word I love this kid. He amazes me every day.

Sparky the fire dog (is that his name?) came up and scared the crap out of Lucas. I told him he was just a man in a costume, but I don’t think he understood. Seriously, what better way to confuse a toddler. Kids are smart, they know things like a huge dog or a scary bunny is not real. That would be weird.

They were also doing car seat inspections, and because it was free and we were already there, I decided what the heck. I didn’t think anything was wrong with our seats, but I knew it couldn’t hurt. Plus, it was super easy to do because the boys could just stay in their seats while the fireman guy checked them out.

I don’t want to brag or anything, but I am pretty pleased. He told me that our car seats were in perfectly and that I was in the minority.  He was like, “this is the easiest and fastest inspection I have done in a long time!” He said something like 97% of the people he see’s either have their seats installed incorrectly or have kids in the seat wrong — like straps too lose, buckles not at armpit level, front face too early, etc. I don’t know if that statistic is true, but it made me happy!

Now, if (and when) people say the straps are too tight and I’m “hurting” my kids, I can say the professionals told me it was right. So THERE! Ha. 🙂

Here are a couple things the “car seat inspector” told me that I feel compelled to pass on to you.

  • The buckle should be laying flat across their chest at armpit level. 
  • You should not be able to pinch the straps at the collarbone. If you can, it’s too loose. Pull it tighter. Obviously, don’t pull it too tight- they need to be able to take a deep breath easily. 
  • 1 year is the minimum for rear facing. Check your seat and it will tell you at what height/weight you need to turn it around for forward facing. 
  • Check online to see if your car seat has been recalled. 
That’s all folks! 

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5 thoughts on “Fire Trucks & Car Seat Inspection

  1. When Otis was born the hospital had a program to check your car seat before going home. I was impressed with the tips they gave us, I have done my research and thought I had the seats in correctly but there were little things I'd done wrong. So glad to know they're in right now!

  2. Cute little kid you have there. I can really see that he is enjoying the day. I'm just wondering, could he really possibly carry that hose? Well I bet he had fun even though knowing he was just merely holding the things. Kids nowadays are just happy when they can hold things what they want. That is one happy kid!

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  3. Weird comment, spam.

    Obviously a 2 year old could not possible carry a fire hose full of water. That’s why the fireman is helping him, get it?

    p.s. why would I visit your site when I’m not divorced?

  4. I, too, had my seat in correctly when checked with my first kiddo. THe only no-no I had was that I had a little mirror hung up so I could see his face. If it became airborne due to a sudden stop it could be quite dangerous to my little guy. Our current cars are so much more difficult to get seats installed so they don't move more than an inch. I can do it but it's work! LOve your blog!

    Heather G

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