Home Depot & Summer

Hello! Happy Juuuuuune!!

It’s summer here, which means my husband is home (school teacher- booyah) and it totally confuses my schedule. I think I’m just now realizing that he is home for three months. Last week I thought it was a Holiday and I’ve been all thrown off having him here all the time! (In a good thrown off sort of way.) I forgot how much easier parenting is when there’s two of you around!

We’re enjoying ourselves that’s for sure. We are preparing for family to visit us in a couple weeks by cleaning, organizing and painting the house. Not really much fun… but it’s got to be done. We have lots of visitors this summer and are sooo excited. We are only going to see our family once or twice this year. Sad, huh? My dad is coming, then my grandma, then my sister and brother in law (with their 1 year old boy!!), then my mom and dad in-law (who I looooove) then my mom!! I can’t wait! Our playroom is going to be a guest room for the next three months!

Thankfully, Lucas is (normally- I won’t mention the time last week when, for the first time in my parenting history, I had to leave the cart full of groceries and walk out the store with a SCREAMING child. I don’t know what was going on with him and I’m glad that will never happen again. Right?) good at running errands and going places. Wow, did that sentence confuse you?

I think his favorite is Home Depot. Maybe because we’ve been there 14 times and he loves to sit in these nasty, disgusting, dirty, germ filled carts which are a full on workout to push. No, I did not tell him to put his feet up and pretend like he was picking out paint samples. He did that on his own. I hope he’s better at picking out paint than me, because I probably grow 4 gray hairs when I look at all the options.

Um, yes. What is there not to love about this picture? A man going to Target with a babe on his back.


I think blogger is finally working again. It wasn’t letting anyone leave comments for a while and I think it even deleted some of my old posts?? What is going on blogger? Don’t you know I am a professional at this and I need to blog daily so I can pay off my mortgage in my fancy house that I’m living in. Seriously.

As I type this, I’m sitting in the waiting room at the car dealership to get my oil changed. And you know what? I’m actually enjoying getting my oil changed right now because it means I get an hour (could be longer- they are running behind today) of time to myself to blog and play on the internet at “the coffee shop.” Gosh, they have cable TV going in front of me (HGTV say what?)  and wireless internet. Not bad!  Okay, but really, they are running really behind and I can still see my car sitting in the parking lot and it’s been 20 minutes so far. I think I’m going to go complain.

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Home Depot & Summer

  1. Getting your oil changed is better than the ER for alone time. I was secretly pleased to have a couple hours by myself when I sliced my hand chopping veggies one night…

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