Worst Episode of Bachelorette

That was probably one of the worst episodes in Bachelorette history.

The beginning started out okay. Ben’s date was fun, I guess.

Then from there it was just disastrous.

The “roast Ashely” was the worst date EVER. What kind of date is that?? I would have cried too!

I think we all know that the producers of any reality show have some of their say in it. They highlight and give more camera time to people who are more crazy, dramatic, good (or non) looking, weird, etc. That make sense, I think. It is reality television after all, and if it was a show of a bunch of boring people sitting around the table talking, no one would watch.

But, it can obviously be taken too far, and that point was made in this episode. It was so obvious that things were scripted. I really felt like Bentley was made to say things, it even feels like some of the things Ashley says is scripted. The whole Bentley thing was just stupid, mean, awful…. I feel bad for the poor girl.

Although, I don’t know what she saw in him. I thought he had the most boring monotone voice ever!

But I also don’t think him leaving was that big of a deal. It’s only the third episode, it’s not like we’re down to the final 3 and he decides to leave.

I wish JP’s date would have been a little better. Not too exciting.

This season is sort of lame so far!

What did you think of this episode? 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

One thought on “Worst Episode of Bachelorette

  1. I thought it was terrible! I don't understand Bentley and why he was so two faced. I mean, if he didn't like her then why just lie to her face and make her think that he liked her? It makes no sense, especially since he was leaving anyway. What's he gaining from toying with her emotions?? And Ashley, she was warned about him, but I guess the whole bad boy ideal got her. And yeah, she only knew him for a few weeks but completely heartbroken. What's up with that? Is she like 16?
    I'm sorry, I do feel bad for her and think it's pretty crappy that the tv execs allowed Bentley to play her like that, but come on!

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