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I remember, several months ago, when I thought about what it would be like when Lucas was talking. Not baby-talking but actual words and sentences, coming from a two year old. How fun would that be? His talking really picked up right around 25 months and from there has just skyrocketed. Every day is new words and sentences and every day, I am reminded to talk nicely and in a gentle tone because if I don’t, my two year old will repeat it!

Here is part of the conversations we had on our walk today to the store.

Boat! I need a boat! 

Yeah, there is no water. 

This rock is too big. 

I need to vacuum mommys car. (Isn’t he a sweet boy? Already cleaning my car for me!)

I’ll wait to ask daddy. 

Cough in your elbow mommy. 

I want to put the water bottle in the stroller. 

Joshua isn’t in the stroller. 

Yeah, on mommys back. 

The dirt is icky. (And I told him, “No it’s not icky. It’s just….. dirty.”  I didn’t know what else to say! Ha.)

It is so fun talking with him! I love being able to communicate and understand what he is saying.

The grocery store is a mile from our house, which is perfect when I need to get just a few things. We can walk there and back and use the chunk of the morning. Going toddler speed of course, and stopping to pick flowers, rest in the grass and jump off rocks. He got in the stroller about half way through and I got in a good little workout speed walking.

Yes, I buy my children snacks while we grocery shop. I am not ashamed.

So, along with things for dinner tonight, one of the things I wanted to get were “puffs” for Joshua. I don’t think he’s ready for cheerios, but I want to try puffs because I know they dissolve easier in your mouth. I don’t remember exactly from what we got for Lucas, but I think there is an organic kind. (?) I think I might have got it at Target. Anyways, I assumed Fred Meyer would have it.

The “regular” baby section just had the Gerber brand, which I’m not really a fan of. (The ones on the right said for toddler.)

I’m a little bit confused on their organic/healthy/regular categories because in the same section they had these organic baby food packets. Anyone tried these? Do you like ’em? They look interesting.

So, then, I walked BACK to the other side of the store – all the way over there – to the “natural living” baby food section, thinking they might have the organic puffs.

But all they had were crackers!

No go at Fred Meyer. I guess I’ll have to make a trip to Target to see if they have what I’m looking for. That might just be the worst thing ever. Not. 🙂

I accidentally bought too many things at the store and had to stuff everything in the stroller to get it to fit.

 I’m making spinach, feta & mozzarella cheese quesadillas for dinner tonight. MMmmm! Also a salad and tomato. I got a sweet potato for Joshua, but I’m not sure what to do with the thing.  Bread — the cheapest and healthiest is $2.50.  Oh, those are green onions I guess, which are going in my dinner. I think this was my first time buying them. My husband will know what to do with them.

I only bought one yogurt. I pretty much stopped buying them because they are too expensive. When my parents visit I’m going to have them stock my fridge with yogurt. Don’t tell them. You can buy them in bulk at Costco, which is the cheapest route but they only come in Strawberry, Blueberry and Peach flavors and I really only like Strawberry and Raspberry. Maybe if I were less picky I could save myself some money.

What is your favorite type/brand of puffs for your little ones? 

How much do you pay for a loaf of (high quality, whole wheat) bread? 

What has been your favorite thing that your kid has said? Today Lucas said, “why are you grumpy meatball?” (to Joshua) and it was SO funny. 

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Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

10 thoughts on “Conversations & Groceries

  1. Making yogurt is a lot cheaper (and healthier) than buying it. You can make it in a crock pot if you have one, or you can make it the “old fashioned way”.

    Info for making it in a slow cooker can be found here.

    I haven't tried it, but I plan on it in a week or two. I've got to house-sit for the in-laws next week, so probably when I'm done with that. If you want I could let you know how it turns out. Apparently it freezes well, too. Though I have heard the texture changes after it's thawed. And if you want fruit flavors you can mix in pie filling or (thawed) frozen fruits.

    Can't chime in on any of your questions. Still waiting on my first babe, and I'm cutting out wheat (gluten) from my diet, but I figured I might be able to help with the yogurt.

  2. we just got the gerber type puffs, since we didnt use them for long. also mum mums which I think are organic, or close, anyway!

    we buy wheat bread from aldi it's probably under $1.50. the whole grain white is 1.29 I think.

    my favorite thing my kid has said so far has to be 'are you poopy mommy?' when I told her that I stunk and needed a shower. (it won me a diaper on motherease contest! woot!)

    THE SWEET POTATO!! Just bake it in foil in the oven, poke it with a fork a couple of times and check it after 45 minutes or so. If it's soft, you're good to go! I used to put them in with casseroles that took an hour and they'd be perfect! Then all you do is cut it open in half, scoop out some of the tender stuff and mush it with a fork. You don't even need to thin it with milk or anything. If he's ready for solids, he should be able to pick this up with his fingers and mash it around in his mouth! If you think it needs a little spice, just add some cinnamon. Our girl ended up with a bit of a rash from cinnamon, though, so just keep an eye on that!

  3. The older they get, the more fun the conversations are! And the more you have to watch your mouth! Ingrid used to always yell at the cars at red lights “Come on, buddy, move it!” Guess I was impatient enough times for her to catch on…

    I love Natural Ovens bread (I think it's local in WI) and it's $3.50 a loaf!! That's why I make my own a lot of the time.

    And I agree with both posters above–try to make your yogurt and just bake the sweet potato and let him go at it. yum.

  4. My kids love puffs and the brand on the left that said toddler are the same as normal puffs. Your looking for the Happy Baby organic puffs though and they are super awesome.

    For sweet potato I cut it into steak fry size bits and either bake it at 350 for 20 minutes or until soft with a little evoo. Or i put them in the microwave for 4 or 5 minutes in a container with a little water. Then they can self feed.

  5. Happy Baby puffs. They're organic and I get them from Target! Love that place! BTW, I haven't tried that brand of baby food in a pouch because I've never seen it in a store near me, but I know some people who have tried it and say it's great!

  6. Those Comforts brand puffs next to the Gerber? They're actually the same! We used those for baby puffs, and we also used Target's version. The sweet potato ones are awesome! So even though it says “toddler” age on them, PFFFT. They dissolve in the mouth just as well as the Gerber ones.

    For the sweet potato: treat it like a baked potato. Wash it up, remove any eyes, prick well with a fork, and then bake it either in the oven wrapped in foil or the microwave wrapped in paper towel (microwave is WAY faster). It's done when you can squeeze it by the ends and it gives. Cut that puppy open and you have fluffy sweet potato! Scoop and mash. Puree with some water if it's too thick for Joshua as-is.

    Oh, and there's an organic puffs you can get at Target but I can't remember the brand. And my kid hated the Earth's Best teething cookies. They did NOT dissolve well at all in her mouth and they tasted like crap.

    I buy either Nature's Pride or double fiber Orowheat bread and I pay between $2 and $2.50 per loaf depending on sales at the time.

  7. We used Gerber puffs but I prefer Mum-mum's for my children. We buy the organic ones as well as the vegetable ones.

    Green onions are great in so many things- omelettes, soups, salads, with fish and the list goes one! Just wash them and cut them in small sections until you get to the white at the bottom. They grow really quickly too and in cold climates so they're perfect for northern climates.

    For the sweet potato I just cut it into large sections, boil it, remove the skin (it should fall off easily) then puree it with some of the water.

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