Bed Bugs Next Door

I don’t even like writing that word. Bed. Bugs. 

Don’t worry, I won’t be putting up any google images of bed bugs.

:: Heebie Jeebies ::
Our next door neighbor has bed bugs. She is lucky, I guess, because they were only caught in one room. She thinks she might have brought them back with her from Australia. 
:: Shivers ::
The “bed bug guys” have been sitting outside her house for 12 hours and counting. They have a machine that is making the room super crazy freaky hot- like 130 degrees or something insane like that. I guess that is the best way to kill them? And it takes for-ever!?! 
It also cost $2,500. 

I tried to google “heat killing bed bugs” but pictures came up on every site and I couldn’t handle it. So, I’m sorry I have nothing to educate you about. Except pray really hard that bed bugs don’t go through the walls and into my house or I will freak a dollar bill. 
The “bed bug guys” told us if you can fit 2 folding cards somewhere, bed bugs can get in their too.
:: Itchy :: 
Yes, I am a little grossed out and freaked out. Please please please please don’t jump over to our house. 
The humor in all this is that it takes three men to sit outside and supervise this going on. They have been sitting in their car all day long. Three people? Really? I guess the company is nice… but wow, what a lame job. My dad asked if he could take their picture (for my blog) but they said no. Ha. I told them that they would have to give me 10% of any business I brought them. 
I was going to give them some M & M’s, cause I feel bad that they’ve been sitting out there all day, but my husband didn’t want me getting that close to them. 
The guys, not the bugs. But the bugs too, I guess. 
I’m a little scared to ask, but have you ever dealt with bed bugs? If so, I am SO sorry!! How did you get rid of them?

Published by Samantha Mellen

Certified personal trainer & health coach helping women transform their lives through fitness, abundant mindset coaching and internal peace. Mom of two boys, living life in Alaska.

2 thoughts on “Bed Bugs Next Door

  1. Holy yikes! We have NOT had to deal w/ bed bugs before, thankthegoodLord, and I cannot imagine! I've heard that it can be more cost effective to rip out the carpet & trash EVERYTHING & start over (linens & mattresses, stuff animals, pillows, EVERYTHING) than trying to exterminate them!

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