Four Boys

Today, I got a itty bitty glance of what it would look like to have four boys.


We watched our friends kids today while they went out to dinner. Their oldest is 4 and the youngest is a little younger than Lucas. If this were our family, it would be like having a 4 year old, two 2 year old twins, and a 7 month old. Crazy! I was tired after just an hour. And the house got messier!

We had to get out the extra chairs for dinner time. Oh, and remember we don’t have any plastic dishes. Maybe I should get some for when friends are visiting. I really need to improve my child friendly utensils in the kitchen department.

Suddenly our house seemed really small.

Lucas loved having a friend to play with.

Honestly, I am a little nervous to have four boys. I don’t know that we’ll have four children (probably a big fat negative on that one) but if we did, and they were all boys….. wow.  I guess having kids the same sex and even close in age is great for several reasons; sharing clothes, playing together, sharing toys, doing the same sports/activities at the same time.

You know, I think just thinking about having four kids scares me right now. Ha.

It was so fun, though. Good thing we have about 35 cars in our house. But, the oldest kept asking if we had more toys. I’m thinking that maybe we don’t have many toys? At least compared to a lot of people?? I know we don’t have a lot of “older” toys, so he was probably getting bored with rolling the cars back and forth. 🙂 Lucas has never really played with toys, so I’ve never bought much. But grandparents are visiting, so I’m sure the toy inventory will quadruple in our house. 
Lucas also ate every single bit of his food – even the peas- off his plate. Having an older kid around was a great influence. I think we’ll invite them back! 🙂 
Do you (or  does someone you know) have four boys? Or four kids in general? Give me your life in ten words or less. 

If you had to choose, would you rather have four boys or four girls? That is a REALLY hard question, I know. If I were answering this question before I had any kids, I bet I would say four girls. But now? Gosh…. now I might say four boys! 

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

9 thoughts on “Four Boys

  1. Only two kiddos at my house, but that sounds like a such fun day.

    What big boy might have been trying to ask is, “Do you have any four year old toys around here?”

  2. Before I had kids, I would have said I wanted 4 boys. But now I have 2 girls, and I would say I definitely want 4 girls! So much fun. So dramatic, but SO much fun!

  3. I only have one girl, but I like her a lot! I think it would be fun for her to have a sister, but for now it's a surprise!

    I JUST found some plastic plates at Target.. do you have a target? They were on an endcap, and are microwave safe. They were a 2 pack for 98 cents on clearance. I can NEVER find microwave safe plates so I was happy to find them. With another child on the way, I can see using yellow for breakfast, red for lunch, blue for dinner, and so on. I bought all 4 colors, by the way (green, too). They are small, compartmentalized, and can be dish-washered, too, but are easy enough to rinse off with a dishcloth, too. I think the compartments will make it a little more fun for her.

  4. as for 4, well, we MIGHT get there, but might not, either. I guess it depends on how well baby #2 goes, and how healthy I am afterward…

  5. I have 4 boys, ages 8, 21 months, and 1 month old twins. The twins were quite a surprise, but I wouldn't change a thing. Our days are crazy, but filled with tons of laughter and love. There's nothing like watching the oldest two play with each other or love on the babies. I'm so familiar with trucks and dirt and bugs, I don't think I'd know what to do with bows and baby dolls. We spend lots of time getting dirty and making a mess, but I love it.

  6. I know a lot of families with 4 (or soon to be 4) kids!
    1st- boy, girl, twin boys
    2nd- boy, boy, girl, girl
    3rd- girl, girl, boy, pregnant with surprise gender
    4th- 3 girls and pregnant with surprise gender
    5th- 4 girls
    6th- girl, boy, girl, girl
    7th- girl, boy, girl, boy
    8th- boy, girl, boy, boy
    so many possible combinations! but if I had to choose between 4 boys and 4 girls, I'd take the 4 girls 🙂

  7. I'm the youngest of 4 – 2 girls and 2 boys. Growing up, and even now, I considered our family to be rather small! We have a lot of friends with 6-12 kids, so 4 was paltry.
    I liked how our family was boy, girl, boy, girl – 2 sisters to share a room and 2 brothers to share a room. We all had a lot of fun together!

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